Saturday, December 27, 2014

IVK 5-6 months

Happy very belated 6 month birthday!

I cannot believe 6 months have passed already.  I feel like you were just a newborn or even I was just pregnant with you.  You are such a sweetie pie.  You have done so much over the past month, I have to try to remember most of it.  You and your brother are keeping me very busy.  Also now that I'm a part time career mommy too, things are bit more challenging but we are making it work for us all.

I know you can feel the love in our household, even in your little 6 month old heart :).  Daddy, big brother and I just adore.  Daddy is enjoying you more because you are interacting so much more.  And the same with big brother.  He treats you so well--I have no complaints about the way you two interact.  The way you look at him, I can tell you love him too.  You guys love to hold hands while in the car seat and sometimes you two even fall asleep that way too.  Melts mommy and daddy's heart to see you guys get along so well.  We have tons of videos of you this month.  Some of the best ones are of you and your brother goofing off.  He loves to try to make you laugh and you are usually happy to oblige.  You and your brother's laughter are the sweetest sounds ever!

You are enrolled in childcare full time but really only go part time hours unless there's something I have to do, like appts etc.  You seem to like it and don't really fuss when I leave.  I wish there were less kids there but that's how it is for now.  I prefer it to home daycare since we are new to the area and don't really trust anyone to care for you without another adult present. You do seem super excited and grab at my face when I pick you up.  So cute!

I finally started you on solid foods about a week before you turned 6 months but we were inconsistent because that was around Thanksgiving and we did a lot of traveling. We started you on avocado, which you loved.  You seem to like eating.  We have also tried cereal, bananas, and sweet potatoes.  I think you like avocados the best so far.  You seem to like sitting in your high chair next to big brother.  You make cute faces when you don't want to particularly eat and sometimes gag when you are full.

You have been sitting up without support (did this right at 6 months).  You still don't like being on your belly but will sometimes roll over from back to belly if you are trying to reach something.  You bounce up and down on our lap while standing.  When we put you to stand while holding onto something, you can do so but then topple over.  You love grabbing at things, banging toys around.  You love jumping up and down in the jumperoo.  You like to help feed yourself so I give you your own spoon when feeding you.  You nurse and I pump but you are also drink formula since I'm not a mass milk producer.  Doing well with both.

You have a sweet personality but gets clingy to me at times and doesn't want anyone holding you (not even daddy).  There are times when you just want to snuggle with your mama and you let us know when.  I don't think your fussy BUT when you are mad you let us know with your still piercing scream (you had a cold and lost your voice for a few days which was weird because we were so used to your loud scream).  You cry mainly when you are hungry or tired.  You are super friendly and smile at everyone, especially if you are in my arms.  Sometimes you'll smile then bury your head in my shoulder.  You also like biting on my shoulder, especially if I'm wearing a patterned shirt.

You love to sleep and you are overall a great sleeper.  With some sleep training you are able to sleep through the night and have been doing so for quite some time.  You get to bed around 7 and wake up 630-730.  When you get good naps in the daytime, you sleep longer and without any interruptions.  You take about 3 naps per day but I think you would take more if we let you.  As I said, you love your sleep.  For the past few weeks, I've been putting you down wide awake for naps (like I do for bedtime) and you put yourself to sleep.  It's been pretty sweet.  You wake up so sweetly (by cooing and talking to yourself).  By the way, you've been a chatterbox lately--blowing bubbles, chatting, and making blowing sounds).  Oh I need to add that you are now a thumb sucker (which makes life easy now but I'm dreading future weaning off it).  Nap and bedtime routines are kind of special.  I love how you know it's time, when at home, and bury your face in my shoulder with thumb in mouth as soon as we enter your dark room.

I think you have 2 bottom teeth that are going to be coming in soon.  The gum in those areas look white and you are drooling a lot and chewing on everything.  You still looove baths.  Your dark brown hair is still growing like wildfire with lots of volume :).  Sometimes you look as if you are wearing a wig. Ha! It's a little curlier than your brother's hair.  You are still pretty petite although growing pretty well.  Everyone says you look more like your dad (even strangers).  Nonna and the K family say you look like your dad's grandma who passed away a few years ago.  I agree that you guys look a lot alike.

Big events: Pumpkin patch with the Foxes wearing your outfit Amy got you, trick or treating as a lady bug, flew to Florida from California and back (first time flying and did fair), celebrated thanksgiving with daddy's family but saw my family too briefly.  Wore your outfit that Amy got for you for thanksgiving, Christmas in California with the Duff's and Foxes.  Did some family hikes and park visits on days when it wasn't raining cats and dogs.

Mrs. K

Sunday, November 16, 2014

IVK 4-5 months

Happy 5 months my Little Dollface!

Time seems to be going by so fast.  It seems like you were just born yesterday but at the same time it feels like you've been a member of our family forever.  It's weird.  This month has been awesome.  You've changed so much--not really in appearance but in your personality and activities.  We all love and enjoy you.  We also love watching you go through each milestone.

You and your brother are still best buddies.  He loves you so much although sometimes he forgets you are more than half his size and plays too rough.  You, however, let him know when he's doing so by letting out one of your usual blood curdling screams.  Yes, you have one of the loudest screams I've ever heard.  You usually scream whenever you are hungry or tired or bothered by your big brother.  Otherwise you are pretty happy.  You love to laugh and smile.  Your favorite thing to do is stare at your big bro and laugh with him.  Sometimes you guys will sit next to each other and crack up.  It's so sweet to watch you guys together and I pray that you guys will forever be close and care about each other.  You also love smiling with your daddy.  You are so sweet, I just want to eat you up!

You love to grab at everything you see, especially food.  I haven't started you on solid foods yet but I'm looking forward to it.  I have a feeling you'll be a good eater (fingers crossed).  You can roll over from belly to back but not from back to belly.  When on your back, you roll over on you side but don't get quite on your belly.  When doing tummy time, you get up on your elbows and look around.  You like tummy time a little better now that you are stronger.  You sit well with support but can only support yourself for a few seconds before toppling over.

I'm still enjoying nursing you, although we are also supplementing because my milk production isn't the greatest.  You are a pretty good eater and a fairly good sleeper.  You nap3-4 times per day and they are pretty organized (surprisingly).  You like to sleep and you can hardly stay up longer than 2 hours before you start getting cranky.  You first nap is about an hour, the second is about 2-3 hours, and the third is about 45 min to 1 hour.  Bedtime is around 7pm and you get up once at night mostly then wake up around 630.  You have a little cold right now so you've been getting up way too many times to count.

This month we've done a few hikes, a few playground visits, a museum visit and went to a birthday party.  Oh, how could I went trick or treating with your brother and a few of his friends.  You were dressed as a ladybug and your brother was Spiderman.  You still seem to love being outdoors.  You are also very friendly and smiley (even with strangers when being held by me).  You don't like to be held my strangers if I'm not around however. You  love to blow bubbles and imitate facial expressions and sound.  You are just so much fun.  Your dad and brother are enjoying you a lot too.   

We just love watching you grow and we are thankful to be blessed with such a sweet little girl as you.
Mrs. K

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

IVK 3-4months

Happy 4 month birthday (my Little Dollface)

This is the first month since you've been born that we've had you all to ourselves.  We've had family and friends for the past 3 months hanging out with us so that they can see you.  It's been fun living as a family of 4 and it's been interesting not having help BUT we all did good!

You continue to have a sweet personality.  You seem so laid back (most days) except for when you are mad (like when you're sleepy, hungry, or when we get you out of the tub).  You looove baths and calm down so nicely as soon as we put you in BUT as soon as we take you out, you start screaming.  By the way, did I mention you have the loudest scream I've ever!  You also seem to love your brother and smile when he's around.  You definitely have been smiling consistently and even laughing.  I love hearing you laugh and coo.  They are like music to my hears.  It warms my heart to even think about you smiling and laughing.  You love to kick around during diaper changes and bath time.  You also love to blow bubbles and try to imitate facial expressions and noises.  Really cute!

You still look sooo much like your brother.  You are still tiny but growing.  You have kissable chubby cheeks and thighs.  You still have a head full of bone straight hair when it's dry but gets wavy when wet.  I love your big gummy smiles.  You even smile with your eyes.  Gosh you are sweet.  I can't stop kissing you. 

You sleep pretty good at night--getting about 6-8 hours per night straight then wake up and get 3-4 hours more.  You are still a night owl and it's sometimes hard getting you to go down for good at bedtime.  Nap time during the day is a little more consolidated or organized.  You nap around 930, 1230 and 330.  You try to take a late nap in the evenings although we try to avoid that.  You end up winning though.  I still swaddle you for naps and at night.  You still eat pretty good every 2-3 hours during the day time.  You nurse mainly but at bedtime I give you a bottle.  You still are the spit up queen but you don't seem bothered by it.

You have great head control.  We do some tummy time but need to do more.  You hate tummy time by the way.  You roll over on your side but not all the way.  You have been trying to sit up on your own a lot.  When you are in you car seat or we try to lay you flat, you pick your head up, flex your abs and try to sit.

We have done so much this month--church as usual, several hikes.  We went on a few walks with Caroline, your buddy who's a month older than you who lives up the road.  Went shopping in Sacramento this month and stayed the night in a hotel--you did great.  You also visited Yosemite this month and did great.  You are still loving the great outdoors and love being carried facing out in the Baby Bjorn.

We are all so delighted to have you.  We love seeing you sweet little face and interacting with you.  We even love you loud piercing screams at times.  It's hard to believe that someone as little as you can be so loud.  Feeling so blessed right now.   

Here's a recent pic of my little Dollface:


Mrs. K

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

On being a mom of 2

I remember having so much anxiety when I was pregnant with my daughter (#2).  I worried about if  I would love her as much as my son.  I just could not imagine loving another child as much as I loved my son.  I mean, I really thought it was impossible.  I think I also thought that it would take away from him if I "shared the love."  It made me so sad to think that my second child (and possible subsequent children) would not be loved the same.

Well, all that worrying was for absolutely no reason.  I don't know what I was thinking.  I can't say that I love them the same or equally because it's really hard to measure how much I love them to begin with.  But what I can say is that I love them both so much with every fiber of my being.  I love them with everything in me.  I just do.  Loving them is so easy.  So natural (even when they are screaming in my face at 2am or accidentally kick me in the nose while horse playing).  I look at them and it just amazes.  I can't measure how much I love them, I can't fit it in a container.  There's no depth or width or height.  All I can say is that I love them to infinity and beyond.  Sometimes I'm so happy that I could burst with joy.  What a blessing these two are!  Such hardwork (lol) but such a blessing.

I also worried about my son (#1) feeling left out or as if he's replaced when his sister arrives.  I sure didn't want him to feel less loved because my attention was now divided.  Well, all that worrying was in vain too.  Although it's hard, especially at first juggling two young kids (and yes it does feel like juggling sometimes)--you find a way to make it work.  I'm not saying that my son hasn't tried me so that he can get some attention (even if it's negative attention).  But he knows he's loved despite his little sister being added to our family.  Hubby and  I spend a lot of time with the kiddos together but we also take turns spending alone time with each kid.  In fact, last Friday I took my son out on a date (we went to get ice cream at our favorite shop and then we visited the pet store).  I know--cheap date but he was so happy.  We talked about his day and had fun playing at the ice cream shop (they have a little play area for the kids).  And the pet store visit was awesome.  It's like a cheap version of the zoo/aquarium BUT he loved it!  It doesn't take much to fascinate and entertain my 2 year old.  As our kids get older we plan to make it a regular thing for us to take them on dates individually.  I really look forward to future dates with each kid.

So let me also add some realness.  Being a mom is challenging period.  Being a mom of 2 is even more challenging (for me at least).  Yes, it's overall awesome and I wouldn't have it any other way but it's difficult.  My kids are 2 years and 3 months apart.  Although my son is potty trained fully, he's a little squirt and still needs my help to the potty.  He never has accidents (not even at night) but he wakes me up at night when he wants to use the potty.  This was ranging anywhere from 0-6 times per night.  NO joke.  Imagine doing that while trying to nurse a newborn in the middle of the night (it was so hard, especially on the nights my husband worked).

For someone as Type A as me, I've learned to lower my expectations to preserve my sanity.  I've realized that it's impossible to do an awesome job at everything all the time.  I've realized that it's ok to let my 2 year old watch a little TV so I can tend to his sister then make it up later by spending special time with him.  I've realized that it's ok for us to not all have dinner as a family at the table every night.  These are just some of the realizations I've had.

I've only been a mom of 2 for 3 months but I'm loving it.  It's challenging and some moments I feel like crying (lol) because I don't feel like I have it together.  But I remind myself that I'm doing the best I can and that my kids seem to be very content.  One of my biggest realization is how my love for my kids give me the strength to deal with the challenging times.

Thankfully for now, my son loves his little sister and she smiles and coos at him all the time.  He's protective of her and showers her with kisses.  I know the day will come when they'll have nonstop fights so I'm basking in this time when they are so sweet to each other.

So overall things are tough and it's an adjustment for all of us BUT overall we are all doing great AND I thank God for that.

Mrs. K

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

IVK 2-3 months

Happy 3 month Birthday my Little Dollface!

Our little bundle is 3 months old.  I can't believe it.  Time does fly.  She gets sweeter and sweeter as the days go by.  Gosh I love that little girl.  I can't get enough of her gummy smile and those cute little dimples.

She's so into her surroundings.  She's very inquisitive and wants to know what's going on around her.  She's also super smiley.  She wakes up so happy in the morning (something I'm not used to--big bro was a grouch when he wakes up, much like his momma).  She doesn't cry, she just kicks around and makes sweet noises.  When we go to see her she gets excited, smiles and flails all 4 extremities.

My Little Dollface is a pretty good sleeper.  Once down (by 830pm) she wakes up once at night to eat then goes back down and doesn't awake until 730-8.  Naps are still short but she takes about 3-4  per day.  She's still awesome at nursing although she spits up a lot.  She's a happy spitter.  I've been pumping this month because I know she will start childcare soon.  We've been giving her a bottle at night before bed (which is good because that's one less worry about transitioning to daycare)

As I said, she's super social and smiley.  She knows me, her dad and her brother.  She also smiles for others too and doesn't have much stranger anxiety yet.  She's still pretty quiet in church too.  Overall she's pretty laid back although she has her fussy moments--mostly later in the day or when tired or hungry or need a diaper change.  When mad, she's feisty.  She may be tiny but she's a tough girl.  She has one of the loudest screams I've ever heard.  Wow!

She has pretty good head control AND can move her head to look around without problems.  There's not much need to support her head anymore although we are careful about this.  She rolls over on her side but not all the way.  She likes to look at mobiles or anything you dangle in front of her.  She also likes to hold things in her hands.  She loooves her fingers and seem to prefer them over the pacifier lately.

I'm pretty impressed that she's demonstrated some ability to self soothe.  In the middle of the night right after I feed her, if I put her down and she wakes up--she whines for about a minute then goes to sleep.  She loves to "talk."  It really seems like she's talking.  Just lots of cooing and seems to  pause when we talk to her.  IT's really neat and sweet.

She loves baths but screams like mad as she gets taken out.  Her big brother loves her and is still very protective of her.  He's also very sensitive to her and tries to comfort her when she's upset.  Cara is still the main baby she hangs out with.  We've done a few more trips this month and I'm amazed by how flexible she is.  We did two trips which required us staying in a hotel and she did great.  She did well for the car rides (longest 3 hours) and well in the hotels too AND awesome on the hikes.  I think she'll be a nature girl like her mama, papa and big brother.

I just feel so blessed to have her.  I couldn't ask for more.  I look forward to watching her grow and learn and explore.  Can't wait...well, yes I can.  I don't want her to grow up too quickly now.

Mrs. K

Saturday, August 30, 2014

IVK 1-2 months

Happy 2 month Birthday!

From here on out, I will be documenting milestones etc of my Little Dollface as if I'm talking to her (like I did for her brother).

Your second month was marked by your paternal grandma visiting all the way from Florida.  Your Nonna could not wait to see you and she was so happy when she finally did.  She actually spent 6 weeks with us.  Your brother continues "to love you so much."  He is gentle with you and very protective of you.  When someone comes around he puts his arm out and says "stop, that's my baby sister."  He is attentive to you crying and cares a lot about you being ok.  Your dad and I still adore you.  

You are still very tiny although at your 2 month check up you close to double your birth weight (9lb 13oz) and grew over 3 inches.  You seem to be filling out some especially in your face, tummy and legs.  You still have a head full of bone straight hair when it's dry but when it's wet it gets a little curly.  One day this week you woke up with a natural mohawk.  Everyone we encountered thought it was the most adorable thing ever.  You are not as pale as you were last month and your eyes are clearly brown.  You still have the most adorable little pouty lips. 

You still have a pretty laid back personality, it seems although you let your needs be known with your girly ear piercing screams.  You began showing some social smile at around 5 weeks although not very consistent.  I'm definitely less rigid and more laid back (if I dare say so) the second time around.  Although this newborn stage is still rough, I feel less stressed when it comes to caring for you. 

Nursing is still going well and you remain a pretty good eater--meal every 2-3 hours although very fast.  Nursing the second time around seem so much easier.  I am still having to wake you up every 3 hours to feed you but getting you to go back to sleep has been difficult.  Your naps are still not organized during the daytime.  We are still swaddling you when you sleep and this seems to help.  You like the pacifier AND if it falls out you get really upset.  That's been a bit challenging for us.  Although I'm nursing you, you got your first cold (your brother goes to preschool and has been getting everyone sick).  You did pretty well for being sick.  Thankfully we took care of you at home without having to take you to your pediatrician.

We have been on several outtings this month--mainly to church, shopping, and a few hikes.  You are such a trooper.  The more I get to know you, the more I adore you.  I just love you so much and feel very blessed to be your mommy.  I think you will  be just as sweet as your brother when you get older.  You still look very much like him.

Mrs. K

IVK 0-1 month

It's time to blog about my other baby.  As you know I've been blessed with another wonderful child.  It's an awesome feeling being a second time momma.  It's just as good as the first time and the LOVE I have for my baby girl is just the same as the love I have for her brother.  Our capacity to love amazes me.  Anyway, she's almost 3 months old so let me introduce you all to my Little Dollface.  

My little darling was born close to 4 weeks early on June 6, 2014--very tiny at 4lbs 13 oz BUT super healthy.  She's a sweet California baby.  I had to be induced AND the labor and delivery went very smoothly.  She lost a few ounces and was down to 4lb 8oz but quickly gained back her birth weight and more (within a week).

She looked so tiny coming home in her car seat.  She was swallowed up by the premie one piece she was wearing.  We called her our little squirrel because she was so small.  Her brother first saw her right after she was born and his love for her was instant.  He wanted to hold her and he was kissing all over her.  He loves her so very much and has shown no jealousy or meanness.  When she got home, we showed her around the house.  My cousin, Dee, was there helping us out for the first 2 weeks.  Ryan and Carolina visited us while we were in the hospital, along with some of her dad's work partners.

As far as physical appearance, besides being very tiny, she was pale white with straight black hair, brownish-grayish eyes and super red lips.  She had one of the cutest little faces that strongly resembled her brother's.  She loved being swaddled and being held.  The pacifier was her best friend and my savior.  Her first real bath was at home right at 2 weeks when the stump of the umbilical cord fell off.  Her brother and her dad helped with the bath.

She nursed like a pro immediately after she was born and has been awesome at eating thereafter.   I had no problems with latching or any other aspect of breastfeeding.  I did supplement with 10-15 ml of formula at each breastfeeding for the first week to help get her weight up.  My milk came in fully on day 3 right after I drank mother's milk tea.  We had the usual sleepy while nursing newborn stage but this ended after a while.  I fed her mostly on demand but did not let her go past 2 hours during the daytime and 3 hours at night.  She does spit up a lot but I expect this to go away in a few months.

Her sleep was pretty good for a newborn.  Most nights I had to wake her at the 3 hour mark to feed her.  One night my alarm did not go off and  she slept 4.5 hours straight.  She was sleeping in her bed since day 1.  While sleeping she would make these funny little noises.  Her dad and I joked that she sounded like a dinosaur.  We swaddled her for naps and at night.  Naps were irregular as usual.  She seemed to be in a sleepy slumber for this first month.

Overall her personality seems pretty chill BUT she definitely lets her needs be known.  She has the loudest scream I've ever heard.  It's a super high ear-piercing screaming when she's mad.  She definitely screams like a girl!  She's been pretty alert from the get-go and has been trying to pick her head up.

At 4 weeks old we took her to church for the first time and she did very well.  She also went on her first hike at 4 weeks old (in Lassen National Park).  Its amazing how much more comfortable I am the second time around.  She seems to fit in with the rest of our family perfectly.  Her father, brother and I just love and adore her so much.  We cannot get enough of our little munchkin.  We took newborn photos at 3 weeks old and here she is:

Mrs. K


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