Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baby K: Month 1

Since I'm not the best at posting regularly or documenting events.  I've decided to write a monthly post about your happenings.  This first one is me trying to recall everything from memory but from here on out I plan to add something weekly (so I don't have to try to figure out what we did when) then post at the end of the month.

Week 1:
- It was so great to finally meet you and take you home with us.  Having never been around babies, especially newborns, I was a little nervous about the whole thing but everything worked out just fine.  I guess it's true what they say about the motherly instincts kicking in.  I thought it was so funny that you found your fingers about 2 hours after you were born and started sucking on them vigorously.  You were so adorable doing this.
- You were born on Saturday evening without any complications thank God.  We were given the option to leave the hospital the next day or to spend an extra day.  Your dad and I opted to spend the extra day to utilize the nurses and lactation consultants.  UNC hospital has a room-in policy so you spent most of the time in our room.  However, I was so exhausted that I painfully sent you to the nursery for about an hour.  I cried when I did this because I felt horrible sending you there.  But I thought I was going to die of exhaustion so I had to do it.
- While we were in the hospital we had several visitors [my grandma, my cousin and her husband, Lavinia and her husband, Amy @ Mrs. Mauritz and her hubby,  Johann (who also took a set of newborn photos), and Tiona].  Everyone was so excited to meet you.
- You were such a little squirt-- the newborn outfit your dad and I got for you did not fit.  You seemed to enjoy the car ride home and slept the entire way.
- My grandmother (your great grandmother) stayed a few days then your paternal grandparents came in town for a few days to help.  They were such  a huge help (especially with making meals).
- Your first official bath was at the hospital and we have a video of this.  You did great with the bath but started hollering when the nurse started washing your hair.  This week we mainly did sponge baths because the remnant of your umbilical cord was still attached.
- My plan was to not give you a pacifier for at least month (was concerned about the whole nipple confusion thing) but with some pressure (from your grandmother and your crying) I gave in.  I think it was about exactly 1 week later.
- I was super stressed out this week because you weighed 6lbs 3oz when you were born and when you went for you first peds visit 2 days later you weighed 5 lbs 8 oz.  Some weight loss is normal for newborns but I was freaking out because you were already a little squirt and my breast milk hadn't come in (only colostrum).  We went back the next day and you gained 1 oz.  Because of this we had to supplement each feeding with an extra 5ml of expressed breast milk.  This was a challenging process but in two days you were up to 5 lbs 14 oz.

Week 2:
- Your umbilical cord stump fell off.  This was great because this week we gave you your first submersion bath in a tub.  You were so cute and it was so fun.  Your grandmother helped me and she enjoyed every moment of it.  Well we enjoyed it, including you.
- Of course I'm sleep deprived this week but I enjoy spending every moment with you.  I found out about the book Baby Wise this week, started reading it and began using some of the principles.  You are definitely not sleeping through the night and you are eating every 2-3 hours as expected.
- I've started tummy time with you and started teaching you about colors although it's sorta early.
- At the end of this week (exactly day 14) we took newborn photos.  The photographer was so patient.  She arrived at our home at 10am and stayed until about 5pm.  I think she secretly could not get enough of you because she kept snapping away.  We kept the house super duper hot (felt like I was back at my mom's house in Jamaica without AC).  The photographer had a machine that sounded like heartbeats that was supposed to mimic the sound in the womb.  You did pretty good for the first few hours but then we had some run-ins with peeing and pooping towards the end.  Let's just say that your dad had to change his shirt three times and I had to change mine twice. 
- This week you received a Valentine's Day card from your grandmother and another admirer ;)
- We also drove you around the neighborhood to look at houses--just so that we could get out of the house.  This week we also went on our first family walk around the neighborhood.

Week 3:
- So I've decided to not stick strictly to Babywise because it's not working for you or me.  I'm using the feed/wake/sleep concept but that's mainly it.  Letting you "cry it out" this young is not going to happen.  
- On the other hand, I can't do anything because you'll fuss when you're not close by me.  Your dad says that I have an unfair advantage (which is true because I'm the milk factory).  With that being said, I'm so surprised how natural breastfeeding is to me now.  I feel like I was born to do this.
- Our first outing this week was to a dairy farm.  It's a locally owned farm with an ice cream shop.  Your dad and I got ice cream while you slept peacefully.  We chose to go there because we didn't want to take you to a crowded area (especially with it being cold/flu season).
- This week you also had you first "date" with Abby (Amy at Mrs. Mauritz daughter).  We met at Buy Buy Baby and chatted while shopping.  You have a photo with beautiful Abby and we joke that we should just start planning the wedding now.
- We tried taking you to a restaurant this week and it didn't go so well.  You cried for 1/4 of the meal and it was difficult consoling you.  Thankfully the patrons were friendly, understanding and didn't mind.
- We've been walking in our neighborhood several times per week.  I think you particularly liked seeing the horses at the farm (or at least I like to think so).

Week 4: 
- You are eating a lot better now.  I think you've got the hang of things.  You are falling asleep less while nursing.  I've also noticed that you are interacting with us a little more.  I love it when you gaze at me and stare in my eyes (as if you really want to tell me something).  
- You skyped for the first time with your paternal grandmother.  She was so excited to see you.  
- You've also being cooing and making gurgling sounds.  I can't help but smile when I hear you trying to communicate verbally with us.  Of course, like most newborns you are still not sleeping through the night.  And it's showing (daddy and I have bloodshot eyes, I'm falling asleep while nursing).  I've finally learned that if I'm going to survive these days I have to take a nap while you nap.
- We took you to church this week for the first time and you did pretty well.  I carried you in the Moby Wrap and you stayed quiet until it was feeding time.  Thankfully the church has a comfy nursery, so I was able to feed you with ease.
- We got a new car this week (for me).  My old car worked fine but it was too small to hold a car seat.  Thankfully my cousin was in town this week to help out while we took care of the business with the car.

I love it when you gaze at me with those beautiful bright eyes.  You also make the cutest, funniest faces.  And I cannot get enough of those wild, flailing arms when you are startled.   Thankfully we've been swaddling you or you would wake yourself up every 5 seconds.  One of the cutest things you do is purse your lips when you are about to poop (dad and I call it your Zoolander face).    We also think it's so funny when you have your arms outstretched above your head for no reason.  Anyway, I look forward to sharing many more months and years with you.  Thanks for making us smile everyday and we look forward to doing the same for you too.

Mrs. K

Monday, March 5, 2012

One month birthday

Yesterday our son turned one month old.  We feel so blessed to have him.  So much has happened over the past month.  I have to blog about them so that I wont forget.  I want to remember everything little thing about him (all his milestones, etc) although I know that's not possible.  I made a promise to myself that I will do monthly updates on this blog so that I can document some of the neat things he's been doing.  For example he's already cooing, making gurgling sounds and trying to follow us with his eyes.  

He took newborn photos at around 14 days old so as promised, here's a pic of our little guy:

Mrs. K


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