Monday, December 27, 2010

Hooray for great husbands who give awesome Christmas gifts

Dear Canon Rebel T2i,
I look forward to all our future adventures.  Oh, the places we'll go!

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Mrs. K

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from the K Family

We wish you a Merry Christmas 
from our family to yours 
We were so frustrated with the dogs we almost made this our Christmas card photo but...

The dogs cooperated and we got one or two good photos.

Don't forget the "reason for the season." Be blessed!

Mrs. K

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I must be insane for doing this

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I've been doing the Insanity workout videos.  I don't have a goal to lose weight or anything like that.  In fact, I haven't weighed myself in months and I don't plan to weigh myself (unless I go visit the doctor of course).  I guess I want to feel fit and be/?stay fit.  I've also mentioned that I'm trying to have my best pre-baby body (errr...since high school that 

Anyway, my husband and I have completed 2 weeks of Insanity so far.  We've been getting up around 5am most mornings to do it.  It's definitely a challenge but we like tolerate it so far.  Actually I like getting up and working out with my honey.  It motivates me and I like to start the day with a good workout (except for the last few days because I think I'm getting sick with a cold).  In this post I will show you my Fit Test results, done at days 1, 15, 36, 50, and 63.

Here's what the Fit Test looks like.  During the test, there's one minute to do as many of these as possible.  Trust me, it looks fairly easy until you start doing them.
Picture Credit

Below are the results of my insanity Fit Test:

Fit Test 1 (Day1)
Fit Test 2
(Day 15)
1)) Switch kicks
2) Power Jacks
3) Power Knees
4) Power Jumps
5) Globe Jumps
6) Suicide Jumps
7) Push-up Jacks
8) Low Plank Oblique

I will keep you posted as I complete future Fit Tests.  For now, I'm going to go eat more chicken soup and try to take more Vit. C so I can fight this cold.  It is tough working out when I'm sick, especially if the workout is INSANity.

Mrs. K

Monday, December 20, 2010

Parties make this time of year so much more enjoyable

So far I've gone to 3 Christmas parties.  Woohoo!  Last year we went to 4 (and I think that's the far).  These are not including family gatherings.  I enjoy going to these parties.  Here are some things I like about them:

1) Getting dressed up fancy.  On a daily basis I wear what I call "work clothes" which is usually isn't anything fun or fancy.  When I'm not in "work clothes" I'm either in "house clothes," "workout clothes," "night clothes," or "going out clothes."  I know these labels may seem strange to you.  Don't worry you are not alone, my husband finds them strange too and he laughs at me whenever I say anyone of them.  Anyway, these parties give me an opportunity to parade around in a nice dress, heels and fancy (but inexpensive) jewelry and not look too crazy.

2) Putting on make up (ie. mascara and lipstick).  I wear lip gloss all the time but not lipstick.  I feel the make up completes the outfit although it is kept at a minimum.

3) Seeing my husband dressed up.  I've mentioned before that my honey is a basketball shorts wearing down-to-earth kind of guy.  Although I think he looks great everyday, whenever he dresses up in a suit he looks amazing.

4) Socializing.  Yes, I am social butterfly.  Well in a way I am.  You see at my husband's work functions, I wont initiate a conversation with someone I don't know.  But if they come up to me and start talking--it's on.  Although if it's someone I know, I have no problem going up to them first. I also like meeting the people that my husband comes home and talk to me about from work.

5) Watching co-workers/professionals get tipsy and start talking/behaving without inhibitions.  Yes, it's pretty fun watching this, especially when they start dancing.  It's a sight to see.  From a sober person's point of view it's hilarious!

6) Eating the food.  I am not ashamed to say it.  I look forward to the food and I love the diversity of food offered.  Except for the party for my department, the food at the other 2 parties were awesome.  

7) The smiles and the laughter.  I like seeing people from all walks of life fellowshipping and having a great time.

8) Cutting a rug on the dance floor.  My husband doesn't like to dance as much as I do although he is a good dancer but he has learned over the years to just go with it.  He usually is prepared to be on the dance floor with me most of the night.  I love it all from the "soul train line" to the "cupid shuffle."  I also like to watch others try to dance.

Anyway, these are just a few things that I like about parties that make this time of year more fun.  Hear are some pictures of my husband and I at his department's Christmas party this past weekend.  We both had a great time but had to go home a little earlier than normal because he had to work the next day.

I wanted to show the coat I wore over the dress.  It was a cold night.
Ok, I know I look like a "mad 'oman" (Jamaican patois for crazy woman) but I posted this picture for 2 reasons: 1) I wanted to show the pin (see my bootleg arrow) not seen in previous pics. 2) To make you laugh since I'm a goofball--hubby and I were being silly when we took this picture.  I hope the big eyeballs didn't scare you too much. LOL!

By the way thanks for all the thoughtful comments left on my last post.  I appreciate them all.  Also, I will be posting my 2010 Christmas card in a few days--I'm too lazy to do it right now.  I'll also post about my "Insanity workout" videos progress so far some time soon.
Mrs. K

Monday, December 13, 2010


Picture credit
No I have not given up on blogging.  I hope to continue that for a while.  

I am so happy to wave goodbye to nausea, farewell to vomiting, adios to weight gain, and bu-bye to difficulty wearing contacts.  Yes, all of the above are the most common side effects associated with OCPs (oral contraceptive pills) and I have had them at some point.  If you can remember from a previous post--I hate taking pills but I've been glued to my OCPs for the past two and a half years.  It has done the job so far--no unplanned pregnancies yet. But it's time to say goodbye.

You may be curious to know why I'm doing this.  The first thing that may come to your mind is that I'm trying to get pregnant.  Actually, I'm not.  At least not yet.  I've been wanting to get off "the pills" but have been frightened by the idea.  My husband and I planned that I would stop in December 2010 and to help me become more comfortable with the idea I've been doing my research.  And, thanks to the Fertility Friend I'm a little more comfortable with the idea. 

For the new year, the "rhythm method" will be my only method to prevent pregnancy (that is if I'm successful).  Right now I can't chart my cycle because I'm on OCPs.  My cycle was very regular before so I shouldn't have a problem.  Of course it's still in the back of my mind that this method is not as successful but I'm being hopeful.  Although my plan is not to get pregnant right away, if I do it wouldn't be the end of the world.  It would just be a few months earlier than planned.

I just picked up my last month of OCPs so I'm still taking them for a few more days but I'm so ready to give them the boot.  This is just my excited farewell speech (in advance).  I must admit that it will be difficult to say goodbye to the increase in boob-age but I don't care.  I'm sure I'll get them back again some day (i.e. when pregnant) so I'm not worrying.

Mrs. K

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Family Photos

Yesterday we took our family photos for our Christmas cards and they came out well.  Last year this is what the process looked like (note the progression): 

K family 2009 Christmas Series: 
Took a picture of Sampson just for fun because he was looking so spiffy in his Christmas bow-tie (that I made).  Sampson was probably thinking: "Boy this is going to be a long night."  And he was so right.

Take 1: Trying to get situated in front of the fireplace.  Ok, maybe it's tough because it's the first take (at least that's what we were hoping) 

Take 2: Maybe grabbing Gideon's (our not so smart Great Dane) back leg will help.  Aside: Please excuse Gideon's unneutered male parts.  He was still too young to get it done at the time.  He's neutered now.

Take 3: Ok so now Gideon decides to not run away but faces away from the camera trying to nibble on Sampson.  Sampson obviously is not enjoying the attention and is trying to hide.
Take 4: Fine!  Gid doesn't have to be in the family picture, we don't care. Ok, I'm kidding yes we do.
Take 5: Sampson and I showing our mad face.  My hubby being his usual patient self.  We were all thinking: "Gideon get your butt over here, I can't stand all this sweating anymore."

Take 6: Wow, can we catch a break please.  Really? Tongue sticking out? By this time hubby and I have fixed fake smiles just in case we capture a good picture.  By the way, where's Sampson.

Take 1 million: Ok we are getting closer.  Gideon's now cooperating but his ear is all funky looking inverted.

Take 1 million and 1: Almost there...

Take 1 million and 2: Yay! We did it.  All of us thinking: let's not do this again next year.
This is the picture we used for a Christmas cards last year.

This year it took less time (even with a new addition to the family--Eliza).  Our neighbor, Paul, owner of Bean Fruit Coffee Company helped us out.  He was so patient throughout the whole process but I think he had a good time taking the photos.  It may have been my husband and I bickering or the cat digging into my husband's leg while he was trying not to scream like a girl or each of the red balls (ornament) falling off the dogs' neck because they were romping or the disgusted look in our eyes at the dogs for not cooperating. lol. 

Whatever it was, our neighbor had a good laugh while the hubby and I were sweating bullets trying to get the whole thing figured out.   I don't know why we do this to ourselves.  It's like we are gluttons for torture.   We both agreed that we can't wait to have kids so that they can be in the family picture.  We may just put individual pet photos on there when we have a kiddo.  

Anyway, I will post the 2010 photos in a few days. If you plan to take family photos this year hopefully your session was less eventful.

Mrs. K

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanks for the award

Thank you Ms Baby Plan for this blog award.  You are truly a sweetheart for considering me.

There are few rules to follow.

1. Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
2. Pass the award to five other bloggers.
3. Comment on their blog and let them know.

The awards go to:
1) Creole Wisdom

5) Mommy Glow

Mrs. K

Monday, December 6, 2010

Blessing in disguise

Yesterday was such a blessing.  Remember in my last post I mentioned that my camera was no longer working.  I was so disappointed that I could not capture pictures of some of the holiday events.   Anyway, I told my hubby about the camera and he reminded me that we have a 2 year replacement plan on it.  We went back to Best Buy yesterday and walked out with a brand new camera for free (with all the accessories and all).  So of course I wanted a digital SLR and was hoping that we could get one yesterday and pay the difference but we couldn't afford it.  Or at least we thought it wasn't wise to get one at this time.  It will remain on my wish list for now.  If you have any ideas/advice about a reasonable priced digital SLR for an amateur please send them my way.
New camera (same as old camera). Picture credit

The first picture I took with my new camera was a picture of some cross training sneakers I saw in the store that I'll probably buy online (hopefully for cheaper).  Of course we also took some photos of the doggies and kitty.  Mr. K and I also took our "before" pictures since we both will be starting the Insanity workout videos.  Actually we both did the Fit Test this morning which was tough.  I'm excited about it though and I plan to Dig Deeper.  By the way, I wanted to mention that I found out about Insanity through a fellow blogger Motivation Mama Drama.  I also want to thank her for being so positive and for motivating me to attempt Insanity.

Picture credit

Mrs. K

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday events so far...

Disclaimer: I have no personal pics of any of these events because my camera is acting up.  The shutter won't open.  I had plans to take lots of them but I guess not.

As you may remember from my previous post, last night I went to a Christmas party for my work.   It was so much fun.  I'll recap a little.  So unfortunately my hubby was sick (cold symptoms) but he tried to be a good trooper and came with me anyway (despite given a free pass to not go).  

On top of being sick he was also scheduled to work the next day.  After being there for a few minutes he looked miserable and not his usual upbeat, social self.  We discussed him going home and me getting a ride home with one of my colleagues so he left after half an hour.  I felt a little bad but he was totally ok with it.  Besides I love social events like these and I had been looking forward to the party for quite some time.  A friend visiting from out of town also went to the party with me.  She was in town interviewing for job.

The party was filled with laughter and lots of dancing.  The food was pretty bad though but we expected it because that's been the trend for the last few years.  They need a better caterer but that's besides the point.  Anyway, I danced so much that I was drenched in sweat (I know it's gross but I had so much fun).  It was also nice to see some of my bosses get loose.  I wore a black fitted (tight) dress that went below the knees.  Sorry there's no picture and I'm bad at describing things so I won't even try.
Dress I wore to the Christmas party last year

Tonight I saw the Nutcracker Ballet.  I went with a girlfriend.  Once again I have no personal  pictures.  Anyway, it was very entertaining.  Anyway, I can barely keep my eyes open so this is all for now.
Picture credit
Mrs. K

Friday, December 3, 2010

Post Thanksgiving Update

I know I've been MIA for some time now.  I'm still trying to recover from the turkey coma.  Here's a recap.

1) Thanksgiving with the in-laws turned out great as I anticipated.  The food was yummy.  I didn't overeat (too much).  It was different from Thanksgiving with my family but that was alright.  The dogs did good on the 6 hours drive there and back.  On Thanksgiving day they kept breaking out of the crate to join the festivities.  It was so much fun hanging out with my husband's family.  They are hilarious.  I spent a lot of time with his adorable nieces and nephews too.  Kids are so adorable pre-teen.  One of his nephews (who is 5--almost 6) asked me if we had any children yet.  I busted out laughing and asked my husband and his mom if they told him to ask me that.  They didn't.
Some of the food served
2) There was no Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping for me.  I did get a few things but I didn't camp out hours before.  I strolled in the stores around noon when most people were finishing up with their shopping. I don't think I'll ever do the Black Friday thing.  I love sleeping and I'm also freaked out by the thought of being trampled by some eager shoppers.  One of my purchases that I'm happy about was the dress that I got for the Christmas party at my husband's work.  It's so cute.  I'm sure I'll share it on a future post.

3) I have not done any P90X or other workout since the day before Thanksgiving.  Although my goal is to workout most days out of the week I didn't feel too bad.  My Insanity workout video came in the mail and I plan to start it Monday.  I know it will kick my booty so I don't mind slacking for a few days.  Once I start I plan to stay committed to it.  I'm excited about it but also nervous.

4) I finally sewed a few things.  My husband's genius sister (who is pregnant with twins by the way) figured out how to use my ancient sewing machine.  She taught me a lot.  I finally was able to sew without jamming the machine.  I made a cell phone cover (which I probably won't use) and a tiny pillow. Yay!  I feel so accomplished. 

5) I almost forgot.  My honey and I went to the UF vs FSU football game on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  We lost miserably.  It was so disappointing.  This was a huge rivalry and our first loss (to FSU) in six years.  Our entire season has been crappy so it wasn't such a hard blow.  It would have been worse if we had a good season then lost to them.

Anyway, that's it for now.  I have a Christmas party to go to for my work today.  Should be fun.  Will let you know more about it after.  I love getting dressed up and going to social events!

Mrs. K


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