Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What's on my mind?

Lots, but to name a few:

--I'm excited about running a 5K in two weeks with my running bud.  We've ran a few times over the past weeks in preparation for it and I think we'll do fine.  It's on September 14 but what I'm looking forward to most is running the 10K in the future.  It'll be fun to have hubby and my little boy waiting at the finish line for us.

--I love my husband and our son so much.  My husband is hilarious and he keeps it light and airy in our household.  He's the comical one and I'm definitely the more "serious one."  Although I'm not THAT serious.  But our son even realizes that he's the cool one.  He still prefers me but he goes to his dad when he wants to have fun. Ha!  Our son is such a great mixture of my husband and I (personality wise).  He is so much fun!  I could just eat him up.  That little booger told me a few days ago "no no go away" while I was kissing his face and fixing his hair.  He's only 18 months!  I could not believe it.

--Studying for my Boards right now sucks.  It's a necessary evil.  I just got done with my training and I have an 8 hour computerized test to take (about all the knowledge I've accumulated in training for the past 5 years).  The test is in less than a month. Yikes!  I'd much rather be doing something else but since I paid $3000 to take the test, I figure I'd better study so I don't fail.  It would really suck to have to pay another $3000.  Actually, what really sucks is that I have to take a second part of this test next year for a similar cost. Yeah!

--So yeah, I'm done with training.  I've been in school my whole life and now I'm finally done for good.  It's an awesome feeling.

--I'm not working right now (for the first time in a long time).  For close to a month I've been somewhat like a stay at home mom.  Well actually not really.  But I haven't been working.  I drop my son off at his home daycare in the mornings around 9am then run and/or exercise at the gym, go home, shower, pack lunch then go study, come home, make dinner, then pick up my son around 330pm after he wakes up from his nap.  It's been pretty nice because for the first time I feel very balanced.

--My goal is to get a part time job by January 2014 but for now I'll be enjoying some of the free time I have.  After Boards, I'll start picking up my son earlier so that we can go the library, park or just hang out. I'm looking forward to this

--Before 18 months ago I always thought I'd be working full time in my career but now I'm so content and excited about working part time.  I hate doing a crappy job at...anything.  Whenever I do something I like to do a good job or at least feel good about giving it my all.  I want to be a good wife, a good mom, and a good career woman.  I think that working part time will allow me the opportunity to do that.  I also love that I'll still have some time for myself too. 

 --We will likely be moving some time in the next few months.  It's a little frustrating not knowing when or where.  No we're not a military family--we're just at a crossroads in our lives and we want to do something different.  I know I need to be patient as we wait to hear back from possible job opportunities but it's hard.  I keep reminding myself that God has immensely blessed hubby and I individually and as a couple so I should just wait on him and be PATIENT! :)

--I check my weight in a few weeks (since I only do it once per month).  I think I'm looking fitter but who knows.  The scale may say something different but we'll see.  I do feel good though and I think that means a lot.  I've been eating better and exercising.

--Although I complained some I'm more than thankful to God.

Mrs. K

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Post pregnancy body

So my baby  is no longer a baby.  He's my baby but he's a toddler.  He's 18 months old.  I have no excuse.  I breastfed for 9 months and pumped for another 2 months.  While breastfeeding I lost a lot weight pretty quickly.  At 8 weeks I was feeling pretty good about my postpartum body.  It wasn't perfect but it was heading in the right direction.  I started walking pretty quickly after I delivered but that ended as soon as I went back to work.  I went back to work after 12 weeks and since then I've been inconsistent with my nutrition and exercise.  For exercise I've done some Insanity here and there but nothing consistent (which is very much unlike me).  I've gone to the gym and running a few times but nothing consistent.  Our gym is actually great.  There are personal trainers, free classes, a pool, hot tub, sauna, and CHILD CARE.   I've never used the child care because I feel terrible dropping him off so I can workout, especially when I work full time and he's in the care of someone else.  

For nutrition, there was a time period where I ate whatever the heck I wanted.  About 1 month ago I weighed myself at the gym (and was not happy) and needless to say I've been working out consistently since then.  For the past 2 weeks my nutrition has been so much better.  I've been using MyFitness Pal app to track my calories.  It helps me to think twice before stuffing my face.  I've been eating so much better.  Well, I weighed myself today and was disappointed.  My weight is the exact same.  I'm one of those people who doesn't usually gain or lose weight quickly.  This infuriates me because I've been working hard (exercising) for the past month.  I'm also one of those people who start feeling better about my body when I eat healthy and exercise.  I thought I looked better (even if it's in my mind) and I still think I do although the scale isn't reflecting that.  I guess I have to just keep trying.

I'm surprised that I've lost my tummy, although it's not toned.  I thought it would be hardest to lose but it's actually my back and thigh fat.  LOL.  I'm still going to keep trying.  I still plan to work out most days of the week (at least 4 days) at the gym.  This includes elliptical machine, light weight lifting, abs.  I also plan to sprinkle some occasional Insanity workouts in there.  I plan to be more consistent with my running.  I have a running buddy and we plan to run on one weekend day and one weekday at least.  We have a 5K that we will be running on 9/14/13.  I can run it without problems but I want to make a good time.

Anyway, my overall goal is to obtain a "good" healthy body before my next pregnancy.  I'll keep you updated. I may never look like this again:


but I'll try to come close.  I think I can do it.  I'll post pictures some time.  What did you do to get fit?

Mrs. K

Sunday, August 11, 2013

IEK is a year and a half (18 months OMG)

Oh my goodness!  I cannot believe my little man is 18 months old.  I feel like I was pregnant not too long ago.  Time truly flies when you're having fun.  Life has been even more exciting over the past few months.  My husband and I enjoy him so much and we feel blessed to be his parents.

He loves to walk, run, climb, sky dive off the couch without a parachute.  LOL.  He loves to throw a ball and attempt to play basketball.  He loves splashing around in the pool and bath tub and any body of water, really.  We use the Puddle Jumpers as a life vest and he seems to like it.  Sometimes he just wants to walk around the house with it on.  He likes to climb up and down the stairs independently.  In fact, he pushes me away when I try to help.  It initially hurt my feelings but now I'm excited about his bravery.  He is strong as an ox and when he wants me to go somewhere, he gets behind me, pushes my legs and says "go, go, go."  So...we have a tent in our living room.  Yeah, I know it's silly but I bought it for my husband a few years ago and we never used it.  I thought it would be fun to put it up temporarily so that our little booger could crawl around in it.  Well it's been a few months and it's still up.  And he loves to play in it.  He loves rolling around with his dad in it and dragging his toys in it.  Gone are my interior decorating days.  It's all about fun and convenience.  Well, my house is still organized and clean but just more appealing to kiddos.  He can jump (although not very high, hehe).  He likes piggy back rides.  He prefers playing outside over playing with electronics.  He almost never watches TV and he's not that interested into the i-pad.

He's still going to a small licensed home daycare.  His caretaker is lovely.  She looooves him and he looooves her.  He still whines a bit when I drop him off in the mornings but whenever I pick him up in the evenings he doesn't want to leave.  He gives her like a million hugs before we go.  It's so sweet.  He also gets along so well with the two little girls that are also there.  I think this was the best environment for him.  However, now that he's getting older, we're thinking about putting him into a more formal preschool.  We read to him at home and of course we talk to him a lot.  She also teaches him a lot too but we feel he needs a little more structure.  Whenever we move, which will likely be around when he turns 2, we'll make the transition.

He's a social butterfly when he wants to be.  When he's well rested and mommy or daddy are close by he's very social.  Always waving hi and bye, flashing a smile and twisting his head to get someone's attention, flashing his 8 pearly whites.  These are some of the ways he flirts (lol) or just try to connect.  So, he does this thing that we find soooo hilarious.  Whenever I take him out and he sees a white guy he points and says "daddy."  If we are in the supermarket he'll point to a dozen guys before we check out and say the same thing.  It's hilarious but it's kinda embarrassing because he says it really loud and they look at us like we are crazy or they just laugh.  My husband says he does the same thing whenever he sees a young black woman.  Too funny.

And yes, he's talking a lot.  He says at least 20 words.  Some of his favorites are dada, daddy, mommy, mama, nonna (grandma), book, baby, cup, dog, doggie, up, keys, kiss, cow, nana (banana), goat, clock, shoes, socks, Eliza, juice, cheese, ice, swing, night-night, bye, hi, hello, more, wa-wa (water), glasses, nose, eyes,  mouth, ears, moo, ruff ruff, baa (sheep sound).  He can say a few phrases too like night-night dada, love you, bye bye ma.  He can point out many body parts including eyes, nose, hair, mouth, head, belly, arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, toes, teeth, booty (yes, we taught him booty).  He understands way more than what he can say.

He's a big help.  He loves to help sweep.  Whenever I grab a broom, he has to get one too to help.  He doesn't go anywhere near the vacuum though.  He's a bit of a neat, organized freak.  If there's a crumb on something on the floor he picks it up and gives it to me.  He closes drawers that I leave open.  He'll make a mess with food while feeding himself but when he's done he'll out to me to clean it.  Whenever I give him tissue he tries to blow his nose and wipe it.  He also tries to clean the table although he makes more of a mess.  He helps me with laundry too.  Whenever I takes clothes out of the washer I give them to him and he puts them in the dryer.  If I'm busy and he's not helping sometimes he'll tantrum but if I engage him in helping he loves it.  I know this will not last.  One day when he's a teenager I'll be begging him to clean his room. Ha!  Oh, he also likes to help me get him dressed and undressed.  I still have to chase him down to change his diaper most of the time.

He's still a great sleeper.  Bath time routine starts at 645pm or 7pm and he's in bed by 730pm.  He wakes up at 630am. We rock him while singing to him before bed but he's usually completely awake when we put him in his crib.  He just lays down then goes to bed.  Whenever we travel (which has been very often over the last 6 months) it usually takes a day or so to get him back into his routine.  He's flown on an airplane 6 times round trip so far.  One of those trips was from North Carolina to California and he did fairly well.

He's a momma's boy but he loves his papa too.  He's such a sweet boy.  He loves to cuddle before bed.  He loves to hug and gives kisses.  He's always smiling and laughing.  He loves being goofy and goofiness (just like his momma and papa, but more like his papa).  He loves to read books while sitting in his mama's lap.

He still has long brown hair.  He hasn't gotten his first haircut yet.  I've been convincing his dad to delay it.  The front of his hair is pretty straight although it's been curling a little in the summer (more like big waves).  The back has verrrry soft, loose spiral curls.  I wash his hair about twice per week (one wash is only with conditioner and the other wash is with shampoo and conditioner).  We use the California Baby conditioner.  I don't put any other product in his hair.  I think he's looking more like me the older he gets.  He has big brown eyes and the longest eyelashes known to mankind.  He's such a cute little stinker.  I just love him!  I am so thankful for the life I'm blessed with.

Mrs. K


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