Monday, May 20, 2013

Update on life

Wow, it's been a long time since I last posted and even longer since I posted about something besides my little man.  I've decided to stop doing monthly updates and just do random updates on his milestones.  I think I've been avoiding this blog partly because I felt obligated to blog about his milestones but I don't have the time to do it.  So just to provide a few updates:

Starting with our little guy.  He's doing well.  He is a lovely little fella with lots of energy.  He loves to laugh and play and hit and pull and squeal and talk.  Oh, did I mention climb.  He's saying a few words now, although in his own way.  He says doggie (dog-mm), baby, uh-oh, Eliza, of course mama and dada or daddy.  He also says clock (cock, yeah I know).  He knows a lot of words and commands although he doesn't know how to say them.  It's amazing how much he soaks up.  He is sooo loving.  I just love that little booger.  He loves to walk and run and climb on everything.  I have to watch him at all times because he'll get into everything.  He likes being outside and playing with our dog-mm, Eliza.  He loves picking up sticks and playing at the park.  He's more social and will allow others to hold him (most of the time).  He still loves his mommy to death but has been gravitating more towards daddy lately.  He loves to read, which is new.  He's just an all round sweet kiddo and we love him so much.  We feel so blessed.

Hubby and I just celebrated our 5 year anniversary.  He surprised me with a sitter and we did dinner and a movie.  It was nice to hang out with him at night for a change.  We live in NC with no family around so we usually don't get much alone time away from home.  Anyway, I can't believe we've been married 5 years already.  I feel very blessed to be with my husband as well.

I'm doing well.  I'm enjoying life and I feel very blessed.  I graduate in a few weeks and I'm really excited about this.  I've been in school all my life without a break so it's nice to be almost done.  I'll be taking the summer off to study for my board exams and to just chill before I start working a real job.  I'm looking forward to the summer off.  Planning to also use the time to get more fit.  Speaking of getting fit, I'm nowhere close to my goal.  I've lost most of the baby weight except for about 5-10 pounds but I look unhealthy, no longer fit.  I'm not content about this but I'm not terribly distressed either.  My diet is somewhat crappy and I haven't consistently worked out.  I know that if I shape up a bit I'd be healthier and that's what I plan to do.  I've been doing Insanity off an on but I plan to be more committed to it.  My out-of-shape-ness wont stop me from flaunting a bathing suit in about one week.  We are heading to Panama City Beach for my husband's annual family vacation.  So looking forward to it. 

We will most likely be moving to another state in late summer/early fall.  Hubby and I are both looking for jobs closer to his family.  His parents and siblings live in north Florida.  Having our son has made us realize the value of having family close by.  I am getting sooo excited about the idea of moving although we'll miss all our peeps in NC.  Also hubby and I have decided that I'll work part time after we move.  I always thought I was a "career woman" who would always work full time but now I'm excited about part time work.  I initially thought about working 3/4 time but after talking more with hubby we thought half time would be best.  I can still do what I love outside the home but have time for my family.  I'm looking into working M-F 8-12.  I'm really excited about the possibility of working these hours.  I can take little man to preschool in the morning, then go to work.  When I get off I'll have time to exercise and still make dinner.  I'm hoping I will be able to accomplish more and feel more balanced with that work schedule.  We'll see.  In theory it sounds great!

Anyway, I'm just really happy and thankful to God for all that he's blessed me with.

Mrs. K


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