Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dear Thursday

You suck!

What can I say?  I'm human (I think). LOL
Mrs. K

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm thinking about babies

I remember when I was younger and first realized there were differences between races.  After this new found knowledge I decided that I wanted to adopt a child from every race.  I know I'm not the only one who felt this way, am I?

Anyway, after telling this to my mother she supported me but let me know that this was very expensive to do so I better study/work hard so I can make money in the future to accomplish this.  Mothers, I tell ya.  They use every opportunity to promote studying and working. 

So I wanted to revisit something I said earlier--"realized there were differences between races."  I actually remember when I first found this out.  Before I get into that, I will give you a some background information about me.

I was born in Jamaica where the majority of the people were black or "mixed up" so I did not pay attention to race.  Rather, I didn't even know it existed.  I believe this was commonplace for most Jamaicans.  Although Jamaica has mainly black people, I grew up with Chinese, Indians, Lebanese, Irish, etc. friends.   It was interesting because we all went to school together and race never came up.  The main differences that were pointed out were: who was the fastest runner, the smartest, the most fun, etc.  You get what I mean?

When I moved to NY at around age 11, I remember meeting an Italian girl in my class (she was also my cousin's friend).  Her and my cousin were both educating me about race and prejudice (since I hadn't heard the words before).  After she described to me what it was I asked her if she was prejudice.  I remember her smiling and saying "no silly, if I was we wouldn't be friends."  I remember still being puzzled but as time went on (and with experience) I started grasping what she was talking about.

At that age the more I understood the more I wanted to adopt a child from every race.  I think I was serious about this for a few years--being naive about cost and everything else.  I think I wanted to do that in hopes of bringing everyone together to show that people can co-exist thrive together despite their differences.

Now that I am a little older and a little less naive, I understand that it is almost impossible to do what I proposed above.  However I have discovered other ways for me to show that people can thrive together despite their differences, especially race.

My husband and I may not be able to afford to raise the United Nations but we can show love to others who are different from us.  My idea above is not completely out of my mind because if we strike it rich you may just hear about us in the news--The Crazy Family with 50 Kids from Different Nations.

OK, so 50 is an exaggeration.  Anyway, you may ask what does this post have to do with my title "I'm thinking about babies."  It's quite related actually.  I have been thinking about babies and family planning more lately.  I've been thinking about how many children we want to have? What will our kids look like?  Will they have my personality or my husband's or be completely different from us? How long will I stay home with them?  What kind of parent I would be?

Will all this thinking I guess I was reminded about my childhood wish to be a mother of all nations :)

Mrs. K

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Update on my husband's birthday

The evening went mostly as planned: 

-He opened his gifts before we went to dinner and he really liked what he got.  He liked the flowers too and he agreed that it was sweet ;)

-I wore my black dress as planned.  I urged him to wear whatever he wanted and he joked that he will wear "basketball shorts" if I didn't help him pick something out (since he did not know where we were going).  Of course, I was happy to help but I would have been totally ok if he wore basketball shorts and a t-shirt.  Anyway, he didn't and he looked so handsome!
Note: I had to do some cropping because of the way some of the photos turned out--hence 2 different pics.

-We ended up going to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.  I made reservations before so there was no wait.  Of course he had the steak and I had the Spicy Asian Salmon. Yum!

-I did not blog or visited other people's blogs as promised.  Well, I posted his birthday plans and wishes then signed off.  That was tough.  Being the wonderful guy that he is, at the end of the night my hubby went to my blog and read what I wrote about his birthday.  He then proceeded to tell me that I had a few new comments.  He told me it was ok for me to check them out, but I did not want to.

-I listened to his complaints without interjecting and I decided I needed to do that more often.  I have a tendency to want to show people the other side of things when all they really want is someone to listen.

-We were full with appetizers, soups, main course and dessert from the restaurant so he turned down eating at his favorite ice cream place (Bops).  I was shocked.  He wanted to get ice cream from there for the longest.  I guess he has to wait till Christmas--just joking.  We will probably go some time next week.

-The night literally did end in fireworks.  As we were driving home we saw fireworks close to our home.  Now, I must confess that I did not plan that, but we were able to watch them together.  It was sweet.

Overall it was a great night.  Happy Real Birthday today my honey (although you're working).

Check out my previous post to see what I planned the day before.

Mrs. K

Friday, September 24, 2010

Departing the twenties with a bang

Written on 9/20/10 to be posted on 9/24/10.  Actual birthday is 9/25 but we celebrate on Friday.

This post is written to honor my best friend's birthday.  We met for the first time in college in 2000 (about 2 weeks after his 19th birthday).  Since then most of his birthdays have been pretty lame--no not because of me, but because of school or work.  This year he will again be working on his birthday.

I look sleepy but he looks good so I still posted it
Because my best friend is the most important person in my life, I want to make it extra special for him (as I try to do every year).  He is quite simple and does not require much which makes me want to do even more.  I must say that I have the best husband in the world and I truly mean that.  Since he will be turning 29 years old I figure it would be good to end his twenties on a very memorable note.

I'll also preface this blog by confessing that I am the world's worse gift giver.  I feel bad for our kids in the future.  Knowing that I'm not so good at picking out gifts, I've created a word document of My Husband's Wishlist.  Each time he mentions that he wants/likes something, I put it on the list.  I also cross out items as I go so I don't duplicate things.  He on the other hand is very thoughtful in his gift giving.

Anyway, I've been brainstorming for a while about what to do.  We are limited in finances and time, so I had to take this into consideration.  Of course, I would love to fly us to Nicaragua or Romania (2 places he has visited alone and he would love for us to go back together), but we can't.  At least, not right now--maybe in a few years.

I will list some of my thoughts and ideas to help me get organized (in no order):

   1. I thought about making dinner (as he loves my cooking) but since we will be celebrating this Friday after work I figured it would be best if we go out to eat.  I'm contemplating Ruth's Chris Steakhouse vs. Ajay's.  He loves a good steak.

   2. I'll allow him to wear what he wants without me fussing--even if it's basketball shorts.  However, I plan to wear a hot black dress to make him be proud to say "that's my wifey."  I bought the dress months ago for a special night like this one.  I'll also wear my hair out (all natural and wild)--he prefers it that way.
His favorite outfit--something comfy
   3. My honey loves ice-cream (I think that's inherited because so does his dad).  I have been turning down his request to get ice cream for the past few weeks.  I've decided to include getting ice cream from one of his favorite places (Bops) as a part of his birthday activities.  That may be his favorite part of the day.

   4. I will listen patiently to all his complaints about work without interjecting with my own complaints.  I won't cringe when he starts talking about trucks, hunting, or guns.

   5. Pick up Tungsten wedding ring that he wanted.  We got him a cheap wedding band for our wedding.  With his job he is always washing his hands so we were afraid he would lose it so we got something cheap.  He has proven that he can hold on to his ring, so it's time to upgrade.

   6. Ok, being the sweet country man he is, he wouldn't mind only getting a pocket knife for his special day.  I hate getting them for him and I have refused to get them the last few birthdays but I guess it's time to bring them back.  I have to remember that it is not my birthday, it's his!

   7. I'm thinking about throwing in a professional massage but we will see.  If the budget does not allow, I may need to get creative and do one myself.

   8. So, this is not a birthday gift, but he will be getting it about one week after his birthday.  He's selling his old truck and will hopefully pick up his new truck soon--2011 Toyota Tundra.  He is super duper excited about this.  I'm excited to see him so excited.  It's like Christmas for him.  I can't wait to see the look on his face when he actually drives off the lot with it.

   9. A funny card works for him.  I like sweet, deep, sensitive cards but he doesn't therefore I will get him what he likes.  I will go to the humor section and find a hilarious card (preferably one with an animal on it too).

  10. He'll call it "gay" when I give him flowers and I'll call it sweet.  I do that occasionally and I think deep down he finds it sweet (or at least that's what I tell myself).

  11. Give my undivided attention.  I will not blog or even thinking about blogging.  Well, I will try not to.  He does not mind me blogging but I do see where sometimes he would prefer my attention and not me saying "give me five more minutes, no ten minutes" which turns into an hour.  He's so patient.

  12. We will have to end the night early so that he can get up the next day on time for work.  Regardless the night will end with fireworks ;)
Picture credit

Mrs. K

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We are big green monsters from a different planet

Looking funny is a tough thing to deal with in today's world.  If you don't look like everyone else you are out of luck.  What's even more challenging is being an interracial couple.  If you think funny looking people get all the crazy stares, think again.  Mixed couples and families get them too.  I have been the lady half of a mixed couple for the past 10 years and I can tell you, it has been interesting.

Of course to hubby and I, we just love each other, have a lot in common, and communicate pretty well with each other.  These are some things that are important in any relationship.  To some people, we are like big green monsters walking around with like a large yellow eyeball and wearing bright red lipstick.  We can't blend in or go in disguise.

Big green monster with yellow eye ball minus bright red lipstick
What alerted me to write this post was two recent consecutive visits to Sam's Club.  Note that I am not upset while writing this, I am just noting my thoughts and reactions.  I'm not angry, I actually think it's quite interesting and somewhat funny.

So, we live in one of the southern states in the US (not that the reaction would be much different in the northern states).  We visited Sam's Club about a week ago so we can stack up on some goods, since I detest food shopping.  With all the stares that we got, you would have thought we were some famous celebrity (like Dolly Parton--lol), or rather two strange creatures from a different planet (like the green monsters mentioned above). 

We got stares from the "normal" looking folks and other funny looking people.  I thought it was particularly hilarious when a dwarf looking person (no offense) and his very tall wife of the same race was staring.  It's so funny because we were staring at them too.  I bet they were probably saying, "well heck, we look normal compared to them."  And trust me, we were saying the same thing.

I know that people stare for various reasons including: curiosity, to give approval/disapproval, to intimidate, or to find a defect in either of us.  I'm sure there are other reasons too that I did not mention.  Regardless of the reason, I think staring is kind of rude but as I said, I do it too.  I guess I try to do it in a more subtle way.  Most of the time we don't notice the stares unless it's very obvious. 

I usually respond by either staring back or exchanging a friendly smile (usually while waving).  I must confess that when the person is obviously rude, I do "unleash the beast" (as I mentioned before in my "about me" section).  My husband usually is very positive about the situation--he smiles boyishly and says, "honey we are superstars."  Every time he says this I laugh my butt off, because I know he really feels that way.  LOL.

I am not complaining because I know that things could be worse.  We could have been born a few years before and it would have been illegal for us to be married in our state.  Also, I know that this is a choice that we both made and we are both very happy with.  I just thought I would post about it since it's fresh on my mind. 

So what are your experiences? As an interracial couple/family, do you get stares?  How do you respond to the stares?  If you are not in a mixed family, do you stare?  If so, why?  I'm curious. 

Mrs. K

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My First Blog Award...Yippie!

One Lovely Blog Award
I am so happy to receive this award.  Thank you very much Ms Baby Plan.  I enjoy reading your blog as well and I appreciate you giving me this award.  I was inspired by other women to write this blog and I am glad that I can now hopefully be an inspiration to someone else.  This blog is about my life in general, but I also try to focus on staying positive no matter the situation.  The title of my blog and the posts I write remind me to do this.  I also appreciate the support I get from fellow bloggers.

This award requires the winner to follow some points:

1. Accept the award. Post it on your blog with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link. Again, thank you Ms Baby Plan

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2. Pay it forward to 15 other bloggers that you have newly discovered.

3. Contact those blog owners and let them know they've been chosen. Done by comments.

Mrs. K

Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm so excited about my new pair of running shoes

Many of you know that I had a full house this past summer so I  traded my "fitness routine" for spending valuable time with my family.  I must admit that this was not too difficult for me to do. I gladly gave up exercising without much protest.  I also ate like a pig but we are not going to talk about that right now.  

After my mom and siblings left it was not too difficult for me to jump right back into exercising.  Actually, I stand corrected.  I wanted to and did start back regular exercising but it was VERY difficult for me to get back into a routine.  To be truthful, the first few days were torture.

It has been close to four weeks and I have been pretty consistent.  My goal is to workout on the weekdays (or 5 times per week) but leave the weekends for travel and other fun family/friends activities.  I must say that I have been successful so far.  

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I go to the gym in the early mornings.  Tuesdays and Thursdays I skip the gym to exercise in the evenings--either running outside, doing yoga, or a P90X video.  On the weekends, although I'm not formally exercising, I still try to stay active: doing house chores, yard work, washing dogs, going to park with dogs, go kayaking, etc.  I basically don't sit on my butt all weekend blogging and watching TV (although some days I want to).  

DIGRESSION: I do watch the Florida Gators football games on Saturdays but even then I'm not sitting, I'm usually jumping up and down like a mad woman.  It's difficult for me to sit and watch my favorite team play.  I guess when I stand I feel like I'm there.

Picture credit
Anyway, since I've started exercising regularly I've been feeling good.  The first few days I could hardly stay awake but now I feel so energized.  I particularly enjoy my morning workouts.  I decided to reward myself for being consistent hoping this would further motivate me to continue.  So, I got some new kicks.  I thought about getting the Reebok Run Tone but they were too expensive.  Has anyone tried the Run Tone?  Is it worth the price? I decided to get the New Balance N-Fuse 572 (see photo above).  

I ditched my morning routine today and went for a test run outside instead in my new shoes.  And...I like.  They are comfortable, light and my feet don't sweat too much in them.  I think I still prefer my other pair of running shoes because I'm used to them, but now I've got options!

Mrs. K

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dear Thursday, thanks for improving this week.

Enjoying life at Garden of the Gods in Colorado
I can't believe I'm saying this but, Thursday, you are not too shabby. For a while there I was hating strongly disliking you. Today you are less stressful compared to other Thursdays this summer.

Thank goodness my workload has gone back to normalcy. I'm actually writing to you without feelings of anger and resentment--have not had that in a long time. It feels good and I am savoring the moment.

I don't feel as stressed today and I actually got home at a reasonable time. Also, I can go running and not have you on my mind the entire time. I can think about something more fun or constructive. YES!

By the way, my husband and dogs thank you for improving because now their lives are better since I'm less grouchy.  We all hope this is a trend for future Thursdays.

Mrs. K

Would you let a friend or associate be your Ob Gyn?

I have been on the hunt for a great Ob Gyn.  And, it's about time!  Now that I'm seriously thinking more about pregnancy and have already even started taking prenatal vitamins, I figure now would be a good time to get my check-up.  Disclaimer: I am not trying to get pregnant right now, I'm just trying to get as much in order as I can, hence the prenatal vitamins.  

(Cringing).  It's been 2 years since my last visit (I know that's horrible and I know better).  I just do not like going, almost as much as I hate going to the dentist.  Am I the only one with this problem?

I have a few friends who are Ob Gyns or soon-to-be Ob Gyns.  In the past we've joked and laughed about them delivering my baby.  But for real, would I really let a friend or an associate inspect my vajayjay and other lady parts :)?  I'm not so sure.  Didn't I mention I was fairly private?  Where we live right now, thankfully I have only 1 friend who is an Ob Gyn.  I love the group that she works with.  Their motto is "for women by women."  From talking with her and others they seem to possess some of the qualities that I would want my Ob Gyn to have.

I have basically narrowed it down to choosing an Ob Gyn from my friend's group.  I've done my investigation and all the ladies seem well qualified.  Most people I have spoken with seem to prefer Dr. B or my friend.  After much consideration, I've decided to go with the other doctor.  I thought it would be just too weird for me to have seen my friend at a barbecue the week before then being completely "open" (if you know what I mean) to her the next week at the office.

I called the office today to get an appointment with Dr. B but I guess she is "hot commodity" because the days she can see me are very limited.  They seem to conflict some with my schedule so I have to figure something out.  Not quite sure what I'm going to do, but I've basically made up my mind about this.  I've not spoken with my friend about this yet, but I know she won't mind.  I'm sure I'm not her only friend to have this problem.  I mean she's my girl and we're cool, but...It's not about her, it's about me!  For something that private, I don't feel bad about my choice at all.  What do you think?  What would you do?

Oh, by the way, although Dr. B is "hot commodity" I hear that she is very available to her patients, so I'm not terribly worried about her not being able to dedicate much time to my care.

Mrs. K

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Eat. Pray. Love. (Forgive. Stay Active)

I saw the movie Eat.Pray.Love this weekend and I thought it was so awesome.  Besides being a huge long time fan of Julia Roberts, it  was an overall good movie.  I won't be reviewing the movie during this post; although my husband calls me a movie critic because after seeing a movie, I say things like "wow that was well done."  

Eat.Pray.Love. reminded me to take a minute and evaluate my life and goals.  Although, I am nothing like the main character, the movie has me reflecting on my own life.  Eating, praying and loving are essential, but I've also added two other things I find important: forgiving and staying active.

I love eating!  I enjoy eating food from other regions.  Some types of food I've tried and enjoyed are: Jamaican (of course), Italian, Peruvian, Colombian, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Israeli, Greek, Panamanian, Good 'Ole Southern, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Korean, Filipino, Thai, Haitian, Nigerian to name a few.  I've enjoyed most of them so much that I've even tried to cook some at home with success.  I'm not a chef or anything and cooking is not my favorite thing to do, but I try.

This evening I bought a cookbook (a very unusual thing for me to do).  I usually just go online to get recipes.  In the past when I was given cookbooks as presents I would be somewhat displeased, knowing that they would just sit on my bookshelf and get hidden by cobwebs.  I plan to do something different.  I'm going to pull out all the cookbooks I've been given and display them in the kitchen as a reminder to use them.  Also, from now on I'm going to cook a "fancy" meal from one of them once per month every 2-3 months.
Nope, I didn't make it, but I sure ate it and it was good...

I was brainstorming some with my cousin and came up with an idea.  When I have children, I plan to start a tradition.  Once per month, I will have them choose a recipe from one of the cookbooks (from a particular country) and I will make the meal for my family.  Being the person I am, I want to take it even further.  On that one night per month I want to decorate in the theme of that country (including the flag) and have a brief discussion about the country.  Of course when the kids get older I will let them do the research and discuss the country.  What do you think?  Do you have any other ideas?  Do you do something similar with your children?

Anyway, so I plan to collect cookbooks from different countries.  If you have any good ones in mind, feel free to send the info my way.  Whenever I visit a different country I plan to bring back a cookbook.

I do pray but not as often as I would like to.  I will start praying sometimes and my mind will wander off.  Whenever this happens I try to resolve whatever it is I was thinking about then get back to praying.  I do pray before meals and most times at bedtime, however I want to make prayer a bigger part of my life.  I know that "practice makes perfect," so I will keep trying.

I have made some progress such as: stop cut back praying selfish prayers asking God for things.  I have been trying more to pray for others.  With prayer, I also want to praise and thank God for His blessings and develop a relationship with Him.


I've mastered this too.  If you don't believe me?  Just ask my husband.  So, I'm kidding.  Of course, like most humans it's easier for me to love when people are lovable.  Now, for those who get on my nerves and aren't so "lovable" I have to work EXTRA hard.  So once again, I try but I still have got a lot of improvement to do.

And it's not just about loving others, it is also about loving myself.  I must admit that fortunately this has not been a problem for me.  I've had a supportive family who showed me love and continues to.  My hubby and friends also do too.  Of course, I've had moments in my lifetime when I've felt unloved but then my brain kicks in and reminds me of the truth.  It is unfortunate that some people are not like that and I pray that they will find love and comfort in God.

This is something that is vital for me.  As a child I held grudges and I noticed at a young age that this was problem.  I prayed about this for years and I've noticed a tremendous difference.  I am so much better.  I have learned to admit when I'm wrong (sometimes), forgive, apologize and ask for forgiveness.  I still have a long way to go with the last two.

I have learned through some college relationships that went sour what it is like to truly forgive and reconcile.  It is such an awesome feeling when you do.  Gosh, not having to carry the burden of grudge and resentment is great!  I've learned that the most difficult step for me was not admitting fault, it was discussing the situation and asking for forgiveness.

I've asked myself, how can I say I love someone if I don't truly forgive them or if I hold grudges?

Stay Active
This has been my thing for a while.  I'm kind of all over the place.  Too spontaneous at times.  I do like to stay physically active.  I do so by frequenting the gym, running some evenings, walking the dogs, throwing around a football.  My husband and I even exercised on our honeymoon (no, not just that kind of exercise--we actually went to the gym).  I feel good when I do.

Since this summer was completely different from previous ones I had been neglecting this area, but I've started back up.  I've been back into a routine for the past 3 weeks now.  Yippie!  Not only do I strive to stay physically active, I'm trying to develop new hobbies too.
Hiking in the Great Smokey Mountains

So, I've mentioned above about my cooking plans.  I've started blogging.  My new thing is to start sewing.  I've been frequenting craigslist in hopes of finding a used sewing machine to practice with.  I was inspired to do this after I bought a dress that was obviously too big for me, but the price was too good for me to not get it. 

I've done this in the past and have paid other people to alter my clothing but I want to do it on my own.  Of course, I will practice on scrap fabric before I attempt fixing my dress.  Also, I'm inspired by other women who sew cute little outfits for their babies.  I'm not saying I plan to sew all my babies' clothes but I like having the option to be able to :)

Mrs. K

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dear Thursday...I'm so mad at you, I've had enough

My original title was going to be "Dear Thursday... Why Do I Hate You So Much" but I felt that this was a little too harsh.  Hate is a very strong word, so I decided to go with something more gentle.  I am a positive person overall and I try to keep a positive attitude (usually) but I'm human.

Since mid-July I have been disliking you Thursday.  You see, my relationship with you is one of love/hate well, love/dislike I guess.  I'm glad when you arrive in part because you are so close to my best friend Friday.  When I see you coming I get excited initially, know what happens.

I've figured out that I started giving you the cold shoulders when my workload at the job got heavier.  I have been getting home late, not keeping my promise of eating well, cooking dinner, and staying active.  Even our dogs know when it's Thursday...they know it's backoff day.

Thursday, I am so mad at you that I almost did not write this post.  I almost waited for Friday, but I figured I would have been more calm by then and would forget to write.

I'm hoping that you will be better in the future, but for now I'm going running so that I can try to get over my anger towards you.

Addendum: Today you are not so bad because I have two more followers--yippiee!

Mrs. K

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Prayer for My Friend Who is Having Some Challenges with Conceiving

I have met a few women in my personal life and from blogging who have been trying to conceive but have not had much success so far.  I hear the hurt in some of their voices and see the sorrow on their faces.   I've also witness the joy and hope that most continue to live with.  Even though I have never been pregnant nor am I trying to conceive at this time, I still understand.  

As I write this post, I have one particular woman in mind and here is my prayer for her:
Picture credit
Lord, bless _______ and ________ as they go through the process of trying to bring a child into this world that will serve You.  As they face these obstacles remind them to keep You first, not only during this challenging time but also in everything they do.  Let them not forget that, with You anything is possible.  And Lord, bless them with a child if it is Your will. 

Strengthen their marriage through the course and more importantly I pray that their relationship with You will continue to improve. 

Bless his and her body.  Remove whatever physical limitations there are that prevent the process.  Make them both fertile, so that they can build nations that will worship You.

Bless her soul: mind, emotions and will.  Remove all stress, negative thoughts and depressed feelings regarding the matter.  I pray that she draws nearer to You and continue to serve You and give You the glory in everything she does.  I pray that she finds comfort in You and Your love for her.

Lastly, bless her spirit.  Let others see You in her and wonder how she could be so joyful given the setbacks.  Use her to spirit to reveal You to others.

Although this prayer is specific to my friend, you may use this prayer as a guide to help you pray for someone facing challenges with conceiving.  As stated before, although I'm not going through this process, I may want someone to pray this prayer for me one day.  God Bless!

Mrs. K

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Bleed Orange and Blue!

Picture credit
I haven't posted in a few days because I've been a little busy and a little lazy.  Right now I'm chillin' watching football with my husband.  I looooooove Gator football.  College football season started this week/weekend and I'm so excited. 

I dare say that I'm more into it than some guys although I may not know all the intricacies of the game.  I am proud to say I know enough to enjoy the game!  Obviously I cheer for the Gators first but I also watch other SEC (South Eastern Conference) teams play.

I'm watching the game now and we are not doing too well against a scruffy team (sorry Miami of Ohio).  Being the positive person I am, I'm not too worried.  It's the first game of the season with a fairly young team, no Tebow and A LOT of pressure.  I'm hopeful that we will improve by the time we play our first "real game" with another SEC team--Tennessee on September 18.  We play USF before then and that does worry me a tad.

I've mentioned that my house is fairly quiet with just the two of us but NOT during football season.  I know my neighbors did not miss my yelling, screaming and cheering from last season.  Whether with a group or by myself, my reaction is the same.  I just get into it.  I think I will try to dedicate some Saturdays to discuss Gator football on my blog because it means so much to me.

I have not always been like this you know.  When I was in Gainesville for college for 4 years--I occasionally would keep up with the games but not much.  It was when I went to grad school at a rival university that I got into it.  I went to my first real game in grad school and it was awesome.  I was hooked since then.  It didn't help that we were kicking booty too.

Anyway, I'll write more at a later time because I want to focus on the game.  I welcome any comments, even opposition--just keep it clean.  Also, feel free to comment about your favorite team.  I'll also likely watch the Broncos and the Vikings because two of my favorite Gator alumni are on these teams.


Mrs. K

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When It Rains It Pours...still remaining faithful through it all

I try my best to limit stress and drama in my life, but sometimes no matter what you do, you just can't help it.  Now, although there's not much drama lately--thankfully.  There is some stress.  My car (my little blue baby) has been doing me well for quite a few years.  I got it when it was only 1 year old in summer 2005.  I was so excited because it was fairly new, compared to the 1989 Toyota Corolla that I had previously.   Anyway, I was really excited about the car, thought I was really cool with my darkly tinted windows (which I almost got a ticket for by the way). 

As mentioned in a previous post, I drive a lot (not for work, but for leisure--whether it is visiting family and friends or just vacationing).  Overall, the car has done me good.  I really haven't had to do many repairs, just the standard maintenance (which I kept up with for the most part).  So, I am grateful and thankful for it.  The AC works (essential in this very hot summer), it has good not many problems--until recently.

A few days ago the "AT" light came on (whatever that means).  I didn't notice anything else and the light eventually went off.  Then it came back on again and not only was there a light, the car started having a massive "kick" whenever I turn it on.  The first time it happened it scared the crap out of me.  So, intermittently over the last few days this has been happening. 

We decided NOT to take it to the dealer because I was afraid of being robbed blind (no offense), so we took it to a local guy that my husband uses for his old car.  The guy couldn't fix it, apparently the computer that he has could not break the code to read what is wrong with my car.  Still trying to avoid the dealer (especially since we do not have warranty on the car) we took it to a shop that specializes in transmissions.  My husband had researched on line that "AT" has something to do with transmissions so we took it there.

After keeping my car for about 24 hours they came to the conclusion that I have some metal scraps(?) in my transmission.  They said I have A LOT of it and they needed to rebuild my entire transmission.  I'm like, why not just replace it with a new one if you have to rebuild the whole thing?  The cost is already astronimical...$2500.    My grandpa taught me how to do basic work on cars when I was growing up such as changing oil, putting on a spare tire, but definitely not fix a transmission. 

So, I'm not sure what to do about this.  I will probably pay the $2500 because I NEED my car.  Besides, I'm tired of driving my honey's old car (although I am thankful for it).  I guess it could be worse.  To remind myself to stay positive (as my blog title reminds me to do), here are some things that I think about to help me deal:

At least I was safe while driving it and nothing harmful happened to me.  Also, it could've been more money.  I can always get a second opinion.  I can always get a new car.  Really, I love the new Toyota 4 Runner and you can add a third row of seats if necessary (just in case we decide to breed a nation of kids we would have more  I've been eyeing it for a few months so maybe this is a blessing in disguise.  Ok, this is wishful thinking but a lady can dream, can't she?

Mrs. K


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