Saturday, November 10, 2012

Baby K: Month 9

Happy 9th month birthday.  Here's a recap of month 8th.

Week 35 Part 2:
- We went to a farm this weekend with Abby and Jamison.  We had a lot of fun.  You played in a room full of corn.  You kept trying to put the corn in your mouth.  You were successful once with getting one in your mouth and I had to go fishing for it.  Thankfully, I was able to get it.   We then moved on and walked a little maze made out of hay.  We also went on a hayride to a corn maze.  The corn maze was a lot bigger than the other maze.  You fell asleep while we were in the maze and on the hayride back.  We also got to see a few farm animals--mainly bunnies and cows.  We also picked out a pumpkin, which we brought home.  Overall it was a fun day.
-I love watching you.  You just get into everything.  Everything grabs your interest.  It's just amazing to see how much you've progressed.  It's unbelievable.
-This week you ate raisins.  You also ate your first popsicle.  It was cherry flavored and it turned your lips bright red.  The dogs enjoyed it too--they were licking up whatever fell out of your mouth and on to the ground.  Eliza was licking your fingers when you were done and you loved it.  You could not stop laughing.  You've also been chowing down on the little puff snacks.
-I love hearing your laughter.  It's like music to my hears.  It immediately turns a bad day into a good one.

Week 36
-You are so much fun.  I'm chasing you around the house these days and you think it's so funny.
-You are pretty confident in your crawling skills and you just go.  You have also mastered pulling yourself to a stand.  Now you are doing some cruising.  You are also pretty good at controlling sitting down (from a standing position)
-Uncle J came to visit this week (your dad's brother).  It was his first time seeing you and I think he really enjoyed you.  Initially you had a bit of stranger anxiety with him but you warmed up slowly and eventually did ok
-Bedtime is usually strict around here but we were more flexbile
-We went to a funeral this week and it was pretty sad.  You met the 5 month old baby of the mother who died.  Hopefully you guys will be friends some day.
-I love how you sink your head deep into your chest (until I can't see your neck) then start cracking up.
-You are Mr. Curious and crawl out of my sight sometimes to explore.  You also go into cabinets and take out items if the doors are open.

Week 37
-I feel so blessed.  I couldn't ask you to sleep any better.  I put you to bed around 730/8pm and you don't wake up or even fuss until after 6am.  It's been a good sleep week and I've been trying to take advantage of it but going to bed early.
-In addition to crawling and pulling yourself to a stand, you also let go and stay standing without support for a max of 10 seconds.  It's cool to see you standing there without support.  You are also cruising more.
-Although you still cling to me, you are getting much better with hanging out with daddy while I'm home.  If I'm not home you don't even remember me but if I'm there, you fuss so that you can be with me.
-This week we played peek-a-boo and you loved it.  It was cool to watch you search for the toy under a blanket after I hid it.  You got so excited when you found it each time.  You also try to stack rings on a toy after I show you how to do it.  You're a smart cookie.
-When I'm doing something in the kitchen you crawl over to me and pull up on my legs when you want my attention.  Sometimes you just want me to acknowledge you and other times you want to be picked up.
-You think blueberries and raisins are yummy.  I pick the raisins out of my cinnamon raisin bread and give them to you.
-Your hair is growing a lot and is still bone straight.  I guess it may not get curly.

Week 38
-You continue to be so much fun although I can see that you're pretty strong-willed.  When you have your mind set on something, there's no turning back.  You grunt and growl and screech to get your way.  It's amazing that only a few months ago you were a newborn and could not even hold your head up.
-Now you are crawling, pulling self to stand, letting go and standing for a long time. You're also cruising.
-I think you like your freedom but you also make sure mommy or daddy is close by.  You'll explore but crawl really fast back to us for some comfort and security.
-I love that not-so-toothless grin.  I thought that your toothless smile was the best but this takes the cake.  Those 2 teeth at the bottom of your mouth are soooo cute.
-You still like to open cabinets and check out what's inside.
-We bought you an activity table this week.  Initially you were afraid of it but you adjusted pretty quickly and now you love it.  It plays about 50 fun songs while teaching you Spanish and a few other cool activities (like counting, ABCs, colors, etc).
-You love it when we blow on your tummy, nibble on your toes, tickle your whole body.  You hate it when we wipe your noes.
-The highlight of this week is you licking the glass door from the inside while Eliza (our doggie) was licking it from the outside.  It was the cutest thing ever.

Week 39 Part 1 
-You love cruising, flashing your pearly whites and gummy gums, pulling up to stand while holding on to my leg, babbling (especially saying mama and dada), and eating good food.
-You are sleeping so good.  Your mommy and daddy really appreciates that.
-Your dad wanted me to mention that you picked up a roach and almost ate it.  I stopped you before it happened and scoured your hand.  Everything still goes in your mouth.  It's so funny because you cruise around the kitchen and get on your tippie toe trying to get the cabinet knobs in your mouth.
-You are super friendly (even to strangers after you've warmed up to them). 
-You went to your first birthday party this week.  You had a good time although you were the youngest.  It was a Thomas (the train) theme.  You rode on a train in the neighborhood the party was held.
-I've noticed that you've been dancing some.  It's so cute.  Whenever you hear music you dance if you're standing or rock back and forth.  You also tried to sing the song.  You are so funny.
-Talking about being funny, you've got a good sense of humor already.  You are goofey like your mommy and daddy.  You are so smiley and sweet.  I just love your personality (and everyone who encounters you love it too).

Mrs. K


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