Monday, March 25, 2013

Toddler K: Month 13

Mommy is really having a hard time keeping up with these updates.  I'm going to try my best to document on here because I want to remember.  I know I can't record everything but I want to record something.  Just reading my old posts brings me back to the little moments we shared in the past.

-Things just keep getting better and better.  Your dad and I love you so much.  It's amazing how having you has changed our lives for the better.
-You took your first plane ride this month and you did pretty good.  We vacationed in Jackson Hole for a week.  Your dad skied but we didn't.  We did get to enjoy some of the other winter activities.  You particularly liked sledding but you enjoyed the sleigh ride too.  You met another little kiddo on vacation and you guys hung out some.
-You actually fell in one of the stores and chipped a tooth.  It's a small chip but I thought I was going to die after it happened.  I felt so bad.  You cried for a little while but it didn't last long.  You're such a trooper.
-You started tantruming this month and it's so hard to not laugh at you when you do them.  You are so funny.  When you tantrum you lay on the floor and whine.  The funniest part is that when you attempt to throw yourself on the floor, you do it so gently being careful not to hurt yourself.  You are a trip.  Thankfully your tantrums are minor and infrequent.  You've also learned that when mommy walks away, she's not entertaining the tantrum so you get up and play.  You are such a smart boy.
-You are becoming a better eater.  I've noticed that you can tolerating eating in the high chair for about 10 minutes then I have to get you out or you wont eat anymore.  Once you're out of the high chair you can eat almost as much as I do.  I guess you get bored easily.  Surprisingly, you like milk.  You also like water.  You'll drink almost anything out of a straw (for a few seconds).  I think you like the idea of using a straw so you'll drink initially but when you realize it's not a beverage you like, you'll stop.  You're a bit of a feisty little guy and spits out whatever you don't like or throws it off the high chair.
-You've been saying words like dada, mama, lila aka eliza, no, uh-oh, da aka dog, up, bop (?).
-You love to point when you talk.  You also like to take my hand and pull me to where you want to go or what you want me to do.  Your personality is definitely shining and I love it.
-You like going to daycare.  When we pull up to the door you start smiling really big.  You get along with your two daycare friends.  The daycare provider seems to love you.  You make her crack up.
-Of course, you are still sleeping great.  Surprisingly you slept great everyday on our vacation too.  Naps are a challenge because you want to be social but bedtime is great.

You are such a cute little stinker and we love you so much.  My heart is filled with so much love for you.  I feel so blessed.

Mrs. K

Baby K: Month 12--Happy 1st Birthday

OK, mommy is very behind on the post.  You've been 1 for quite a few weeks but we've been really busy around here.  Well, we've been really busy since you've been born (AND we love it, btw).  Anyway, you turned 1 on 2/4/13 and we cannot believe it.  One-whole-year, WOW.  This year has been so awesome.  Very challenging but great.

Over the past month you've done so much:
-You continue to walk very confidently.  You even do some running too.  You like hiding in the corner then popping out.  You still like peek-a-boo.  It never gets old with you.
-You are so strong.  You can stand from a seated position on the floor.
-You love climbing steps and we have to watch you like a hawk.  We fear that we'll forget to close the gate and you'll superman dive down.
-I just love watching you accomplish your various milestones.  You still love to dance and you've had several types this month (knees bent bobbing up and down, turning around with left arm out, kicking left leg, alternating stretching left and right leg).
-This month you've been throwing a ball back and forth with me and your dad.  You have a pretty good arm but sometimes it'll plop on top of your head.  You like throwing other things too (like your sippy cup, your paci).
-You are a good helper and you've been helping me put your clothes in the dirty clothes hamper.  You also insist that you put your diaper in the diaper pail.  You like to throw random things in the garbage.  One of your favorite chores is rearranging our drawers, especially the tupperware drawer.  I'll find random objects in strange places.  I think it's so funny though and I smile every time it happens because it's a reminder that you are getting smarter and smarter and exploring your environment.
-Your pincer grasp does a good job eating cheerios, goldfish, and other puffed snacks.
-You are definitely a social butterfly.  Whenever we are out, you try to get people's attention by smiling largely and when you get their attention you start laughing.  You are so funny.
-You are still not the best eater but I think it's getting better.  You've been eating from the table.
-You are a little squirt.  Your dad and I were tiny for a while so we know you'll eventually "spring up."  You still have fairly straight hair although it sometimes curls when it's humid.  Your dad wants me to give you a haircut but I want to wait until the summer.  Besides your hair isn't THAT long.

-We celebrated your birthday with close family and friends.  I had them write notes to you which I hope you will open one day--maybe some time around puberty when you're going through all the hormonal changes.  Your nonna and grandpa were in town.  Nonna baked your smash cake but we also bought you a birthday cake that was yummy.  We thought for sure you would cake everywhere but you didn't.  You gently removed all the decorations from the cake and didn't really smash it.  You received lots of toys and books.  It was a great day.  Your dad and I were so proud.

Mrs. K


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