Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thankful for my family

Today I am thankful for my family (our little boy and my husband).  I am thankful everyday but just wanted to post about it today :).  Our little guy is so adorable.  I can't get enough of him.  I have 12 weeks off work but I'm already thinking about how difficult it will be to transition back.  He makes the funniest faces.  He's even cute when he's being fussy and crying.  Gosh I love being a mother to this little guy.  I also love being a wife to my husband (who has been very helpful, by the way).  Hubby is extremely helpful during the weekends as he doesn't work most weekends.  During the weekdays I try to let him get some sleep so that he can function at work.  I feel very blessed to have my big guy and my little guy. 

Hubby is so thoughtful.  I was thinking today about some of the sweet things he does.  He'll sometimes (not all the time, lol) get me flowers or a card just because.  I really appreciate this but what I like most is when he gets me other thoughtful "just because" gifts.  He'll get me a comfy sweater or reaaaallllly nice, soft socks or workout pants.  I like that he thinks about me even when he's out trying to get something for himself.  He's always been this way, even before we were married.  

I know that our lives will no longer be the same but we are excited about all that is to come.  I pray that God will continue to bless our family as we grow.

Mrs. K

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our son is here!

Hubby and I are very excited to announce that our little boy was born on 2/4/2012.  Our entire family is doing well except for some sleep deprivation on me and hubby's part.  We are really enjoying our little one.  Although he mainly poops, eats, sleeps and cries we love spending every moment with him.  He is so precious ya'll!  I thought I was attached to him when he was in the belly but it's a whole different story now that he's here.  The instant I saw him I was in love and I knew it would be forever :).  He looks a lot like my husband.  I will have to post pictures later.  It's been very busy around the K household.  I will have to also post more later about his "birth story."  I just have 3 words to say about that for now--"I heart epidurals."

By the way thanks for all your prayers and well wishes!

Mrs. K


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