Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Attack of the sweet tooth, again...

Ok, I know you're probably saying "so what's new?"  You all probably remember that I have a sweet tooth that is usually worse certain times most days of the month.  Well, it's taken me over again.  It's like crack (not that I know what crack is like first hand, but based on what people say).  

Nothing can satisfy my sweet tooth other than eating something sweet.  I'll think and feel "I need something sweet" and the thought never goes away until I get something sweet (even if it's something small).  Remember my bread and condensed milk adventure Well today it's wheat bread and nutella.  

Picture credit
At first I wasn't feeling so bad about eating wheat bread and nutella because I read on the nutella container that with milk it's a "great healthy way to start the day."  I started feeling better about the whole thing....then I read that the first ingredient in it was sugar.  Yah, not so nutritious after all.  I should have known.  It tastes way too good to be good for me. Ha!  

So there you go!  For me, it's another day of Woman Conquered by her Sugar Craving.  And I'm sure there will be many more days like this to come.  It's one of my weaknesses that I will continue to try to work on although I know I will fail miserably, well actually happily because I get what I want--sweets!

Hope you ladies had a sweet day too :)

Mrs. K

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Great long weekend

Although it wasn't a holiday hubby and I had a 3 day weekend.  We decided to take off Friday and head to the beach.  Hubby knows someone who owns a beach house in Sandestin, FL and we stayed there the whole weekend.  It was so fun and relaxing and so very needed.  We He drove down Thursday night (while I slept).   I tried to stay awake but when sleep calls, it's over for me. 

As I was saying, we had a great time.  We had a lot of alone time (which we always have since we don't have children as yet) but we also spent a few hours hanging out with his family which was also great.  We took tons of pictures but I have to get ready for work tomorrow so here's just one...

Want to hear something funny: hubby brought dressie shoes but they were both for the right foot so he ended up wearing sneakers. Too funny! He was mad but I thought it was hilarious.  Sounds like something I would do.

 Hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend too!

Mrs. K

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We've met some good people here...

As hubby and I are  preparing to pack up and move to another state, I've been thinking more about the relationships we've built while in our current one.  We have met some great couples here (some with kids and others without).  It would be awesome if I could transplant them to North Carolina but I know that's not possible.  My plan is to keep in touch as best I can (although I'm horrible at it) and to visit often (either them visiting us or the reverse).

We hung out with one of these couples this past weekend.  They live in Biloxi, MS and has 3 adorable kiddos.  Since hubby and I don't have any kids yet, it's a lot easier for us to just pack up and go somewhere for the weekend.  We decided to drive about 3 hours to make waffles for this lovely family (and of course just to hang out too).  My hubby is on this whole making waffles thing for all our friends.  I love it because I think it's so sweet.  He gets all excited about it and prepares ahead of time.

Anyway, we drove down (or up...I'm bad with directions) to Biloxi on Friday night after work.  We were greeted with happy faces and tasty BBQ as soon as we arrived.  D is a stay at home mom that is really a supermom.  Her house is very nicely (and uniquely) decorated, clean, and she makes yummy food.  On Saturday morning we went to watch their 10 year old son play baseball.  He's a superstar at baseball with a Justin Bieber haircut.  Their 2 adorable daughters also went to the game.  After the game we all had my husband's Liege Belgian waffles.  They were a hit and I'm drooling now as I'm typing because I want one.

M: future pro-baseball player

H & A: 2 cutie patuties

Us at the baseball game.  Excuse the wild looking hair.  I call it my "lion hair"

Later that evening, they got a baby sitter so the adults could have some fun.  We went to downtown Ocean Springs  and visited tons of  little shops.  I bought a cute shirt/dress.  We also hung out at the beach for a little while.  We visited the Beau Rivage (hotel/casino) and watched old folks choke on their cigarettes while pulling the handle on slot machines.  Really, that place was a smoker's paradise and I had to dart out of there before my asthma got the best of me.  Anyway, we ate biegnet's before dinner and they were soooo good.  Yum! I've got a sweet tooth, can you tell?

Later that evening we ate at a restaurant called the Blue Fly Inn.  It was not aesthetically pretty but it was on the bay and had a very calming feel.  It also had a family atmosphere and the seafood was good.  I had the Blackened Snapper and hubby had the Stuffed Flounder.  I was so full that hubby ordered dessert and I didn't even touch a piece (highly unusual for me).  Unfortunately hubby had to work the next day so we drove home that night.  Overall it was a great trip.

At the Blue Fly Inn.  See...not too fancy but the food was terrific.
We had such a good time.  It was great hanging out with a couple who were cool, funny, and share similar values as us.   I know people say that it gets more difficult to make friends the older one gets but that is not the case for me.  I've formed some very meaningful relationships over the past few years.  I also look forward to even forming more in North Carolina.

Oh BTW, we found a house to rent in NC and sealed the deal.  Yay! 

Mrs. K

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thank Yous

This post has been long overdo.  I received the Memetastic Award from the lovely Jamie at What I Did Today.  I thanked her on the day I received the award but I wanted to officially thank her on my blog and also pass on the award to someone else (and not just keep it to myself).
The award requires me to tell you 4 lies and 1 truth and it is up to you to find the truth among the lies.  So here we go:
1) I have my pilot license. Woohoo for flying.  Who wants a ride?
2) I'm pregnant with twins! Surprise.
3) I'm part Chinese. Yay for some United Nations representation in my family
4) I'm over my frog phobia.  Thanks to exposure therapy.  Now I can hike and camp without freaking out.
5) My husband and I got matching tattoos this weekend.  Our wedding date tattooed on our left ring fingers.

*I may post about the truth in the future.  So what do you think?

I will give this award to five fairly new blogs I've discovered:
3) Natural Homeschooling Momma
4) Our Life Unrehearsed
5) Upside To Madness

Also, I won a giveaway to Restaurant.com from The Chocolate Knot. Thanks again Mrs. Mayberry :)

Mrs. K

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Today was a great day

Some of you may remember from previous posts that Thursdays are usually my toughest days of the week.  But, today was an exception. 

My hubby made some regular waffles last night (for dessert I guess, at my special request) and some were left over.  I woke up this morning and ate the left over waffles and they were so good.  It was a great and unusual way for me to start my day.  My day usually starts with oatmeal (which I like, but nothing beats waffles with whipped cream).

It was an unusually relaxed day at work and I managed to get out early.  I was shocked because this never happens on Thursdays.  So I was able to run a few errands...

I sped drove to LabCorp to do a pre-employment urine drug screen and got there just minutes before it closed.  I'll be moving to NC in a few months and this is a requirement for my job there.  Anyway, I forgot to hold my pee so when I got there and the attendant asked if I needed to use the bathroom I started loading up on water.  She threatened that if I didn't have to use the bathroom she would have to rip up the paperwork and I would have to request that my (future) job send another set of paperwork.  I think she was a little mad because I barely made it on time and she was ready to go home (which I totally understand).  Anyway, 2 other people came in the lab--to my relief, because this gave me time to try to pee).  I kept loading up on water as I thought about how much time it would take for it to reach my bladder.  I kept walking around and jumping hoping the pee would move down (I knew that didn't work but I did it anyway).  Finally, when it was my turn I was nervous because I still didn't have the urge to go but to my surprise I could have filled like 10 cups.  Kidding.  Ok, I know you probably didn't want to know about my urine adventures but...it was a part of my day.  I was just glad to be able to get something accomplished.  Usually, by the time I get out of work, most businesses are closed so I usually can't get much done.

Before the above adventure, on my way to the lab, I called my husband.  Well, I thought it was my husband and left a message saying I was going to the lab to get my drug test done and that I would be home soon.  After I left the message, I hung up and realized that I had left that message on my friend's voice mail and not my husband's.  I called her back and left a message explaining that I was not a drug addict, it was for a pre-employment screen.  So, she calls me back a few hours later cracking up.  She said that at least it wasn't some kind of "sex talk" message that I left on her phone.  We both cracked up then came up with ideas of what those possible messages could have been.  It was hilarious.  I guess I need to be more careful about who I'm calling and leaving messages for. Ha!

Anyway, I finally got home and did a P90X  video. Hubby partially joined me but really wasn't into it since he did an hour of cardio earlier in the day.  He quit midway and got started on dinner.   We ate then hung out with the doggies a bit.  I sang or tried to sing to my husband (standing in our living room acting as if I'm on stage and using a decorative ornament as my microphone).  I'm bad with lyrics to songs so while the music was playing I was singing random words to songs that I should know the words to (since they are some of my favorite songs).  My husband watched and smiled in disbelief.

Today was a great day :)

Mrs. K

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Quick Weekend Rundown

We had a very pleasant weekend.  For me the weekend started Friday evening and it started off great.   I was glad to hear that one of my blog friends is preggers. Congrats to TOI formerly known as MsBabyPlan.  Hooray!

On Friday night hubby and I had Italian at one of our favorite restaurants then saw the movie Sucker Punch.  Overall it was a great night with tons of silliness (like we usually do).  The movie was pretty good--had an interesting concept.  I did a lot of "girl power" cheering while hubby stared at me.

We had breakfast with a couple friend on Saturday morning.  We invited them over to our house.  Hubby made Belgian waffles (Liege type--see below) from scratch.  Yes, he used flour, yeast and a ton of other stuff that I don't normally cook with.  I usually cook waffles or pancakes out of the box (Just Add Water). Ha!  He also made eggs and sausage.  I'm not a fan of breakfast meat but the eggs were so delicious and the waffles were to die for.  I think he makes the best eggs out of anyone I know.

Picture credit
After breakfast we went to a park with our couple friend and took our dogs.  It was great just enjoying nature on a beautiful sunny day.  After lunch we went to a birthday party for a 1 year old.  She is the daughter of one's of my husband's coworkers.  She was so adorable.  In my usual style, I had a "open mouth insert foot moment" after I asked my husband's coworker if the interesting man that I was talking was her grandfather.  She nicely said that it was her father and that "he didn't age too well."  Errr...needless to say I felt horrible and my husband could not stop laughing at my blunder.

Saturday evening we had dinner with another couple (friend and fellow blogger), D.  We brought over pizza from Sal and Mookies and watched the VCU vs. Butler basketball game.  They have an adorable almost 2 year old son (if you check out her blog there's the cutest video of him saying "praise the Lord.")  I must admit that I wasn't interested in the game at all but enjoyed the time chatting it up and playing with their son.

Today I went to church (the early service) and did a bunch of stuff after.  I went shopping for household items then came home and did some Spring cleaning.  I did a little packing in preparation for our BIG move in less than 3 months.  I got rid of a bunch of clothes that I plan to donate.  I have to go through shoes next weekend.  I rearranged the attic and got rid of a bunch of stuff that I don't want to take with us to NC. 

I should be embarrassed to say this but I had tons of wedding stuff from 3 years ago (left over favors, programs, disposable cameras, bubbles, gifts, etc) that were just thrown in the attic.  I finally went through the stuff today.  I was hoping to find money but I had no such luck.  There were tons of wedding gifts that has never been used and some have duplicates.  Now the attic is organized which should make it easier on us when it's time to move.

I also co-sewed a patch on my neighbor's nursing uniform.  This was an interesting little adventure--the patch is on fine but the bobbing thread was doing something funky so the underside looks a little very erratic.  That's alright, we got the job done.  Finally, I spoke with an old friend today and it was so refreshing.

Ok, maybe this was not such a quick rundown.  How was your weekend?

Mrs. K

Friday, April 1, 2011

90 Day Challenge

Starting today I begin a new challenge.  You guys know that I like a good challenge.  Remember Insanity When I set a goal to do something by a certain time with a fixed schedule I'm usually very successful.  You would think that I would use that information to be more productive but instead I do the opposite.  If I set out on a detailed plan to do something there's no doubt that it will be done, so sometimes I think I unconsciously don't plan.  Well, that's the excuse I'm using right now.

Anyway, back to the 90 Day Challenge. You are probably wondering what it is, huh?  Alright, I've been following a blog called Raising Olives (authored by Kimberly) for the past few weeks.  It's about a very precious large family and how they make things work for them while remaining faithful to God.  Anyway, on Kimberly's blog she is starting up a 90 Day Challenge to read through the entire Bible. 

I am a Christian and surprisingly I have never read through the entire Bible.  I find this strange so I'm jumping on the train to complete this Challenge.  You can join me if you like.  You can find out more information by visiting Raising Olives blog.  Start date is April 1, 2011.  Here is a link to the schedule (which I got from her website).

I really want to do this as it's very important to me.  I know that I'll have to make adjustments in my routine for this to be successful but I'm ready for the challenge.  Let me know if you decide to join :)

Mrs. K


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