Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Sewing Session Part 2

My plan is to make Sundays my sewing days.  I know I may not have time to sew every Sunday but if I have a designated day, I may just sew more.  During the week there's no time for leisure (which I consider sewing to be a leisurely activity)--just way too much going on.  

On Saturdays we usually have a lot planned and it's also our major house/car cleaning/maintaining day.  We also spend a lot of time on Saturdays socializing our dogs with other dogs and kids or just hanging with them at a park or in the woods (my husband is a nature freak and he's turning me into one too).  

Anyway, I have decided that if I really want to learn how to sew and get good at it I have to set aside some quality time for it.  We go to church on Sundays and I have to convince my husband to go to the early service so that I can get home at a reasonable time to sew and work on other projects.

Below is my sewing project for today.  I made a tote!  I actually sewed it last night because I was home alone (remember I mentioned in the previous post that hubby was gone for a few days so I used part of the alone time to sew).  I took the pictures of it today so I'm still calling it my Sunday Sewing Session. Ha!

This is one view.  Isn't it cute? Although I don't know what I'll use it for.

It's hard to believe that two pieces of fabric came in the package and I was able to make this
I spent a lot of time on Saturday looking for fabric to make my pillow cases (since I've got some special requests--lol).  At one of the fabric stores (which I cannot remember the name at this time) I stumbled across the pattern for the tote.  It was one of those easy to follow instructions type deal.  I'm bad at following directions so it took me a while to make it and it still has a few flaws.  Hey, but I'm learning.  I realize I'm a novice so it's a work in progress, right?

You can see where I messed up the handles because I have a tough time following directions.  It told me to do one thing but I thought I knew better and had to do it my way--so the straps are kind of funky.  At least I know for next time. :).  As you can see, there's a lot of room in there. Oh yeah, I even made the little cardboard thingy to go in the bottom with the left over fabric.

The best part about it all (besides seeing the finished project) was that the fabric was originally suppose to be $15.99 but when I went to check out it was only $1.07 (tax included). How awesome was that?  I wanted to get 10 so I could practice but I was on a mission and decided not to go back. 

This is a pic of me sporting it in the mirror.

Stay tuned for the next project.  I'm not sure what it will be yet but my goal is to sew something next Sunday.  We'll see.  Have you worked on any projects this lately?

Mrs. K

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Last weekend I danced with/for my husband...

...this weekend I'm dancing around the house alone.  Why? My hubby has been in Florida since Wednesday for leisure.  Well..not really leisure.  He is studying for his Boards, which I think is in February.  His family has a house out in the woods (in the middle of nowhere).  He's been staying there to study--isolated from the world without any cellphone signal.

Being somewhat of a loner at heart, I was doing fine but now I'm really missing him.  He'll be driving back tomorrow so I'm looking forward to seeing him.

As I mentioned in this post title, last Saturday I danced with and for my husband.  Well, I also sang for him too.  I will go ahead and mention that I'm a horrible horrible singer.  My husband is actually an awesome singer (and I'm not just saying this just because I'm his wife--he's recorded and other people also agree). 

So anyway, he knows I'm terrible (although he won't admit it) and I know I'm horrible at singing but he still loves when I sing to him.  He usually says "honey you sound like an angel" (of course this is while he's doubled over cracking up).  So singing is not one of my talents but dancing...well, that's another story.

So last Saturday I plugged in my i-phone, clicked on the Pandora radio app (which I'm so loving since we got rid of our cable), and started dancing around the house as I clean.  This is not unusual for me as you may remember from reading previous posts.  As my husband walks by me (while trying to do his chores, etc) I'll start dancing with and for him.  Of course I continue dancing even when I'm done cleaning or even if the music stops for some reason.  I know, I'm a nut.  At the end I dance with him and when he becomes tired I dance for him.  We have a ball.  

This is usually our Saturday routine when we are both home.  I guess that's another way we keep it interesting ;)

I think we are both off this upcoming Saturday so I'm looking forward to not dancing around the house alone next week.  Although I love dancing period and I don't mind doing it alone, it's just so much more fun when my hubby is there and I can see him smiling and laughing at my antics. 

Mrs. K

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Red Egg and Ginger Party

One of our friends/hubby's coworker invited us to a Red Egg and Ginger party held by he and his wife for their son.  When my husband told me about the invitation I was excited because I love parties and other social events but I had no clue what type of event it was.  Thanks to Google I was able to figure it out.  

So from what I've gathered, this is a common celebration in Chinese culture.  It is done 30 days after a child is born.  It's basically celebrating the baby's one month birthday.  Here's some more information from E-how online:

The Egg
-a symbol of fertility, renewal of life, unity and harmony in Chinese culture. They are dyed red as a symbol of good luck.
The Ginger
-adds a bit of hot spice to the yin and yang balance of traditional Chinese food. The infant's mother is thought to need this yang after the tiring process of giving birth.

The Name 
-were very important in ancient Chinese culture. It was believed that a person's name may have an impact on future life events. Because choosing a name was so important, the infant's entire family helped to choose one as part of the red egg and ginger party.

The Gifts 
-guests at a red egg and ginger party bring a gift for the baby. Traditionally, guests gift jade to symbolize luck, health and happiness or articles of clothing with tigers on them to watch over the child. Money can also be gifted in a red envelope; it's known as lucky money.

The Future
-the red egg and ginger party is often the only time a child's birthday is celebrated.  Birthdays are usually celebrated only by the elderly. 

Anyway, the party was held at a Chinese restaurant.  I thought the couple would rent out a room in the restaurant so I was surprised when I saw that they reserved the entire restaurant.  I was even more shocked when the place was jam-packed with people.  We were so excited to be a part of such an important moment in their baby's life.  The baby was dressed in a traditional Chinese outfit and he was so adorable.

Here I am with the red egg (see below).  According to the baby's uncle the eggs are supposed to be dyed completely red but instead they came out with an interesting pattern.  The uncle also told me that I had to eat the egg for good luck.  Now I'm not superstitious but I wasn't chancing it so I ate the egg. lol.  My husband ate his egg also.  Interestingly, I found out that it was his first time eating a boiled egg.  I actually didn't know that before.  No matter how well you know someone there is always so much more to discover.

Me, holding up the egg after I found out that it wont stand up on it's own. Took me a while to figure that out. LOL

Here's the egg w/o the shell.  I was a little scared to eat it because of the dye but apparently it was safe.  Also I didn't want any fertility bad luck if I didn't eat it--Kidding.

Mrs. K

Monday, January 24, 2011

I won a giveaway...yay!

I won a scarf from one of the blogs I follow--Diary of a Chic Mommy.  I've entered giveaways in the past without much success.  I must say that in general I'm not a lucky person per se.  I'm not one of those people who would play the lottery and win or even find money on the ground.  I usually don't win things unless I have to put in some hard work for it.  So you can imagine how happy I was when I found out about winning the scarf.

Back in December (I think), Tyesha posted about Shop the Look.  She also provided her followers an opportunity to win something from their online store.  Well I was that lucky follower and I now have this: 

No, not the girl or the T-shirt.  I'm talking about the scarf.
I love scarves so I was happy to receive it in the mail today.  I'm so glad to add it to my little scarf collection.  I can't wait to wear it.  Thanks again Tyesha.  Picture credit.

Mrs. K

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Sewing Session

Yippie!!! I made something else using my very very very old sewing machine.  So if you have been following this blog for some time you may remember me talking about wanting to learn how to sew a few months back in a previous post

You may also remember me talking about my husband's sister teaching me a thing or two about sewing and me making a tiny pillow and phone carrier.  Well these things were tiny and not very useful.  I also made them with the comfort of my sister-in-law close by so they really didn't count.
I am so excited to say that today I made an envelope pillow case.  I did it all by my lonesome (well, actually with the assistance of a you-tube video posted by someone named CraftyGemini).  I don't know who she is but I'm so appreciative of her very easy to follow instructions. 

I have spent quite some time gathering my sewing equipment before I started sewing.  It was nice to successfully sew something uneventfully.  I bought two pieces of $1 fabric from Walmart to make the pillow case.

Back: if you zoom in you'll see some flaws but I'm hoping I'll improve with practice.

Side view

OK, so I may be getting carried away but I've started asking some of my favorite family members and friends what color scheme and size they would want  so I can make them one.  I figure that if I get really good at making those, I can move on to something else.  I may tackle making curtains some day but for now, I'll stick to pillow cases. :)

Have you made anything recently?  Do you have any simple sewing tips/ideas for me? Bring it on.  By the way, these can be easily taken off to be washed.

Mrs. K

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today I'm liking...

Picture credit

the oatmeal from McDonald's.  Actually since I found out that they carried oatmeal, I've been trying to get my hands on some every chance I get.  I found out about the McDonald's oatmeal over the Christmas weekend while flying back from visiting family in Orlando.  I was in the airport and caught a glimpse of their menu.  I probably would have never known about it since I almost never go to McDonald's AND I almost never watch TV.  But I am so glad that I found out because I've been killing it ever since.

Ok, so I know that a few people are anti-McDonald's but that oatmeal is yummy.  It's only got about 290 calories.  I love the juicy raisins, cranberries and apples that are in it.  I think it's worth the $1.99 (especially on days when I'm rushing to work).  On the days that I'm not rushing I steal McDonald's idea and make my own oatmeal with all those ingredients.  It tastes pretty good too but I think food always taste better when someone else does the work to prepare it.  I just can't believe I never thought about adding those ingredients to my oatmeal before.  I'm definitely lovin' it.

Anyway, I know that this and the last 2 posts were about fast food places but I had to introduce you guys to the McDonald's oatmeal if you haven't tried it already.

Mrs. K

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yet Another Confession

So today was a slightly more frustrating day at work than usual.   I mean I have the usual frustrating moments there but today was more so.  After I left work I was craving something unhealthy to eat to cheer me up.  Ok... don't judge.  I couldn't stop thinking about the Wendy's Natural cut fries.  Conveniently Wendy's is located close by where I work so I figure it would be a quick stop through the drive-thru.  

As I was eagerly making my way through the drive-thru (almost drooling, well I think I was drooling), an SUV jam-packed with teenagers cut me off.  They just skipped right in front of me!  I was so mad but I let it go and managed to calm down (and wipe my drool).  

I put my window down and heard them ordering 10 cheeseburgers and 10 small fries.  I could not believe it.  I got mad again and sped out of the drive thru lane and went home.  As I was driving home I was thinking that although I really wanted those fries I was glad those bratty teenagers (who probably had the munchies) cut me off.  I was thinking--wow, I was just spared I don't even know how many unhealthy calories.

Picture Credit
So I went home and did the Insanity workout video that I skipped this morning.  My husband asked me what we were doing for dinner.  So you know what I suggested right...Wendy's of course.  Not only did I get those yummy fries, I also got a Spicy Chicken Sandwich.  Instead of the small fries I had plan to order earlier,  I got the medium ones instead.  And they were so good!

Everything turned out okay after all. You see, everything does happen for a reason (although those fries probably had way more calories than I needed).  I don't do that too often but sometimes I choose to live a little :)

Mrs. K

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ice packing it

I'm still liking Insanity overall.  During the workouts though I hate it but I feel so good after.  Hubby and I are working out together most days.  I'm having problems landing softly but can you blame me...I mean, I'm not a cat.  Cats land softly...I can't.  Anyway, partly due to my inability to land softly and my poor coordination my knees have been "jacked up."  I stole the phrase "jacked up" from my husband.  They've been hurting like crazy.  The past few nights I've been icing my knees and occasionally my ankles.  I had knee trouble also way back in my track and field days but I forgot how painful it was.  Anyway, although I would love to ice my knees tonight I won't because my hubby needs the ice packs more.

My hubby went to play basketball tonight.  He text me on his way home saying that he had some bad news.  I called him (worried) then he proceeded to tell me that he hyperextended his left knee and he is on his way home.  My husband loves to play basketball and he is pretty good at it but he has had some pretty painful injuries over the years including: breaking his fingers multiple times, multiple ankle sprains, broken toes, knee injuries, getting elbowed in the eye, etc.  He had been injury free for some time now so I guess it was time for a new one.  I feel so bad for him because he's limping around. 

I figure he should use the ice packs tonight since he has an acute knee injury.  He needs it more than me.  This also means that he will be taking a break from Insanity because he can't be doing all the crazy jumping and maneuvers.  So it looks like I may be finishing up the rest of month 2 by myself.  We'll see.

Picture Credit    
I'm not the person in the picture above but I wouldn't mind having that ice pack and those fab abs right now.

Mrs. K

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Update on lifestyle

So as you may know my husband and I have been doing the insanity workout videos together (mostly).  If you don't remember you can refer back to this post.  Anyway, we are on month 2 day 3.   I am happy to say that I've been sticking with the workouts (as painful as some of them may be).  

When I first started in month 1 I thought it was the hardest workout I'd ever done.  I kept asking myself "why?" then I remember Shaun T saying on one of his videos "because I wanna look good." Ha. I could not stop laughing mid-stretching when he said this because he was right.  However that's not the only reason.  I want to be healthy.  I love the energy that I get from working out.  It's good for both physical and mental health.  I also love feeling that good post workout burn in my muscles.  They hurt so good. LOL.

I was somewhat getting used to the month 1 videos (except plyo--still can't master that one).  Actually I can't master any of them but plyo kicked my butt repeatedly.  Then it was Recovery Week.  That was the best but don't be fooled by it's name.  I thought recovery meant sitting down chillin' or stretching the entire time but it wasn't.  I still got a good workout during the Recovery Week.  I was able to get through the Recovery Week videos without much problems.

Then came the month 2 DVDs.  I thought month 1 was the hardest I've ever worked out but month 2 proved me wrong.  The intensity is higher and the videos are a little longer.  Besides loving the "good burn" I like that Shaun T motivates you while you workout.  I also like that the people on the videos are struggling like I am because this is hard stuff.  I like that you use your entire body and there is no need for weights or other equipment.  I like that I feel stronger and more flexible.  I still gotta work on the balance though.  I think it's probably because I'm naturally uncoordinated why the balance is such a challenge.

These videos work for me.  They come with a calendar so I know exactly what I'm doing when.  So far, I've only missed one day (plyo--was not intentional I promise) some time around Christmas when I was sick with fever, cough, body aches etc.

Anyway, this is not a product review, it's just me being excited about my workout and wanted to share my excitement.  There's a meal plan that comes with the DVDs.  I honestly have not stuck to it much.  I don't eat horrible to begin with.  I have been trying to eat smaller portions more frequently but I don't do this everyday.  Also there's no way I can eat tiny portions for dinner.

So with all this being said, here are the results from my Fit Test 3.  I am mostly impressed by the increased strength in my upper body.  I used to only be able to do "girl push-ups" but now I can do real push-ups. Yay!

Switch Kicks
Power Jack
Power Knees
Power Jumps
Globe Jumps
Suicide Jumps
Push-up Jacks
Low Plank Oblique

Good luck to you on your current or future healthy lifestyle!

Mrs. K

Monday, January 10, 2011


Yay!!! Auburn won the BCS championship football game.  Although I'm a Florida Gator (and proud), I represent the SEC.  I am so excited that the SEC continues to dominate.  That was such an awesome championship game.  Woohoo!

Mrs. K

Monday, January 3, 2011

Vultures at the gym

Picture credit: This is the gym I used to go to
I've switched up my workout routine partly because of vultures at the gym.  I know that sounds harsh but it's true.  I was going to the gym at 5 or 6am in the morning on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  It's a 24 hour gym and I'm usually the only female there that early in the morning.  It was okay at first but the male crowd kept growing and  I started feeling like I was completely overthrown. 

I usually try to mind my own business and try not to make eye contact with any of the guys.  This seems mean but I do it because I would NEVER want to give the wrong impression that I'm remotely interested.  I would rather give the impression that I'm a meanie so "don't mess with me" (even though I'm usually a friendly person).  I don't want to give the wrong signal so I put on a serious face, put in my head phones and keep my head down while I work out. 

Well... some guys didn't get the message and still wanted to be "friendly."  I don't think it's cool being "friendly" with some random guy at the gym given the fact that I'M A HAPPILY MARRIED WOMAN and I'm a little paranoid about being attacked.  I wore my ring every time I went and the guys still asked me if I was married.  I usually flash my ring and say I've been happily taken for ten years.  {I've been taken for 10 years but married for 2}. 

Anyway, I get back to my routine and they usually still persist.  By this time I'm thinking "ARE YOU KIDDING ME--do you not have any respect for the sanctity of marriage?"  I would feel myself getting more angry but knowing that I can't physically take on one of these guys I resisted the urge to yell.  Especially since the gym is not in one of the best neighborhoods.  Instead I would say something sarcastic with a smile on my face.  By the way, sarcasm is an art that I've been practicing lately (although I'm still an apprentice at it). 

I will give you an example--one of the guys (a cop) asked me if I was married.  I did my usual routine and of course he was persistent.  I told him I was happily married and asked him if he was.  He said yes (shamefully, with head down) and I smiled and said "that's great, I wish you guys all the best--maybe you should take her to the gym with you some time."  He left me alone after that.

I didn't want to be doing this every time I go to the gym.  First of all, I don't like being mean and snappy.  Secondly, I already dislike getting up that early anyway and to have my workouts interrupted by some vultures made it worse.  Therefore, I'm no longer going to the gym (although we are still paying members)--at least for now.  I have been doing workout videos from home.  I find that this has been working well for me so far anyway.

I agree that I'm being avoidant but that's the best way I know how to handle the issue.  This is the way I deal with it without becoming angry or getting worked up 3 mornings out of the week.  One of my goal is to eliminate negative situations I encounter in life or to adjust to the ones I can't change.  This is one I can eliminate!

And besides now I don't have to freak out about showering in the gym when there are tons of guys close by.  You have no idea how paranoid I was about that and what drastic measures I took to try to ensure some safety.  I hate being so paranoid but I'm a girl and I have to protect myself.

What do you think?  Would you handle it differently?  I know that you have encountered similar situations, especially if you go to the gym, so how do you deal with these vultures?

Mrs. K

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rain rain go away or stay?

It's been raining here for the past few days and I am not only reminded to take my blog title figuratively but also literally.  I'm not a huge fan of rain but I'm trying to make the best of it.  I know there are some good things about the rain.  I just can't think of any right now but if I do I will certainly share.  Please feel free to share your thoughts about the rain.

Actually, one good thing is that most of my days are spent inside so I'm not actually being rained on.  Also, I am sitting here enjoying nice warm yummy oatmeal with wheat toast as I write this post.   I guess it could be worse!

Happy New Year to you all.  Stay Positive!

Mrs. K


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