Friday, January 4, 2013

Baby K: Month 11


Week 42: Part2 to Week 46
-You initially started out this month by taking one step then sitting down.  Now you are taking a few steps.  YOU ARE WALKING!!!! You get excited when you walk unassisted.  You even make a noise while doing this.  It's so sweet to watch you walk.
-You took a bath in the big boy bath tub for the first time today (12/5).  You loved it.  You were splish splashing, taking nose dives.  You were all over the place.  I can't wait until the summer when you can go swimming since you seem to love the water. 
-You've started waiving by flapping one arm.  It's too cute.  You also mumble something while you wave.  Can't quite figure out what yet. 
-You just love imitating.  If I tap on the table, you do the same.  Now you try to put your palm over your mouth and make a noise.  On that same note, whenever I pat your back you like to make noises and it sounds funny.  You also know how to blow a kiss and make noises while patting your mouth.
-I love hearing you sing-a-long to music while we are driving in the car.  Or try to sing-a-long with me when I sing.
-You love to dance and you've got some moves. 
-You like when I chase you.  You like when I play peek-a-boo with you.  You like chasing my toes when I wiggle them.  You like shoving your fingers into various orifices (your nose, my nose, dad's nose, ears, straw, etc).  You like pulling things out of the cabinets and drawers.
-We went to 2 Christmas parties this week.  You looked very handsome in your outfits.  One night you wore a suit and you looked so adorable.  Your grandpa (bum bum) commented that you looked like a game show host.  Too funny.  
-We also went to a Christmas concert at church.  You seemed to like it because you were pelvic thrusting to the songs.  It was so funny to watch you do that.  You just love to dance.
-We put up our usual small Christmas tree this week.  Your dad and I have been using that same tree since we've been married (4 years).  Next year we plan to get a bigger one because by that time you'll be able to enjoy it.
-You are very verbal.  You really try to repeat what we say.  It's really cool.  You also try to pretend to talk with us.  Your first word was dada then mama.  But your first "real word" was Eliza ("e-la-la" according to you).  You call her name now and whenever we say her name, you look around for her.
-Sleep is still good at night but naps are still challenging--only 2 that last 30-40 minutes each.
-You caught another little cold from daycare this week.  It's a mild one but it's still pretty tough (your congested and you don't have an appetite).
-Around week 45 you actually started waving bye-bye.  Like, a real wave.  Fingers curling and all.  Yippie!!! You amaze me.
-I got you a few inexpensive Christmas gifts this week.  Your dad also bought you a few gifts too.  Our plan is to have you try to open them this Christmas.  
-You are liking macaroni and cheese.  You also like banana yogurt.
-You still spit up some when you eat but it's infrequent (definitely not as bad as you did before).
-You are an expert at drinking out of the sippy cup but you still refuse to drink formula from it.  You'll drink water without any hesitation.
-You got another cold from one of the kiddos at your daycare--no fever but runny nose and cough.  I can tell it's uncomfortable for you but it doesn't seem to slow you down.
-You are one active little boy.  I'm amazed by how much you can do.  You are also very persistent.  Even if I try to distract you from doing an activity, you go right back to it. 
-You sprouted another tooth on 12/20 (the top right one).  The top left one came out a few days later.  We've been brushing you teeth as a part of your bedtime routine (without problems).
-I miss your toothless gummy smile but your smile now is just as precious.  I love that huge upper tooth.  When you smile it melts my heart.  And you love to smile!
-Christmas was great.  We spent it in Orlando with my family.  Everyone was very happy to see you.  You enjoyed being with everyone too but I think you were a little overwhelmed by all the chaos and noise.  You mainly clung to daddy and I.  You occasionally allowed others to hold you after you warmed up to them a little.  Once your dad and I were close by, you would smile and be so sweet but if we were away you'd fuss.
-This month you tried a few of the Jamaican dishes my family prepared for Christmas and some other foods too.  You got your first taste of callaloo, dumplin, boiled banana, goat head soup (just one taste), hard dough bread, curry goat.  
-Your sleep was awful (to say the least) on vacation.  A few nights you got up every 2-3 hours.  That's partly our fault because we were inconsistent with bedtime.  You also hated sleeping in the pack and play so you had to sleep with us a few nights (this is a first).  We all came home (back to NC) very tired.
-To wrap up our trip, we hung out with aunt Jeanna and her family in the mountains in Highlands, NC.  This was fun too.  You love your cousin Maddy so much and she loves you too.  Alli tried to give you her pacifiers because she's too old for them but she changed her mind and took them back.
-You got quite a lot of gifts this Christmas--mainly toys, books, clothes.  It was neat watching you trying to rip open your presents.  You were mainly interested in the wrapping paper than the gifts.
-You favorite thing to do now is push around your toy car.  Sometimes you'll get on it and wait for me to push you.  Other times you'll get behind it to push it.  You also like playing with you activity table.  You are more into interactive toys this month.  It's cool to watch you try to figure out how to manipulate a toy.
-You amaze me my sweet giggly, wiggly precious little mama's boy.  I feel so blessed to have you as my son.  You bring so much joy to our already blessed lives.

Mrs. K


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