Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Baby K: Month 3

Week 9 Part 2
- I am loving your coos and big toothless smiles.  You are the cutest thing I've laid eyes on.  I love you so much.  I told your dad that it's hard to imagine loving another child as much as I love you but I guess it happens huh?  I also told  him that you are just so adorable and I'm enjoying you so much that I'm looking forward to having another one of you in the future.  Not anytime soon of course.
- This week I introduced you to a plush toy and you loved it!  I was surprised.  I gave it to you while you were watching me hang up the canvas photos of you that we ordered.  You snuggled with it and fell asleep.  I couldn't believe it.
- You did the cutest thing this week.  You were fussing during one of our naps but when I brought my face close to yours, you nuzzled up even closer to me (burying your face between my nose and cheek) and fell asleep.  When I tried to move you squirmed but when I got close to you again you were content.  It was the neatest thing.
- You've been sleeping well this week--reliably for 4 hours straight at night.
- We've got your bedtime routine down and you love those nighttime baths.  You could be screaming but once we put you in the bath you are so quiet and content.  Once we put you down for bed you either go straight to sleep or cry for about 5 minutes then sleep.
- We are working on regular naps during the daytime.  I feel like it's a little easier to "sleep train."  I think it's because you are a little older.  When you were younger I couldn't let you cry (not even for a second).  Now I feel like you are more secure so letting you cry for five minutes isn't terrible.  It took me a while to get to this point but I'm glad I got here because you are doing great.
- You are more alert and inquisitive.  You stay awake for longer periods during the daytime and you are no longer sleeping the entire time during car rides.  It's sweet to look back and watch you checking out your surroundings when you're riding in the car. 
-Easter was spent with family friends (eating good food and dyeing eggs).  You did pretty good in church overall.  We took Easter pictures to send to Nonna since she couldn't see you.

Week 10
- OK this week you've reached ultimate cuteness.  You are cooing so much and sticking out your tongue while you smile.
- You respond by laughing/smiling when we act goofy
- At your 2 month peds visit you weighed 10lb 6.6oz and was 21.7 inches long.  Everything checked out fine.  You got your first set of shots.  I thought it was going to be more traumatic for me and you but it wasn't too bad.  I held one of your legs while you got 3 shots in your thighs.  You were so cute before the shots, cooing and showing off to the doctor.  But then you got the shots and screamed so loudly.  Surprisingly you only cried for a minute then you were good.  You quickly went back to being your happy self until later that evening.  In the late evening you became really fussy and even refused to eat. This lasted about 2 days.  We gave you Tylenol in the interim which seemed to help.
- You are continuing to sleep pretty well.  You average about a 5 hour stretch at a time at night (sometimes 6 hours).  When I put you back down to sleep in the middle of night you go right to sleep without any problems.
- Day time naps are still challenging.  I think it's because you'd rather stay up to socialize although you are tired.
- You like the blue swing, your plush toy and your pacifier (although not very tied to it).
- Bedtime routine is definitely established with a bath being your favorite part of the routine.  We are still trying to figure out the best bedtime for you.  I think this time may be flexible depending on how you nap during the daytime.  I would like it to be more fixed but I don't think that's going to happen but we'll see.  You've pooped in your bath water several times and your dad says it's because I give you long baths.  I can't help it because you seem so content in the warm water.
- Still spitting up and pooping a lot but apparently that's all normal.
- I'm just enjoying being your mommy so much.  I feel so blessed to have you.

Week 11
- Man, you are so much fun.  And I have the videos to prove it.  You are so sweet and smart.  I love your smiles and smirks.
- You make some funny facial expressions that reminds me of the ones I make, like when you frown with your eyebrows or you give me a funny look when I'm acting goofy
- You are a good eater but you spit up so much.  This week I've had to change several outfits because of this.  You are a "happy spitter" because you do not seem bothered by it all.  I'm not too worried because you're gaining weight.  I just can't help but think about how chunkier you would be if you weren't puking up that precious breast milk.  
- This week I took a bunch of pictures of you.  I tried to set up different scenes and backgrounds.  They didn't come out that great but I'm working on it
- My anxiety is building rapidly as I go back to work in less than 2 weeks.  I am so used to being with you 24/7.  It'll be a very difficult transition back.  I love my job and I don't want to stay home but I want to be with you.
- You will soon need to upgrade to size 2 diapers because we have been having major blowouts and you just smile when they occur.

Week 12 
-You are doing so much.  The new thing that you've been doing for the past few days is sticking your tongue out--sometimes intentionally.  It's so cute.  Sometimes you'll stick your tongue all the way out and try to lick whatever is close to your face including your onesie, your shirt, my face, my hand.
-You are also drooling a ton.  We are going through a few bibs a day because of this.
-I go back to work next week and I'm so going to miss you.
-This week you slept over 7 hours a few nights.  Holy cow.  You've been sleeping at most 5-7 hours most nights continuously.
-You have your occasional fussiness when you're tired but for the most part I think you're a good baby.  You are so animated and funny (especially right after meals).
-Bedtime routine is very well established although we are experimenting with the actual time you go to bed.  Routine starts around 7 for now and you are down by 8.  You sometimes fuss for a few minutes but you eventually fall asleep.
-Gosh, I love seeing you and your daddy together.
-You love talking--lots of "oohs", "aahs" and "googoos".  I cannot believe how much you've matured in just 3 months.  It's unbelievable and such a joy to watch you grow.

Week 13: Part 1
-I went back to work this week and it's been tough. I knew it would be challenging but not this hard.  I miss you so much when I'm away from you.
-It was a struggle to get you to take the bottle for about 2 days but thankfully you eventually did.
-Auntie J is visiting and taking care of you this week.  She is doing such a great job with you.  I feel blessed to have family help.  She's been sending photos of you at work and we've also used FaceTime to communicate. 
-It's interesting how so much has changed.  At work, my goal is to work efficiently so I can rush home to see you, especially since I only have 2 hours with you before we start your bedtime routine.
-It's such a joy coming home to you and daddy. 
-You are smiling and actually laughing.  I love your voice.  You are also talking more loudly.
- It's unbelievable how much your are maturing.  Your little personality is so sweet.  
-Although you are getting the bottle while I'm at work you have no problems converting back to nursing, thankfully.
-Pumping has been challenging but I make time to make sure I'm storing up enough food for you.
-Sleep this week was a little tough.  You had one night where you woke up every 3-4 hours.  Not sure what was up with that.
-Day time naps are getting better but still need some work.
-Anyway, just wanted to remind you how much you are loved and adored by so many people (not just your dad and I).

Mrs. K


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