Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Official

I need to only use the oven for baking main dishes and NOT desserts.  I am really bad at making desserts (especially in the oven) and I am officially giving up (for now).  Tonight, I tried to surprise my husband by making cinnamon rolls (of course courtesy of Pillsbury) and I failed miserable.  I misread and placed the oven on 425 for 25 minutes instead of 325.  You can only imagine how bad they looked.  Hubby said that they didn't taste too bad but I think he was trying to be nice OR maybe he's not very picky.  I say they tasted terrible (like cardboard with icing on top).

Anyway, we are going on a road trip from North Carolina to New York next week.  We plan to stop in DC for about 3 days, stop in Philly for a day then go up to NY and spend 3 days in the city.  On our way back to NC we plan to rent a cabin for about 2-3 days to chill out before going back to work.  We've never done the DC tour before so we need your help.  Do you have any recommendations about where to visit/eat?  What to do?  The only part of our trip that is planned so far is that we are seeing Wicked on Broadway.  We would appreciate any tips.  Thanks!

Mrs. K


  1. How nice to see Wicked. My brother was praising it yesterday.

    I hope you enjoy your trip :)!

  2. this sounds like it is going to be such a blast! i have heard some amazing things about Wicked.

    wish i had some fun things to recommend. i've gone to DC twice but each time i went i didn't make the plans so i can't remember the places we went. this was before i blogged, haha.

    have a blast!

  3. That sounds like a fun trip planned...DC is way fun! there are a lot of food places so it just depends on what you feel like eating but Good Stuff Burger (capitol hill) is always good! and of course DC Cupcakes in georgetown but the line is usually too long.
    and i feel you on the making dessert thing..i did that to an apple pie recently and it was terrible!

  4. oh not sorry to here they didn't work out so well, next time you'll nail it. in dc there's all the museums and historic monuments not sure what else. wow wicked will be awesome maybe we can meet for coffee or lunch

  5. Tons to do in DC. Where are you guys staying? I'm a bonafide foodie so I'll steer you a bit. Email me and let's chat.

  6. haha Mrs. Pancakes already suggested it DC cupcakes. I don't like sweets but hubs insisted we stop here. Have a fun trip!!

  7. Wicked is great! I saw it in Chicago a few years ago. It will make you feel sorry for the wicked witch :)
    P.S. Baby M sends Baby K hugs and kisses!

  8. Toi: thx. I'm sure I'll blog a little about it after.
    Faith: thx. I'm so looking forward to the trip. Well, the break in general.
    Mrs. P: thx. Hubby loves a good burger place so we may need to check it out.
    Monique: YES! I would love to meet up with you for lunch or brunch. I will email you soon :)
    Mrs. TDJ: I will email soon so you can give us the scoop on DC
    Nini: thx. I haven't been a sweets fan lately either (I blame it on the pregnancy).
    Amy: You are too cute. I can't wait until you are done with this month of ICU so that we can meet up again. Baby K is sending hugs and kisses right back to Baby M. BTW, I still haven't done much buying because I'm still waiting a little longer but ppl are scaring me, telling me I need to get the ball rolling. Have you?


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