Sunday, January 22, 2012

I need your help

So you know that I must feel comfortable with you guys to be soliciting your help because I hate asking people for help in general.  Yes, so this means that we are officially..... cool :).  Kidding.  

Anyway, I've been obsessing over reading up about delivery and newborn care information for the past week (especially this weekend).  I feel like a procrastinator that's playing catch up.  I haven't been reading/read a ton of books like most women do.  I figure I would just go with the flow.  But now that it's close to crunch time, I'm trying to take in all the information I can get.  It reminds me of my old self--cramming studying sessions in because I waited too long to start studying.  So this weekend I've watched a million videos and read 10 million articles on "baby stuff."  

Also, I bought another baby book this weekend.  We got one as a gift at one of our baby showers but I wanted a different one.  The one below goes up to the first day of school and I like how it's organized better.  The color also matches the nursery better (kind of).  Here's what the memory book and photo album look like:

 Ok, so about the favor.  The memory book asks some questions that I don't know the answer to, so I was hoping I could get some ideas from you.  Ok, maybe I know the answer to some of the questions but I'd like your input too.  So here are the questions: (what was going on around me [babyK] when I was born?)

1) Hit movies and popular actors
2) Popular TV shows
3) Popular songs and musicians
4) Best selling books
5) Fashion trends (male and female)
6) Famous sport figures
7) technological advances

It also asks about price of gallon of gas, house, car, computer, movie ticket, babysitting rates, gallon of mild, diapers, stamps.  Isn't that interesting.  I know the answer to these questions for the most part and the answers to these will vary depending on where you live.   I like these questions and I never thought about recording these events before seeing this baby book.

So there you go!  Thanks for the input in advance :).  Also I appreciate all your comments from my last post.  They were very helpful and encouraging.

Mrs. K


  1. Oh my word. Have I really been away from your blog so long? Extremely late congratulations. How exciting. Unfortunately, I never filled out any of those questions in either of the 3 baby books. I know, I am awful hehehe

  2. I am out of the loop about everything!!! hoping for the best for you and your family :)


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