Saturday, October 6, 2012

Baby K: Month 8

Happy 8th month Birthday.  Here's what happened month 7.

Week 31 Part 2:
-Your development is just amazing.  Just 2 days ago you were crawling military style mainly and also getting on all 4's, pushing off then get on your belly.  Starting Wednesday of this week you've officially crawled (long distance on all 4's without belly touching ground).  I cannot believe how things progress so quickly.  On Thursday you continue to crawl all over, climb over mommy.  The highlight of this day was watching you crawl across the room to your bouncer, get on your knees, then pull yourself to a standing position.  Holy cow!  I was shocked and so proud of you.  I kept having you do it over and over and you were happy to oblige.
-Still a great sleeper at night.  Daytime naps are better.  You take two long naps during the daytime now.
-Eating has been good. This week your favorite foods are apples and still bananas.  You also like the butternut squash I made you.
-You fuss a little less if I'm not in your sight.  You still fuss a little when you watch me walk out of a room but then you settle quickly.  You also seem to not want to be picked up as much.  You still crawl over to me wanting to be picked up and enjoy being held.  But now you also wiggle out of my hand to go play with something on the floor.  It's nice that you want to explore your surroundings but then come back to check in with me
-Your home daycare provider loves you.  She's like a grandma to you which is neat since we don't live close to family.  You also continue to get along well with your peers at the daycare
-We took pix at JC Penny's this week.  You looked so cute in you pumpkin onesie and your little golfer looking outfit.
-Thank God you are getting over your cold.  It was hard for me to watch you looking so uncomfortable (with runny, stuffy nose).  Even though you were not feeling your best, you were still a champ.  You are just such a delight.

Week 32
-You still do not like avocado.  I've tried mixing it with other foods that you like but you just gag and then spit it out.  I guess I'll have to wait until you are much older to revisit it with you.
-We have toys in several rooms in the house (but contained, kind of) and you love them all.  It's cool to watch you explore the various toys and learn to manipulate them
-This week you were successful at using the pincer grasp a few times. 
-You are doing lots of babbling.  You love saying "dada."
-You are still so sweet and smiley.  You laugh at everything, especially when you dada plays peekaboo with you or blows on your tummy.
-You still like baths but they are getting difficult since you're such a wiggle bug.  You keep standing up in the tub or try to crawl out.  You get so distracted easily at times and then other times you are hyperfocused on a particular thing and it's difficult to distract you.
-I've been letting you go without a diaper as much as you can (so you can be "free" and relaxed).  Well 3 times this week you peed on the bathroom floor.  I may need to not let you go "free" for a little while.
-You are even more mobile this week.  You crawl pretty far distances on all 4's.  You are also constantly pulling up on some furniture so that you can stand.  I'm amazed by how strong you are.
-Diaper changes and getting you dressed are also difficult. You wiggle all over the place and I have to be creative to keep you fairly still.  You also do this while nursing too.
-You go wild and crazy when you are in your jumper.  You shake the whole thing when you're in it.  You also like your toy with the pop-up animals and the stacking rings.   You love to crawl over mommy and daddy.  You love to jump up and down in our arms.  You also love to watch the dogs and sometimes you reach out to touch them.

Week 33
- You are a wile chile like yo poppa.  Kidding but you are all over the place even more this week.  You've been a little wiggle bug that is very hard for me to contain.  I find myself chasing you trying to get your shirt over your head and your pants on.  When I'm drying you off after your nighttime bath, you crawl to the corner of the bed.  Diaper changes are a big adventure, for you.
-This week we tried strawberries.  The ones you tried aren't very sweet so you make the "lemon face" every time you get your first 1-2 spoonfuls.  So cute.  You are also enjoying the food combos (for example strawberry/mango)
-You are "real" crawling so much AND fast.  You also love pulling yourself to a stand.  You even go up to the wall and try to pull yourself up.  Surprisingly you're even successful doing that, although there's no place for you to grab hold of.
-Crawling is good overall, you are getting more independent.  You are also more interested in your toys and environment and less interested in being held.  You still crawl over to me at times for me to pick you up (which I do) but within minutes you are ready to go back to crawling.  This means that mommy can do more since her hands are free.  Challenge with crawling is that mommy has to have 10 eyes, including eyes on the sides and back of her head.  You are still unaware of dangerous situations so I have to watch you carefully.  Of course, you've had a few bumps and bruises already but nothing serious.
-This was another good daycare week.  You are taking a liking to Ms. Thelma and she sure does love you too.  No more fussing when I drop you off.  You still reach for me when I pick you up but not instantly.  You seem to be having a good time whenever I drop by.
-Sleep continues to be great except for one day this week when you decided to wake up at 11pm and cry then fall asleep standing in your crib, cry some more, and refuse to sit or lay down.  I don't know what what going on but I hope we don't have a repeat.
-You love to use mommy and daddy as obstacle courses to maneuver.  You giggle so hard when your dad tickles your tummy or even looks at you.  You two are so goofy together.  I love to watch you guys interacting.

Week 34
-This week we start half breast milk/half formula because mommy can't keep up with your intake.  It's also tough because sometimes you don't seem interested in nursing.  I'm hoping to continue giving breast milk for a year.  We'll see how that goes.
-You are getting more interested in the details of your environment.  This week you became interested in an ant and chased it down.  It's really neat because you didn't really care about this last week.  You've also been swatting at little marks that you see on the floor.
-We went to Jordan Lake again this week.  I got out early one day and picked you up early from daycare.  Daddy was still working so he couldn't join us.  We had a good time.  It was great watching you dig your toes in the sand and wiggle the sand through your fingers.  You also tried to eat the sand several times.  We also dipped your feet in the water.
-You are still babbling dada but I can't get you to say mama.  You say a few other syllables too.
-You are still crawling and pulling up on everything (the side of the bath tub, your little infant tub, the furniture, my legs, our standing mirror, the wall, the cabinets.
-You also like to explore what's in the cabinets and the drawers.
-Daycare this week went well.  You had a 3 hour nap one day this week.  You still occasionally fuss when I leave.  You seem pretty happy there and you are well taken care of.
-Bedtime sleep is still great, thank God.  Still go to bed between 630p to 730p and wakes up at 530 to 600.  I feel very blessed although it came at a cost.  We did sleep training with you.  It worked for us and I think it was best for you and us.  I like that you are having consolidated sleep at night.  I think it's good for learning, attention and memory among other things.  Also good sleep habits now means good sleep habits later.
-This week has been cold so it's been fun dressing you in  winter-type gear.
-You are still a fairly good eater.  This week you were introduced to honey dew melon, which you like.
-You are frequently using the pincer grasp.  We practice with the puffs cereal snacks.  Whenever you are successful putting it in your mouth I cheer and you really like that.  If I'm not paying attention and you put one in your mouth, you try to get my attention by babbling loudly...then I cheer.
-Your dad makes you laugh so hard.  He walks in the room and you start laughing.  You hear his voice and you start smiling and looking for him.  It's so sweet.  You have the biggest and best smile I've ever seen.  It brightens my day.
-You are a bit feisty but it's so wonderful to watch your personality develop.  It's also great to watch you express your likes and dislikes.  I also like seeing you slowly develop independence.
-You are still a little clingy at times but I don't mind because I don't get to spend as much time with you as I want because of work.  When I'm with you, I really value the time we have with each other.  I usually don't answer phone calls (especially during your bedtime routine).  I definitely don't talk on the phone for a long time when you are around.

Week 35 Part 1:
- I  love you my sweet little rugrat.   You make my heart melt just thinking about you.  I find myself daydream about you and your gummy smile while I'm at work.  Well, soon your gummy smile will be just a memory because you are starting to sprout your bottom teeth.  Your gums have been swollen for quite some time and you've been drooling for months.  Finally, one day before your 8th month birthday the right bottom tooth burst through the gum.  You weren't particularly fussy or anything.  You are even cuter with that tooth.  It's pretty sharp too.  Hopefully, you'll be nice while nursing.
- You're still crawling all over the place and pulling yourself to a stand.  You've also fallen a lot and even hit your head.  Being the type of person that I am, all these falls make me nervous.  Even though we supervise you and babyproof the house, I can't control everything.

Mrs. K


  1. i can't believe baby boy is already 8 months old. happy 8th month sweet little man :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I love his gummy smile too! He is the most smiley baby I know. My mean mugger needs to take lessons from her twin! lol.

  4. Don't they just grow so fast. I love the part about where he settles down when you walk in the room. That's one of the best feelings knowing that your baby looks to you for comfort.

    Keep documenting, it will be so much fun to comeback and compare this to your next baby.


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