Thursday, September 29, 2011

Celebrated two important things not too long ago...

Hey blog buddies!!!  I hope you all are doing well.  Once again I've been lazy with the blogging but my plan STILL is to do better.  I've been enjoying reading some of your blogs although I haven't commented much.  Someone thought I gave up on blogging...but I haven't, not yet.  I've even missed by blog-o-versary about one month ago.  So happy belated 1 year blog-o-versary to me.  LOL.  Anyway, that's not what I'm celebrating.

Today (well Sunday...I started this post on Sunday and didn't finish it) I'm celebrating my honey's 30th birthday.  Yippee!!!  We are celebrating low key.  Just treating him EXTRA special today.

The second thing that we are celebrating is also important.  Sunday marks the halfway point to one of the most important events in our life (if that makes sense...)  Anyway, you may have guessed it already but WE ARE HAVING A BABY! No, it's not April fool's, it's actually true.  We are very excited.  That's also partly the reason why I haven't blogged much--I wanted to wait to make the announcement and it's hard to blog and not mention something so important.  Also, I've been ridiculously tired lately so it wasn't just laziness ;).

I will post more about this later with possibly some preggo pix

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Mrs. K


  1. Yay! So glad you are going to start blogging about Baby K! I can't wait for our little ones to have tons of playdates :-)

  2. YEAH!!!! Congratulations!!!!

  3. OMG, OMG OMG, LOVELY, lovely I am so excited, I couldn't finish the whole post, I as was looking for the P news!

    I am SO HAPPY for you and hubby ;)! Can't wait to read the updates :)!!!!

  4. YAAAAAAAAYYYY So excited for you guys!!! ((HUGG)) Congrats!!

    I cant wait to hear more about it. I was thinking about you and considering emailing u to ask but thought that would just be too weird and stalkery... :)

  5. Yay! I am SO excited for you! And, please wish the hubby as late Happy Birthday from us!

  6. Oh yay!!! Congrats on the little one! I know you two are super excited.

  7. whaaat??? Half way already? Did I read that right?!
    Congratulations on your pregnancy!! It seems like everyone is having babies around me - but I love it! Love babies :)

    Congrats and looking forward to hearing all about the pregnancy! So amazing!

  8. Sooooo, I kinda knew this post was coming! There was just no way that you were dropping off the face of blogging world, no way!! Hehehe.

    So happy for you and hubby!! Congrats darling, I cannot wait for your posts!

    How exciting that you, Amy and Toi are preggo together! Even more exciting that you and Amy live close by to share this amazing time!!! :)

  9. Congratulations! I can't wait for more posts (and pictures!)
    We all skipped right over the birthday announcement...I guess he deserves a shout out too (LOL) since he played a major role in announcement #2. ~ Happy birthday Mr. K ~ Now more about your pregnancy!! :)

  10. Another baby...I think it's catching. It's "that age" too. Congrats.

  11. Wow! There must be something in the water because just about everyone I know is preggers, LOL! Congrats hon, and I wish you a healthy and happy pregnancy :)

  12. Congrats!! I'm sooooo excited for you both. How exciting. I completely understand the lack of blogging stuff. I'm just coming back after a hiatus myself. I can't wait to hear about your progression. Blessing abound!

  13. Amy: it's so fun having a preggo buddy. I'm looking forward to our future shopping dates and playdates too :). Good luck this month.
    Keya: thanks girl. We are super excited.
    Toi: thanks, hugs back to you :)
    Dani: you are so funny. it would have been totally cool for you to email. :)
    D: you keep a good secret too. You were the first to know :) We miss you guys.
    K. Rock: we are, thank you
    Rania: I busted out laughing after reading your comment. You are so cute. Yes, halfway. I can keep a secret can't I?
    Faith: thx for the confidence (wink). It was hard to blog and not blab about the news. It is great that we are all pregnant (it's in the blog-o-sphere) I guess. And it's been great living in the same city as Amy.
    RBOASL:LOL. Hubby said thanks. I know you are expecting soon too. It was so hard reading your posts and not commenting about my own experience. LOL.
    Frugalista: LOL--yes, I guess "it is catching." That is too cute.
    Ash: thanks
    IM: thank you
    Quiskaeya: Yay! it's great to see you back.

  14. oh my goodness!!! so excited and happy for you! glad your back, congratulations!!!! half way point already wow! can't wait to see the belly!

  15. Congratulations! Was wondering when you'd make the big announcment. Super excited for you and the hubby and looking forward to future updates!

  16. Good news! I am excited for you and your husband :-)


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