Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baby K: Month 4

Week 13 part 2:
-You are continuing to have some challenges with sleeping.  I think a part of the reason is that you are more social and you would rather socialize than sleep sometimes.  It's hard to not socialize with you because you are so irresistible.  I also think that regular naps during the daytime will help you sleep better at night too.  So we are working on that.
-Of course, this week, I worried about you not knowing I'm your momma because I'm no longer with you all the time.  Everyone says that wont happen but it's hard not to think that.  When I get home from work, I make every moment count.  I usually drop my back and start interacting with you instantly.  I also try to limit outside distraction during this time (which means no cell phone).
-You are still loving bath time.  You interact so much during baths.
-I love you your smile (mouth wide open, showing your tongue and gums).  Too sweet.
-You still don't like tummy time but you are so much better at holding your head and shoulders up.  You'll learn that sometimes you may not like something but you have to do it because it's what is best for you
-Daddy did a swing shift this week so he was home with you also during the daytime.  It was a nice transition for me going back to work.

Week 14: 
-Auntie J is still taking good care of you.  She's also a big help around the house in general.  She's really made life easier for mommy and daddy.  Too bad she's not permanent and she's going back to her day job next week.  She has pampered you so much and she calls you her little Prince.  She's definitely been treating you like royalty.  She has done a great job with following your schedule.
-Your grandfather (my dad) visited you this week.  He was very happy to see you.  We took him to eat ice cream.
-You are talking up a storm.  I love your cooing and gurgling.  You look right in my eyes and talk to me like you know what you are saying.
-You have discovered your hands and you try to put the whole thing in your mouth.
-Once this week you put the pacifier in your mouth after it fell out.  I think it may have been accidental but it was pretty cool to see.

Week 15: 
-This week was your Baby Dedication at church.  It was pretty memorable, especially since it was on Mother's Day
-I am so happy and I'm so honored to be your mother.  I promise to try my best to be a good mother (which sometimes mean I may need to be tough on you).  Just know that I love you :).
-DAD is home with you this week.  He'll be with you for the next two weeks and he's doing such a great job with you.  I come home and you are happy.  He tells me all about your adventures (he plays the guitar for you, sings to you, take you on hikes, naps with you, reads to you, and much much more).  He's such a good dad as you'll realize one day.  Oh yeah, he's been taking you on adventures in the Baby Bjorn.
-Your dad says that you are the most adorable person he's ever seen sleeping and I must agree.
-Daddy has been good at sending me pix and videos of you at work.  He sent me one of you "holding the bottle."  Of course with his help.  As we are on the topic of bottles, we had to do some hunting to find one that you like.  We've settle on the Playtex VentAire.  I like them a lot too.  By the way, I still nurse you when I'm with you.  This definitely helps to not run out of expressed milk.
-We still have a few weeks of expressed milk stored up and I'm continuing to pump about 2-4 times per day.  It's a challenge but I'm doing it.  My original goal was to nurse you for 6 months but now I'm moving it back to nine months since I think I can do 6 without any problems.
-You've been wanting to sit up and use your abdominal muscles to try to raise up whenever we lay you down.  You sit up well with support.  Dad has been putting you in the Bumbo which I think has been helping.
-You are so much stronger.  Not only can you pick your head up when you are on your tummy, you also pick your shoulders and part of your torso up.  You sometimes support yourself on your arms too, like you are doing a push up.
-Daddy and I left you for the first time to celebrate our 4th marriage anniversary. We celebrated at the Melting Pot and the food was so yummy.  You have to go there some time (when you're grown that is and can afford it--lol).

Week 16:
-Daddy is home with you this week again.
-You've rolled over a few times from your belly to your back.  It was pretty neat to see.  You did it during one of our tummy time sessions.  I tried to get it on video but was unsuccessful.  It is so neat to watch you grow and accomplish your milestones.
-Your smile is still sweet as honey.  You laugh whenever we act goofy.  We've got your first real, long laugh on video too.  You are one cool kiddo.
-You did so awesome in church this week.
-Sleep is better again.  For the previous 2 weeks you reverted back to "newborn sleep" getting up up 3 hours.  Now you're sleeping more, even 7 hours straight.
-Still breastfeeding and pumping.  So far so good.  You have about 6-8 weeks supply of stored milk in the deep freezer.  You drink about 4 oz every 3 hours.
-The transition back to work is going better than I thought but I still miss you dearly.
-You still love your baths.  I've removed the sling from your tub so you've graduated to the big baby tub.
-Bedtime routines and morning routines are well established.  Still working on consistent nap times.  Daddy has been doing a good job working on nap time routine with you.
-Whenever I lay you on your back, you get excited and start kicking around.  It's so fun to watch your arms flailing and your legs kicking.  You are such a good, happy baby.  I feel blessed.  You really only fuss whenever you are very tired or need to eat.  And even then it's easy to soothe you.
-You supported your bottle without assistance (for a few seconds this week).
-You've been losing hair for the past few weeks but some has started growing back in.
-This week your dad send me a video of him ticking you and blowing on your belly and neck and you cracking up.  You are interacting so much.  It's just unbelievable.
-You hung out with Abby and her family and friends for Memorial Day.
-We took pictures at JcPenny's this week and they came out great!  I plan to get pix done every 3 months for you.  It's neat to capture some of the milestones in the pictures: smiling, laughing, head well controlled, pushing up on your hands and elbows, partly rolled over.

Week 17 Part 1:
-Sleep has improved this week.  You are back to getting up only once per night.
-You are such a joy to be around in general.  I love your big smile and your big brown eyes
-Whenever we feed you, you grab a tight hold to our fingers.  It's the sweetest.
-Since I mentioned fingers, just wanted to say that you are loving yours.  You have been sucking on your fingers a lot (and sometimes your entire hand).
-I think you are starting to teeth, unfortunately.  I'm not ready for you to start getting teeth yet for several reasons.  The obvious one is because I'm breastfeeding and I'm dreading the pain of getting bit.  Also, I just love seeing you with all gums.  It's just the most precious thing when you give that huge gummy smile while sticking your tongue out.  Oh, it just melts my heart.  Getting teeth is a sign that you are getting older which is good but I also like having you as my little baby.  Next thing I know you'll be heading off to college :).
-So, I mentioned that I think you are teething because your mouth is drooling profusely, your gums look swollen, you've been trying everything to soothe your achy gums, you turn away from food at times and you've been fussy for the past 2 days.
-You overall have such a good temperament.  You fuss a little at times when you are hungry, sleepy, or just want a little more attention but for the most part you are content.  I think you get that from your dad--just very chill.  I like that about both of you.
-I just love seeing you with your dad.  He's been making you laugh out loud by tickling your neck.  I make you laugh by being silly.
-You rolled over from belly to back again this week when you were in a frenzy.  Tummy time is still not your favorite thing to do so you fuss then flip over.  When you are on your back, you roll over to the side but don't completely flip over.
-Your hair is growing back in so you are no longer hairless on the sides of your head.  The hair is still brown and straight.
-Auntie A and Uncle J are taking care of you this week and will also next week.  As expected they are doing an awesome job with.  They love on you constantly and cater to your every need.  Your dad and I have big shoes to fill.  A challenge for us is that they don't allow you to self soothe.  We have to work on this.
-This week was one of the most challenging for me so far.  It was so hard for me to leave you, especially at the beginning of the week.  I just felt overwhelming guilt and seriously contemplated quitting (which freaked your dad out, by the way).  I'm no longer thinking about quitting but I really may work part time in the future.  Being away from you and not being able to raise you how I want is challenging.  Even after giving everyone directions on what to do, it's still not how I would do it.  I'm very appreciative of their help but it's just different.
-You are drinking about 4oz every 3 hours.  We still have close to 2 months of milk stored up and I'm still pumping.  I think my production has decreased, which worries me a little.
-As you can see, your mama is a worry wart but you make me so happy.  I feel very blessed and am thankful for you.  Know that your dad and I prayed for you even before you were conceived.  You are definitely not an accident.  We plan to raise you as best we can. 

Mrs. K


  1. *looks around for photos*

    *rolls eyes*



  2. This is such a great review
    For him...definitely awesome moments!'

  3. It's great that you blog about your baby's progress like that. I enjoy reading it. I may have to start doing that on my blog for my two month old.

  4. Abby loved hanging out with Baby K for memorial day! I'll have to send you the pics of them together once I upload them to my computer. I'm glad that you went to JCP for portraits! I love them. I got a flyer in the mail saying they are having that $20 portrait deal I told you about a few weeks ago again in July! So you and the fam will need to make another trip to get more portraits next month :) As far as your milk supply goes. I feel like mine has decreased in the past 2 weeks so I started drinking lots of water and it has helped. My last resort was going to be to take the fenugreek pills that people say increases your milk supply. So I guess what I'm trying to say is try drinking more water. If that doesn't do the trick, try fenugreek!

  5. Love the updates - been waiting to hear more about him! And like Dani - sure would be nice to see some pics of the little man! :)

  6. I really enjoyed reading the update on your little guy. It sounds like the transition is a challenge but you are handling it well. So great that the baby is with your hubs and family. I'm glad he's so happy and growing stronger each day. Good for you for going out and enjoying your anniversary!

  7. such a sweet update :). He will love music like AOI because daddy has been playing to her since she was in the belly.

  8. Great updates. I would love to see pictures too!!!


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