Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Baby K: Month 5

Week 17: Part 2
-Things have been about the same over the last few days.  Still getting up about once per night to nurse which isn't bad at all.  You get cranky in the evenings before bed because I think we may keep you up a little too late.  Bedtime routine starts at 7pm but we are thinking about making it earlier.
-Your dad and I rush home to see you everyday.  Thankfully we don't have to fight over you too much because I leave later than him and he gets home earlier than me.  So we both have some special alone time with you.
-I love seeing you and your dad together.  He knows exactly what to do to make you laugh.  He's a very good dad, as you will find out some day.  We both adore you and are very thankful for you.  You have made our already blessed lives so much richer.

Week 18:
-Auntie A continues to take care of you this week and she's doing a good job--doesn't follow all of my rules but she's doing good.  You make it so easy for people to love you.
-Mommy has been learning to be more flexible which hopefully prepare me to be a better parent to you in the future.
-This week you are still smiling and gurgling a lot.  You are all over those fingers.  Sometimes you try to put your whole hand in your mouth and gag yourself.  I think you are trying to soothe your gums.  I got you Sophie the Giraffe to help you with this.  It's so cute and you seem to like it.
-Daddy graduated this week.  We are so proud of him.  This is his final graduation.  He also passed his Boards which is awesome.  We are so thankful for all our blessings.
-Your dad sang a solo in church today.  He did a great job.  I wonder if you'll be a good singer like you dad.
-You have been holding your bottle more without support which is neat to see.  Also you've been reaching out some for objects and whenever you get them they go straight into your mouth.  In the bathtub, you appreciate the  toys and play a lot more. You've also been grabbing my hair and whatever else you can wrap your hands around.
-You love looking in the mirror at yourself.  You smile whenever you do this.
-As far as feeding, mommy is worrying a little about her supply.  You seem to like the bottle a little more this week, which concerns me.  I wonder if it's because my milk flow is low so you get frustrated and decide not to eat.

Week 19:
-Auntie L came in town this week and has been caring for you.  Gosh, you make it so easy for them to take care of you.  You are easy going (for the most part), cuddly, smiley, sweet, and handsome.
-Dad is doing a swing shift this week so it's an easy transition for you because you have him from in the morning to 2pm.
-You rolled over again this week and you've been spending a lot of time "half-rolling over."  You've rolled to your side a lot and just stayed there.
-You have also been reaching out for things more and then sticking them in your mouth.
-Still blowing spit bubbles and blowing your pacifier out of your mouth for fun.
-Mommy has been heavily researching introducing solid foods and have been buying items in preparation.  So excited to see you eat.
-Nursing better this week thankfully.
-You are babbling a lot more.  Sometimes you'll let out a high pitched sound just to test out your voice.
-Sleep is still ok.  You are getting up about once per night to eat then you go right back to sleep.
-I'm still loving it when you flash me those pearly...gums.  So cute.  According to my family, your rice grains haven't come out yet.  But you are still drooling up a flood and using your fingers to rub your gums.  You still like Sophie for gnawing on but you also like those frozen toy keys I give you.  It's so funny watching you go after them.  You act like it's a icey pop and dive mouth first after it.
-This week we visited Maple Dairy Farm again and went to church and did a little shopping.
-It's a little easier being away from you for short periods of time.  I'm not constantly worrying about you anymore.  Now I must worry once every 2 seconds :).  It's still very hard the transition back to work but I'm not a mess anymore or if I have a tough moment, I bounce back. 

Week 20:
-My grandparents were in town taking care of you this week.  They showed you so much love.  They really enjoyed the time with you and I think you enjoyed the time with them too.  They did a good job overall BUT they really didn't follow my schedule for you or most of my rules.  They didn't feed you on schedule as I requested.  They fed you like every 10 minutes (ok I'm exaggerating but it was bad).  Everytime you fussed they fed you.  Thankfully you're not a very fussy baby.  Also hardly put you down for naps.  One day your dad came home early and freaked out because they were playing with you and you looked soooo tired.  Apparently you hadn't nap the whole day so he grabbed you up and put you down to sleep.  They meant well though.  Actually they were really sweet with you.  It is such a blessing to have such supportive family.  It's amazing to know that there are other people who love you ALMOST as much as your dad and I love you.
-You had your four month visit this week.  You are doing well overall.  You are on target for all your milestones: smiling and cooing a lot, reaching for objects at times and putting them in your mouth, rolling over to your side, accidentally rolling over from belly to back, once rolled over from back to belly.  You weighed 14.3 lbs and your length is 23-3/4 inches.
-You are still drinking exclusively breast milk (about 5-6 ounces) and nursing when I'm with you.  This week you did awesome with nursing.  I love it when you stare at me when you're nursing.  You seem so content when you nurse and hold on to my finger.  I also think it's sweet that when you nurse and become drowsy, you are stroking my hand.
-You are getting so much older, no longer the newborn who just sat back and didn't do much.  Now you are so animated and full of life.  I love your personality.  When I nurse you, sometimes you'll pause and start "talking."  Daddy says when he rocks you to sleep, you sometimes "sing" to him.  You are just such a blessing.  We are really enjoying you, our sweet boy.
-You are so strong, when you are not ready to nurse, you squirm in my hands and twist your whole body.  I usually can't get you to comply until you are ready.  You are also not wanting to sit and prefer to stand.  It's funny because you refuse to bend your legs and when you are seated you just pop right back up.
-Still puking a lot but less overall.  Continuing to wake up about once per night then goes right back to sleep.

Week 21:
-Daddy's parents (Nonna and Bum Bum) are in town this week.
-We tried you in your high chair and you looked so cute.  You're still a little squirt so it swallows you up.  We've got a few pics and videos to show you when you get older.  I bet you'll grow into it soon.
-You got your first trial of solid foods this week (at the end of the week--just a few days before your 5 month birthday).  We started out with rice cereal.  We tried the Plum brand and you didn't like it too much.  You did like the Earth's Best brand.  You look so cute eating.  At first you spit it out but after I thinned out more, you took it better.  I mixed it with breast milk.  It is so much fun watching you eat out of a spoon.
-Nonna went bonkers with all the picture taking but you were so calm and cooperative.  She even took you with the dogs.  Your daddy and I freaked out and she promised not to do it again.
-Nonna gave in and let you sleep in her arms a few times.  You were just too sweet and adorable for her to put down.  She was very sad when she had to leave you to go back to Florida.  She even shed a few tears.
-You guys did a lot of playing.  She also prayed with you daily, sang to you regularly and played the piano for you.  It is just awesome to have people who love you ALMOST as much as your dad and I love you taking care of you.  We feel very blessed to have such good family support. 
-You continue to be a good eater and wake up still once per night.
-This week you are reaching out more for objects (and not just the bright colorful ones).  You also grab everything and put them in your mouth.  You've also been grabbing mommy's hair and I have gently pry it from your fingers.
-You love looking in the mirror at yourself.  When you do this, you usually give a big smile, then continue smiling at yourself.
-You met up with Abby at the mall again this week.  You guys were so cute.  Abby was playing hard to get as usual and you were trying so hard to impress (staring at her, smiling at her).
-We got you the Jumperoo this week and you're not really into it yet.  You look so confused when we put you in there.  I guess there's just too much going on.  You started fussing after about 5 min of being in there.

Week 22 Part 1:
-Erin B, our friend, took care of you for 2 days this week.  She was so good with you and you also did a great job.  She could not stop talking about how sweet and smiley you were.  You also enjoyed your frequent lols
-Erin was able to get you to like your Jumperoo so now  you don't fuss when you are in there.
-On Saturday June 30 you started sleeping through the night (bed at 8pm and wake up at sometime between 530 to 630).  Woohoo!  It's been 4 days and you're still sleeping through the night.  We hear you in your room fussing for like less than 5 minutes (sometimes 10 seconds) then you go back to sleep.  
-Daytime naps are also better overall.  We've been either swaddling only your lower body and legs (leaving both arms out) or not swaddling you at all and you still sleep ok.  You've also been waking up more happy and sometimes just play quietly in your crib until I come get you.  It's sweet to watch you develop your independence and try to play by yourself or self soothe.  I think you don't fuss as much when you get up because both your arms are not swaddled.
-I am still loving those BIG cheesey grins that show your tongue and gums.  They melt my heart everytime.
-I also love when you stare deeply in my eyes.  I wonder what you're thinking when you do that.  I have no doubts you know that I'm your mommy.  You also know you're daddy too.  
-You continue to make funny faces.  I think your going to be a laid back, fun-loving kid.  You've been making these "old man" faces with your lips folded in.  You've also been sucking in part of your top lip sometimes.  It's so funny to watch and it cracks me up every time.  You usually do it after you feed.
-You've been babbling very loudly and you sound like you are mimicking us.  We thought we heard you say daddy a few times but we are not for sure.
-You've been sitting up without support for like 30 seconds at a time, then you topple over and start smiling.  You're our little smiley bug.  You are such a happy baby.
-You've been eating rice cereal about twice per day this week.  You are still liking it and I'm wondering if it's helping you sleep through the night.  It may be a coincidence because I've heard it's a myth but since starting solid foods you've been sleeping better.
-It's so sweet when you're nursing or falling asleep and you start stroking my hand for comfort.  It's also funny when you look at me puzzled when I say something silly.
-I just love your little personality and I feel so blessed to be able to watch you grow.

Happy 5th month birthday my little love.

Mrs. K


  1. Baby K sounds like such a light! I am so glad you are posting these monthly updates. you will appreciate being able to back and read them when he is older

  2. Oh wow he is getting up awesome! So many caregivers...what a blessing!

  3. We are working on getting Abby to be as smiley and friendly as Baby K! Soon she will smile and play with her betrothed!

  4. It's really amazing that you have so much family coming by to help care for baby k. Sounds like he's going to be such a social butterfly getting to interact with so many people. I'm so impressed with his motor skills too, holding the bottle and grabbing for things. 5 months must be so fun! He's a bit bigger and stronger and lots of smiles and new milestones. Enjoy!

  5. Aww, these notes are so sweet! I think it's great that you're documenting so much of your little one's first year.

    I agree with Monique -- it's awesome that you and your DH have so many family members who are more than happy to come take care of Baby! Wow! My biggest fear right now is having to put an infant in daycare if I decide to return to work -- if I had as many family members willing to babysit as you do, I'd be a lot less worried!

  6. Don't you just loooooooooooooove the sounds of a babbling baby? So precious. I had to laugh about the part where he sometimes gagged himself with trying to eat his fist. I just love babies at the 4+ months stage!


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