Friday, July 27, 2012

The Olympics

I'm soooo excited about the Olympics.  I'm mostly looking forward to the "Athletics" category.  Track is my main interest (having ran for most of my life).  I can hardly contain my excitement.  When I was a little girl you could not tell me that I wouldn't be participating in the Olympics.  Actually, even now at the age of 30 I still believe that some day I'll run in the Olympics.  I root for the US in every category except for Track and Field.  I go for Jamaica (the country I was born and partly raised in).  This Olympics will be awesome.  The more I read about the athletes (in track) the more excited I get.

I'm not pleased with the opening ceremony overall but I loved seeing all the countries walking around with their flags.  I also like watching swimming, beach volleyball, gymnastics.  I love most of the activities.  I can just imagine the pride these athletes feel being able to represent their country.  Your teammates aren't just the people in your sport, it's your entire country.  Ah!  I'm just so happy right now.  Eek!

I know I'm not the only one.  Am I?

Mrs. K


  1. Nope. You are not the only one. Read my post from today and that proves it! I'm all about gymnastics. I love it that it's one of the most popular sports during the olympics even if no one cares during every other year!

  2. WOW!
    I did track most of my life as well.
    I root for US except in track when I root for Jamaica too!!
    I LOVE watching track, but I also enjoy watching women's gymnastics.
    Other than that...the olympics can kiss my butt.

  3. I'm super excited about track too! I ran the 100 m dash and the 400 relay back in my hey day :) maybe we can have a viewing party!

  4. I love gymnastics-team USA, but I love watching all the teams. Then of course track-team Jamaica ALL THE WAY!!!

  5. i am loving swimming, diving, gymnastics and i am going to enjoy athletics. i am really following the game just for the future. i am sure you can always reach your dream of becoming Olympian


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