Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Update on childcare

So my baby made it out fine the first week of daycare.  Now, I can't say the same for myself.  Just kidding.  The first few days were really rough for both of us.  And it's still difficult but we are improving.  He still cries when I drop him off but I no longer do.  When I drop him off, he fusses and makes the most pitiful cry face.  It's actually pretty sweet to see the little face he makes.  He settles down after a few minutes which is great.  His caretaker is great.  She's very loving to him.  I can't tell you how good it is to know that you are leaving your child in good hands with someone who will love him and treat him well.  Knowing this makes it easier for me to function at work.  When I drop him off it feels like I'm taking him to family.  I feel very blessed to have found her.  She also puts up with all my phone calls and nonsense (aka somewhat crazy requests).  He's so tired when he gets home partly because he's not doing so well with naps (they are a lot shorter) and also because he's got two other little girls keeping him busy.  Here's a pic of him after his first day.  He was out as soon as he hit the bed.  Poor little thing.  Anyway he did not make it through his first week unscathed.  He unfortunately picked up a cold.  I was mad, mainly  because I thought him (still) being breastfed would have protected him.  I guess not.  He's got the runny nose, itchy face thing going on.  He fights me when I suction his nose and we've been using the humidifier all day when he's home.  Anyway, back to the daycare adjustment.  So, I think my kid is a trooper.  He's very social and smiley which makes it easy to love him and take care of him.  He also adapts remarkably well.  I know he'll be ok.  I also know that his caretaker won't be able to live up to my standards but that's ok too.  I can't even live up to my own standards.  What matters is that she's doing a great job so far.

Thanks for all your supportive words and prayers!

Mrs. K


  1. So glad you were able to find loving care that puts you at ease. It works out great for both you and your lil one!! He's adorable... that face just melts my heart. How are you doing mamma?! :)

  2. glad to read you are getting comfy with the care she provides. OMG, lil boy is CU.TE!!!!

  3. I just want to pick him up and hold him, he's so adorable. I'm glad he's starting to adjust. I'm gonna warn you, your tears are going to come back when you drop him off and he ignores you cause he will be looking forward to his day with the sitter and other kids, that's a whole other issue us mom's may have to face. Hopefully that won't happen for you guys.

  4. Oh and I always feel good knowing that the care they're receiving is good, its not better than mommy's. :-)

  5. I hope he is better in no time. I have heard and read that kids are very resilient so I am he'll adjust pretty soon.
    Hang in there!

  6. Thanks ladies. He's such a darling.
    Keya: Someone else told me the same thing. I guess it's one of the "mommy milestones" I'll have to get thru also.
    Kathy: I'm doing ok. This week is a lot better than last week and it gets better each day. :)

  7. So happy to hear that you are feeling more at ease with the daycare situation. It's definitely a tough transition. It is so good to know that every (most) first time mom go through that period of adjustment.

    Your son is so adorable and he does look completely passed out from a hard long day in that pic.


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