Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Baby K: Month 10


Week 38 Part 2 to week 41 Part 1:

-You are becoming more confident with you motor skills.  You continue to cruise but you now you do it with confidence and style.  You swing from one piece of furniture to the next without hesitating.  You also stand up and let go of whatever you were holding on to without thinking twice.  You sometimes go from that position to a controlled seated position.  It's so amazing to see you grow, get stronger and become more coordinated.  Although you are an expert crawler, you're favorite way to travel is still to be carried around in my arms.  But sometimes you do squirm and demand that I put you down so that you can explore.
-You startle so easily and when this occurs your whole body jerks.  Nowadays you've been a little more careful with strange (new) objects and people. You approach with caution but then relax pretty soon after you realize it's safe.
-Baths are still fun.  Lots of splish-splashing.  Lots of laughter.  Lots of fighting with me for the washcloth.  Lots of playing with the bath toys.  Lots of trying to climb out of the bath tub.  Lots of me trying to prevent you from tipping over the tub.
-Thanksgiving with Nonna and Bumbum was great.  You had fun hanging out with your cousins.  You were the youngest but you tried your best to keep up with everyone.  You got to meet your great grandpa (daddy's granddaddy).  He was impressed by how active and smart you are.  You were so fun to watch pushing his walker around the house.  You were very clingy to daddy and I.  You didn't want anyone to hold you or even feed you at first but you eventually warmed up.  Your cousins love you so much and you love them too (especially Maddie).  Your dad and I went to the FSU vs. Florida game while you hung out with Nonna.  You liked eating her turkey and rice, sweet potatoes, turnip greens, eggs, and more.  We drove to Florida and you tolerated the trip fairly well.  Oh, you loved playing with Luna although you were rough with her at times.  You also liked sharing your food with her and chasing her down
-You've been using one of the push toys while walking.  It's so funny to watch you walk with it.
-You're a wild little guy who loves to climb stairs.  If I turn my head for a second you quickly crawl to the stairs and hurry up them before I could catch you.  It's funny watching you rush because you obviously know that you're not supposed to go.  You can actually climb all 15? steps without any assistance.  Of course I'm there right behind you every time you attempt to climb.
-Babbling has been non stop.  You call me mama (sometimes nana).  You call daddy dada.  You call the dog, Eliza (da or lala).
-Nonna taught you how to wave.  You put your right hand up and hold it there.  It's so cute.  Sometimes you babble something with your hand in the air.
-You're not walking yet but you've taken one step then sat down (several times).
-You like to "sing" along to songs AND dance to music.  You kick your leg and rock back and forth.  It's by far the best moves I've ever seen.  You are so full of life.  You just bring us so much joy.
-Opening and closing closets is a hobby of yours.  You also like closing doors.  You're a lot like your dad in that respect.  I leave things open and he goes behind me and close everything.
-You like to feed yourself.  You're a pro at eating finger foods but you also eat the pureed stuff too.  I tried feeding you avocado again and you refuse to eat it.  I just don't understand why because they are so yummy.  You like tofu.  I cut it in small squares and sautee it in a little oil and garlic. 
-I think you'll be a leader one day.  You have such a STRONG personality.  This was quite evident at Thanksgiving.  You absolutely refused to let anyone feed you when your dad and I were around.  Even if you were very hungry you outright refused to eat.  You just cried and wiggled out of their arms.  Once your dad or I hold you, then you eat.  It was pretty amazing to watch.  I couldn't believe it.
-You like imitating.  You imitate facial expressions, gestures, sounds.  It's so cute.
-Peek-a-boo is a favorite of yours.  You like when I hide then pop up out of nowhere.  You also try to hide under teddy bears and blankies and sometimes toilet paper.  Speaking of toilet paper, you like unrolling toilet paper and eating it.
-Your smile and laugh is contagious.  Everyone says that you are the most smiley baby they have ever met.  Your smile stretches from ear to ear.  Your show your biggest smile with your 2 pearly whites when your dada walks in the room.
-When you get excited you kick your legs and squeal.
-You look like such an angel when you're sleeping.  Your long eyelashes wiggle and your little lips poke out.  You are still sleeping great at night.  After your bedtime feeding you just pass out.  You go to bed around 730 and wake up at 630.  You don't even make a peep all night.  Sometimes your dad and I want to go in your room and snuggle with you but we know that probably wouldn't be wise
-We just love watching you grow!  We just love you!

Mrs. K


  1. he is truly a big boy now! great job mom and dad!

  2. Baby K, Your first Thanksgiving sounds amazing! Hope your first Christmas is just as fun!


  3. 10 Months already?!?! He sounds like a little charmer. Missed you! I promise to catch up and visit more often

  4. He sounds like he is doing so much!! Happy 10months!!

  5. Don't you love the pre-language. So cute and endearing. Hahah! And I know just what you been about that hustle they do when they're trying to get up the stairs and know you're about to foil their plans. You are so lucky to have such a good sleeper. My 10 month old still wakes up for one feeding during the night. Merry Christmas!


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