Monday, September 16, 2013

I officially ran a 5K...and more!

My running buddy and I ran the 5K that I talked about in a previous post this past weekend.  The name of the race is the Get Heeled 5K (website:  Funds made from the race will benefit families with children suffering from childhood cancer.  My running buddy is a pediatric heme/onc doctor and signed us up.  He's pretty passionate about the topic so this wasn't a surprise.  But, I get to choose the next race.  Anyway, this was an awesome race.  There were lots of fun events for kiddos, food, music, etc.  The best part about the race events was the emphasis on remembering past patients who unfortunately have died from childhood cancer and also honoring current patients.

So about the actual race/run.  I ran the entire thing in 28 minutes.  Not the best time but I did it!  My initial pace was more of an 8 minute mile for the first 1.5 miles but then there were the unanticipated hills.  They almost killed me.  There were 3 large hills that seemed like they were never ending at the time.  I was taken by surprise by all 3 of them.  My running buddy and I ran the "route" twice but it was the wrong route so we were both surprised.  I think my time would have been better if I didn't have those hills.  Grrr!  I felt very old when little school-aged kids were passing me by sprinting up the hills. LOL.  I was like "what in the world."  My competitive self got the best of me and my pace was faster than what I usually run.  It was hard seeing all those people passing me. Hehe!  My running buddy actually gave me the ok to go ahead of I did.  He wasn't mad, thankfully.  My favorite part of the race was sprinting across the finish line! Oh yeah and seeing my husband and son waiting at the finish line for me :)

In other fitness news.  I've been working out 5 days per week for the past 2 months I think.  On the days that I run I usually don't do cardio at the gym--just weight lifting.  I've been eating better (sometimes).  I just freaking love food but I've been doing a better job not eating what I want everyday.  I'm 31...not 21 anymore. LOL.  Anyway, I've lost 2-3 lbs over the past month--still not at my pre-pregnancy weight but I'm ok with my progress.

Mrs. K


  1. You are doing great! Keep it up! I know the feeling. I can't wait to get back into running.

  2. You are doing well with the running and working out in general. Keep up the good work.

    I planned on going hardcore after I give birth.

  3. so u need to move to Jax, fl. so that we can run together...boy! I could so use that motivation. keep it up

  4. Awesome!!! Congrats on your 5k run and sticking to a healthy lifestyle!

  5. That's awesome -- even if your time wasn't as fast as you liked. Keep it up girl! So inspiring.

  6. That is so great! I have been wanting to run something like a 5k... but I am scared I wont finish! Keep up the good work :)

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  7. Awesome job!! It's such an great feeling of accomplishment! Keep up the hard work!


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