Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Accidentally ran 9 miles today...who does that?

My running buddy and I accidentally ran 9 miles today.  I know it sounds silly but we ran the Tobacco Trail which is a common running area in NC (no tobacco is on the trail, btw).  It's an amazingly beautiful trail and the other runners/ walkers/bikers are so nice.  We were planning to do 6 miles today but my running buddy who usually keeps track of the distance messed up.  (I'm "directionally-challenged" so it's not my job).  I was wondering why my feet were hurting towards the end.  LOL.  So, we ran 9 miles and it felt great!  The majority of my life I've been a sprinter but I was never a good distance runner.  But "practice makes perfect," I guess :) I just feel good and I just wanted to encourage you all that you can achieve your goals and more too.

Good luck!

Mrs. K


  1. whoo hoo! that's a great accident! congrats on that!

  2. you are a beast!! so awesome - i'm struggling with 3, but getting better. great blog :)

  3. Only crazy people do this :). Good thing you love running, that's a sure way of losing weight, so keep doing it.

    I want to become a runner after this baby, maybe one day I will accidentally run 9 miles ;)

  4. Haha Sean and I have done that before, too funny! He kept saying we passed it, we passed it and I didn't believe him. What was suppose to be 3 miles ended up being 6. He wasn't happy with me :)

    Sounds like you enjoyed your unexpected longer run though :)

  5. Wow! A very good accidental! Hahaha... Well done. ;). You know, u shld take picture of yr trail. It must be very beautiful for you to be mesmerized for 9 miles.

  6. I wish I could accidently run nine miles. I don't even think I can run 1 mile. The other day I was running to a code and felt like I was about to code myself. I am so out of shape. Will you be my personal trainer?? like seriously!

  7. thanks for your comments ladies.
    Pegster: I can't stop cracking up at your comment. "only crazy people do this." You are hilarious. You can do it.
    Amy: You crack me up. Would love to train with you. I hate that we live 30 minutes apart. I have to talk to you soon to see if we can work something out for one day per week. I'm serious ;)


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