Saturday, August 30, 2014

IVK 0-1 month

It's time to blog about my other baby.  As you know I've been blessed with another wonderful child.  It's an awesome feeling being a second time momma.  It's just as good as the first time and the LOVE I have for my baby girl is just the same as the love I have for her brother.  Our capacity to love amazes me.  Anyway, she's almost 3 months old so let me introduce you all to my Little Dollface.  

My little darling was born close to 4 weeks early on June 6, 2014--very tiny at 4lbs 13 oz BUT super healthy.  She's a sweet California baby.  I had to be induced AND the labor and delivery went very smoothly.  She lost a few ounces and was down to 4lb 8oz but quickly gained back her birth weight and more (within a week).

She looked so tiny coming home in her car seat.  She was swallowed up by the premie one piece she was wearing.  We called her our little squirrel because she was so small.  Her brother first saw her right after she was born and his love for her was instant.  He wanted to hold her and he was kissing all over her.  He loves her so very much and has shown no jealousy or meanness.  When she got home, we showed her around the house.  My cousin, Dee, was there helping us out for the first 2 weeks.  Ryan and Carolina visited us while we were in the hospital, along with some of her dad's work partners.

As far as physical appearance, besides being very tiny, she was pale white with straight black hair, brownish-grayish eyes and super red lips.  She had one of the cutest little faces that strongly resembled her brother's.  She loved being swaddled and being held.  The pacifier was her best friend and my savior.  Her first real bath was at home right at 2 weeks when the stump of the umbilical cord fell off.  Her brother and her dad helped with the bath.

She nursed like a pro immediately after she was born and has been awesome at eating thereafter.   I had no problems with latching or any other aspect of breastfeeding.  I did supplement with 10-15 ml of formula at each breastfeeding for the first week to help get her weight up.  My milk came in fully on day 3 right after I drank mother's milk tea.  We had the usual sleepy while nursing newborn stage but this ended after a while.  I fed her mostly on demand but did not let her go past 2 hours during the daytime and 3 hours at night.  She does spit up a lot but I expect this to go away in a few months.

Her sleep was pretty good for a newborn.  Most nights I had to wake her at the 3 hour mark to feed her.  One night my alarm did not go off and  she slept 4.5 hours straight.  She was sleeping in her bed since day 1.  While sleeping she would make these funny little noises.  Her dad and I joked that she sounded like a dinosaur.  We swaddled her for naps and at night.  Naps were irregular as usual.  She seemed to be in a sleepy slumber for this first month.

Overall her personality seems pretty chill BUT she definitely lets her needs be known.  She has the loudest scream I've ever heard.  It's a super high ear-piercing screaming when she's mad.  She definitely screams like a girl!  She's been pretty alert from the get-go and has been trying to pick her head up.

At 4 weeks old we took her to church for the first time and she did very well.  She also went on her first hike at 4 weeks old (in Lassen National Park).  Its amazing how much more comfortable I am the second time around.  She seems to fit in with the rest of our family perfectly.  Her father, brother and I just love and adore her so much.  We cannot get enough of our little munchkin.  We took newborn photos at 3 weeks old and here she is:

Mrs. K


  1. She is so beautiful, isn't 2 kids such a game changer? It's amazing how much strength we have that we don't even know that we have when it comes to taking care of these kids.

    Happy to see that you are really back to blogging :).

  2. Congratulations Mrs K! She is totally adorable! All sugar & spice!!!

    One boy & one girl, you are complete!

  3. She's so precious, God Bless you she's beautiful!

  4. Thanks ladies. I feel so blessed

  5. Shes perfect and so strong. I love the image u painted of her in the car seat comin home lol. Huge congrats on ur second lil one. Yes our capacity to love is freaking incredible isnt it


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