Saturday, August 30, 2014

IVK 1-2 months

Happy 2 month Birthday!

From here on out, I will be documenting milestones etc of my Little Dollface as if I'm talking to her (like I did for her brother).

Your second month was marked by your paternal grandma visiting all the way from Florida.  Your Nonna could not wait to see you and she was so happy when she finally did.  She actually spent 6 weeks with us.  Your brother continues "to love you so much."  He is gentle with you and very protective of you.  When someone comes around he puts his arm out and says "stop, that's my baby sister."  He is attentive to you crying and cares a lot about you being ok.  Your dad and I still adore you.  

You are still very tiny although at your 2 month check up you close to double your birth weight (9lb 13oz) and grew over 3 inches.  You seem to be filling out some especially in your face, tummy and legs.  You still have a head full of bone straight hair when it's dry but when it's wet it gets a little curly.  One day this week you woke up with a natural mohawk.  Everyone we encountered thought it was the most adorable thing ever.  You are not as pale as you were last month and your eyes are clearly brown.  You still have the most adorable little pouty lips. 

You still have a pretty laid back personality, it seems although you let your needs be known with your girly ear piercing screams.  You began showing some social smile at around 5 weeks although not very consistent.  I'm definitely less rigid and more laid back (if I dare say so) the second time around.  Although this newborn stage is still rough, I feel less stressed when it comes to caring for you. 

Nursing is still going well and you remain a pretty good eater--meal every 2-3 hours although very fast.  Nursing the second time around seem so much easier.  I am still having to wake you up every 3 hours to feed you but getting you to go back to sleep has been difficult.  Your naps are still not organized during the daytime.  We are still swaddling you when you sleep and this seems to help.  You like the pacifier AND if it falls out you get really upset.  That's been a bit challenging for us.  Although I'm nursing you, you got your first cold (your brother goes to preschool and has been getting everyone sick).  You did pretty well for being sick.  Thankfully we took care of you at home without having to take you to your pediatrician.

We have been on several outtings this month--mainly to church, shopping, and a few hikes.  You are such a trooper.  The more I get to know you, the more I adore you.  I just love you so much and feel very blessed to be your mommy.  I think you will  be just as sweet as your brother when you get older.  You still look very much like him.

Mrs. K

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