Sunday, November 16, 2014

IVK 4-5 months

Happy 5 months my Little Dollface!

Time seems to be going by so fast.  It seems like you were just born yesterday but at the same time it feels like you've been a member of our family forever.  It's weird.  This month has been awesome.  You've changed so much--not really in appearance but in your personality and activities.  We all love and enjoy you.  We also love watching you go through each milestone.

You and your brother are still best buddies.  He loves you so much although sometimes he forgets you are more than half his size and plays too rough.  You, however, let him know when he's doing so by letting out one of your usual blood curdling screams.  Yes, you have one of the loudest screams I've ever heard.  You usually scream whenever you are hungry or tired or bothered by your big brother.  Otherwise you are pretty happy.  You love to laugh and smile.  Your favorite thing to do is stare at your big bro and laugh with him.  Sometimes you guys will sit next to each other and crack up.  It's so sweet to watch you guys together and I pray that you guys will forever be close and care about each other.  You also love smiling with your daddy.  You are so sweet, I just want to eat you up!

You love to grab at everything you see, especially food.  I haven't started you on solid foods yet but I'm looking forward to it.  I have a feeling you'll be a good eater (fingers crossed).  You can roll over from belly to back but not from back to belly.  When on your back, you roll over on you side but don't get quite on your belly.  When doing tummy time, you get up on your elbows and look around.  You like tummy time a little better now that you are stronger.  You sit well with support but can only support yourself for a few seconds before toppling over.

I'm still enjoying nursing you, although we are also supplementing because my milk production isn't the greatest.  You are a pretty good eater and a fairly good sleeper.  You nap3-4 times per day and they are pretty organized (surprisingly).  You like to sleep and you can hardly stay up longer than 2 hours before you start getting cranky.  You first nap is about an hour, the second is about 2-3 hours, and the third is about 45 min to 1 hour.  Bedtime is around 7pm and you get up once at night mostly then wake up around 630.  You have a little cold right now so you've been getting up way too many times to count.

This month we've done a few hikes, a few playground visits, a museum visit and went to a birthday party.  Oh, how could I went trick or treating with your brother and a few of his friends.  You were dressed as a ladybug and your brother was Spiderman.  You still seem to love being outdoors.  You are also very friendly and smiley (even with strangers when being held by me).  You don't like to be held my strangers if I'm not around however. You  love to blow bubbles and imitate facial expressions and sound.  You are just so much fun.  Your dad and brother are enjoying you a lot too.   

We just love watching you grow and we are thankful to be blessed with such a sweet little girl as you.
Mrs. K

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  1. What a sweet post. I also saw the post prior to this one and your daughter is so precious. Have a blessed day... :)


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