Tuesday, October 7, 2014

IVK 3-4months

Happy 4 month birthday (my Little Dollface)

This is the first month since you've been born that we've had you all to ourselves.  We've had family and friends for the past 3 months hanging out with us so that they can see you.  It's been fun living as a family of 4 and it's been interesting not having help BUT we all did good!

You continue to have a sweet personality.  You seem so laid back (most days) except for when you are mad (like when you're sleepy, hungry, or when we get you out of the tub).  You looove baths and calm down so nicely as soon as we put you in BUT as soon as we take you out, you start screaming.  By the way, did I mention you have the loudest scream I've ever heard--yes.you.do!  You also seem to love your brother and smile when he's around.  You definitely have been smiling consistently and even laughing.  I love hearing you laugh and coo.  They are like music to my hears.  It warms my heart to even think about you smiling and laughing.  You love to kick around during diaper changes and bath time.  You also love to blow bubbles and try to imitate facial expressions and noises.  Really cute!

You still look sooo much like your brother.  You are still tiny but growing.  You have kissable chubby cheeks and thighs.  You still have a head full of bone straight hair when it's dry but gets wavy when wet.  I love your big gummy smiles.  You even smile with your eyes.  Gosh you are sweet.  I can't stop kissing you. 

You sleep pretty good at night--getting about 6-8 hours per night straight then wake up and get 3-4 hours more.  You are still a night owl and it's sometimes hard getting you to go down for good at bedtime.  Nap time during the day is a little more consolidated or organized.  You nap around 930, 1230 and 330.  You try to take a late nap in the evenings although we try to avoid that.  You end up winning though.  I still swaddle you for naps and at night.  You still eat pretty good every 2-3 hours during the day time.  You nurse mainly but at bedtime I give you a bottle.  You still are the spit up queen but you don't seem bothered by it.

You have great head control.  We do some tummy time but need to do more.  You hate tummy time by the way.  You roll over on your side but not all the way.  You have been trying to sit up on your own a lot.  When you are in you car seat or we try to lay you flat, you pick your head up, flex your abs and try to sit.

We have done so much this month--church as usual, several hikes.  We went on a few walks with Caroline, your buddy who's a month older than you who lives up the road.  Went shopping in Sacramento this month and stayed the night in a hotel--you did great.  You also visited Yosemite this month and did great.  You are still loving the great outdoors and love being carried facing out in the Baby Bjorn.

We are all so delighted to have you.  We love seeing you sweet little face and interacting with you.  We even love you loud piercing screams at times.  It's hard to believe that someone as little as you can be so loud.  Feeling so blessed right now.   

Here's a recent pic of my little Dollface:


Mrs. K


  1. My my she is gorgeous :) happy 4th month

  2. Awwww, such a happy little girl you have there. Gosh, she is so adorable and seems to be doing so well.

    You are making my ovaries ache over here :).

  3. OMG! I haven't been to your blog is sooooo long!! Congrats on baby #2 and your move to California. ((Hugs))

  4. She's such a pretty little princess!

  5. She is such a beauty and truly sounds like a sweet baby! And you're right, she resembles her brother so much!


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