Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Review: Hodge Podge of Stuff I Did

This weekend was laid back.  I didn't do anything terribly exciting.  Hubby was out of town and I chilled with my dog children again.  Here's a recap:

-Went to work as usual and watched in shock as one of my colleagues get annihilated by one of the head physicians.  Was difficult to watch but I couldn't really do too much about it.

-Ate crackers (with "raw milk" cheese) and canned soup for dinner while catching up on reading other people's blogs.  I was too lazy to cook for one.

-Hung out with dog children

-Partial house cleaning while listening to music and jamming out.

-Hung out with pet children

-Called a few special people (family mainly)

-Went shopping: bought hair "stuff," a brown leather pleather skirt and black pleather pants from New York & Company.  These two purchases are out of character for me (meaning I've never worn leather before, except for shoes).  Also bought a pair of black denim Jeggings from Target. 

-Had eyebrows threaded.  Had to nicely ask the threader to change gloves after I'd witnessed her using the same gloves on multiple clients.  She didn't seem bothered by it.  At the end she used the same brush to dust away the hair from my face before I could tell her not to.  Once she started  I just let her continue then washed my face when I got home.  I'm curious, have you ever had to tell someone that their practices weren't sanitary?  How did you do it?  Although I said it nicely to her, I still felt like a meanie.

-Spoke at a church function at Cool Water restaurant (not my church).  It was the woman's group annual breast cancer awareness function (was postponed to this month although last month was breast cancer awareness month).  Was nervous but made it threw. LOL.  I was one of the youngest women in attendance but I still had a great time with some lovely ladies.  By the way, I wore my brown pleather skirt to this church function with my hot pink blouse.

-Wore this hot pink Pashmina (see below) scarf as an accessory to my all black outfit to the movies.  The woman's group gave me this scarf as an appreciation for my speaking.  They were so sweet.  I was so excited because I love scarves!
Picture Credit

 -Saw the movie: For Colored Girls.  One word: WOW! I may talk about this more in a later post. 

-Attended church 

-Went food shopping.  I hate going to the supermarket.  When I go in there I go straight to what I want and try to hurry out.  It's like what guys do when they go shopping.  I don't check out deals or anything.

-Hung out with dog children and kittie

-Cooked dinner: Baked red potatoes, edamame, crab cake. Yummy!

-Went running for about 45-50 minutes

-Made out my menu for the week (something new that I'm trying out).

-Unsuccessful attempt to read some sewing books my neighbor brought over.

-More blogging!

-Researched a bunch of pre-pregnancy topics.  I've got Baby Center app. on iPhone, signed up on some fertility website.  Mr. K and I are not trying to conceive right now but we plan to in the near future so I'm trying to get more edu-ma-cated.  I figure that the more educated I am the less stressful it would be.

Told you my weekend was uneventful.  Nothing wild and crazy here. 

Mrs. K


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I can't wait to see "Colored Girl's."

  2. Love love the iphone and all the amazing apps...busy weekend!

  3. I'm interested to hear more about what you thought of the movie...I saw For Colored Girl's on Friday. My goodness it was so intense. I think it's the best film Tyler Perry ever directed.

  4. 1. I feel sorry for your colleague.
    2. I almost never cook for just myself and the girls. Only the Hubster cares.
    3. I’d like to hear your thoughts/review on “For Colored Girls."
    4. Have fun with the pre-pregnancy planning!

  5. Uneventful sounded great to me! Congrat's on your speaking engagement. Pregnancy is a wonderful experience and it will be non-stressful for you (your preparation will pay off). Have a great day!

  6. Glad your seminar went well. Yummy dinner on Sunday!

    The woman who threaded your eyebrows was probably more embarrassed than teed off. Sometimes on busy days people don't realize they forgot steps. Good on you to remind her.

    Good luck with conceiving whenever you and your husband start trying :D

  7. What a wonderful weekend, so full of events and cool ones at that! :-) I can't wait to see that movie! This will definitely go down this week! Have a blessed week! xoxoxo

  8. Thanks for dropping by ladies.
    Whitney and Ms. Pancakes: it was a overall good weekend.
    Monique and Jamie--I may post about my thoughts regarding the movie if laziness doesn't overcome me. LOL.
    Melissa and Inspire All: It's a must see. Bring lots of Kleenex with you.
    Sommer: dinner was good. My goal is to cook everyday this week (except Saturday).

  9. sounds like fun though uneventful :) btw, over here, we called 'dog children', 'furkids'. :D

  10. Sounds like a relaxing well-rounded weekend to me! :-) Some of Tyler Perry's latest movies have been hit or miss for me, but I am looking forward to seeing "For Colored Girls."

  11. I've heard such missed reviews about For Coloured Girls I can't decide if I should see it. Those that loved it, LOVE it. Those that don't like it, seemed to really hate. I haven't been much of a Perry fan, but this latest release seems on another level. I can't wait to read your review.

    WooHoo! Did I just read you say "raw milk"? I'm a raw milk foodie. We strictly drink raw milk and eat raw milk products. Love when I e-meet others that do to, as I feel strongly for it's bennies.

    Sounds like an all around relaxing, pleasant weekend. Hope your week is going awesome :)

  12. sounds like a full weekend to me! i went running for that amount of time as well. press on press on. love your blog. :)

  13. I just joined babycenter too! So funny. We are like kindred spirits!

  14. It's nice when you can have those types of chill weekends. Ours was full of soccer, illnesses and driving (for me).

    Glad your talk went well and I love scarves as well. :)

  15. i want to see Colored Girls so bad! tell me how it was, plllleeeeassseeeee!!! :)

    i love jeggings so much. it's my new thing! haha.

    the dinner you made sounds amazing!

    i should start getting myself educated too! haha. procrastination is in my nature.

  16. You weekend sounds pretty eventful, to me anyway. I am a germ-a-phobe so I have no qualms telling people to wash hands, use a new rag on my table, etc...This coming weekend hubs and I are going to see the new Harry Potter at his company's PDO. This will be the first time we've gone to the theater by ourselves since Feb.
    what are Jeggings?!

  17. I've joined the babycenter too, LMAO. The thing is I'm not even pregnant or even trying to conceive right now...shoo I'm not even married but I joined out of moral support for one of my best friends who is pregnant but now that you've mentioned it, theres no harm in educating myself in preparation for when my time comes whenever that may be.

    I admire your courage in telling the beautician to change gloves. I struggle with asking people to remove shoes before entering my place and alway feel mean afterwards.


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