Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Random Updates

This is a post to update you all on what's been going on over the past few weeks.  My previous posts have not really said much about what I've been doing.  So here we go.

1) I cooked three times last week (that is one time less than the previous week) but that was planned.  We had a few dinner invitations that we could not pass up so we had to kick cooking to the curb for a few days.  Besides we knew about the dinners ahead of time so that doesn't count.

2) I've been eating more healthy.  I already eat fairly healthy (ok, sometimes I do) but there's always room for improvement.  I have to eat breakfast daily.  On days when I'm not eating breakfast with my husband (which is at least 5 days per week) I have oatmeal.  Yum!  I'm actually one of the rare kind that actually like oatmeal (you know the one without all the sugar and stuff already mixed in). 

So that I get at least a few servings of fruits per day, I mix fruits in my oatmeal.  You name it, I put it in there.  My favorites are grapes, strawberries, peach.  This is sometimes together but other times individually.  I wish I liked bananas because I think they would go well with oatmeal.  On some days I try to eat a fruit with lunch too.  

Speaking about lunch, I usually bring lunch to work with me.  I try to do it daily but on rare days I get lazy or have a planned lunch date.  I've never been a big veggie fan but I've been having veggies with dinner.  Hubby is also not a big vegetable fan (God help our kids) but we are slowly introducing new veggies in our diet.  It's been going great so far.

3) My husband's older brother spent a few days with us.  He drove cross country from Wyoming (out of his way) to visit us then drove to FL to join his parents early for Thanksgiving.  It was so much fun having him here.  He and my husband are both really goofy.  Of course they pulled me into it and we all had a great time.  By the way, my husband's brother is single and is looking for a future wife so if you know of any eligible bachelorettes let me know.  I'm half joking.  He is a great guy and he is hot {hi honey, he is not as hot as you but he does have an awesome body}. Ha!

4) As we are talking about awesome bodies, I've been working out more.  Ok, so I'm no where close to having an awesome body but I'm trying.  If you remember I'm trying to stay in shape so that I can get pregnant then become out of shape again.  Kidding.  Really though, I've been exercising regularly now for the past few weeks.  Last week I did 5 days of P90X workout videos.  Those were serious but I felt so good after then I started hurting about 2 days after each workout (but it's the good kind of hurt).

5) The P90X videos are not so bad actually.  I know, I can't believe I just said that either.  Ok they are tough.  The Ab Ripper X is the worse.  Anyway, since I'm feeling so healthy and athletic, I've decided to give the Insanity workout videos a try.  I like a challenge.  They are extremely expensive but I've convinced my hubby to get them for me as an early Christmas present. Yay!  I'll let you know how it goes.  I've got a feeling I wont still be cheering after I've done the Insanity workouts.  I'm surprised that I'm liking home workouts so much.  It's actually a lot easier for me to roll out of bed and go downstairs to work out than go outside.

6) Thanksgiving will be spent at my husband's family's house.  Christmas will be with my family.  Thanksgiving will be in north Florida and should be tons of fun.  We plan to drive down on Wednesday night.  The hubby may drop me off at his parents home then go to the "family house" where he will spend the night with some male relatives.  They will likely get up early Thursday morning to go hunting.  I'll drive to the "family house" with his mom and help get food ready. 

I don't have to cook anything but I think I want to make a dessert.  We'll see.  They'll have tons of games and other activities to do.  It will be very different from Thanksgiving with my family.  There will be no curry goat (this is what I will miss the most).  But I will have a good time regardless.  I plan to try everything but I will NOT overeat.  The feeling is just too uncomfortable.  By the way, our dog children will be taking the 6 hour trip with us. Yikes!
Hubby and I with my grandma from a past Thanksgiving
7) Lastly, not much progress with sewing.  My sweet neighbor has brought me over some books to help but they are way too advanced for me.  She is retired and has offered to donate some time to help me.  I plan to take her up on that offer after the holidays.  Also I plan to take my sewing machine with me when visiting my hubby's family for Thanksgiving so that his sister can teach me a thing or two.

Anyway, that's my little update.  I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving with family and friends. 

Mrs. K


  1. Yum! I love curry goat and miss my Auntie! I've heard good things about Insanity and P90X. Travel safely and enjoy your holiday!

  2. I love the real deal oatmeal...tres tasty!

  3. Good luck on the P90X! It's TOUGH STUFF! We have it on our home server so I will pop it out a few times when I feel the mood. The Plyometrics is the worst for me. That stuff KILLS!! Make sure to take your recovery drinks after those workouts because they really do help with muscle recovery and keep you from getting sore or hurting the following days.

    Good luck with the fur babies traveling with you. WOW! 6 hours in the car with them. Almost as bad as 6 with real little ones. hahah

    Enjoy you holiday!

  4. I really need to learn few things about Thanksgiving.

    I like reading your update. I've been very bad about my eating habits and body workout. I can't wait to be back to London and go back to my healthy regime.

  5. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! Happy Travels to you and Hubs.

    P.S. I'm very impressed by you working out at home!

  6. What a lovely photo! It sounds like you are making big strides in the healthy living efforts - good on ya.

    And happy thanksgiving to you!

  7. Lol -- it seems we have something else in common!

    I cracked reading this because I, too, love oatmeal (and not the quick and easy microwaveable kind, although it would do in a pinch, but the kind that is best cooked the old-fashioned way on the stovetop), almost never sweeten it unless with honey, and absolutely love to add fruit -- except bananas, which I also HATE! My mom sent me a care package a week ago, and it included a huge canister of rolled oats and a five pound bag of grits (which I also love, although oatmeal is definitely the favorite). It's a good thing I'm going home next week because the oatmeal box is now only half full -- I've been eating it like a mad person (including for lunch a couple days) -- so I need to restock my supply. :-)

  8. My cousin did the P90X and she loved it. I think I might try it when I start my new years diet/exercise plan :-) I hope your thanksgiving holidays with the fam in sunny Florida went well!

  9. You've been a busy busy somebody! I have the old Power 90x DVDs. I have heard good things about Insanity. I need to kick-start a workout routine. I wish there was a kickboxing club nearby like the one I went to back in Atlanta. Did I tell you that I got a sewing machine for my bday back in May? I had one lesson and then it sat in my craft room for months. I finally got up the nerve to use it to take in my Halloween costume!

    p.s. I love old-fashioned oatmeal too!

  10. I also love oatmeal - the plain kind! Now tell me about this Insanity? Is it a great workout. ;) I just might have to try it!!

  11. Cool updates - hope you had a great thanksgiving. I've been eating oatmeal for breakfast. I love the maple and brown sugar flavoured one :) I buy the weight management version which has less sugar but still tastes great.

  12. I wish that I cooked as much as you do. It is so difficult trying to find something to cook that my husband and I both like. We usually just go out or make ourselves something small to eat! We are still getting used to each other I guess. lol! Hope you had a great holiday!


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