Friday, June 3, 2011

Doggie adventure

Yesterday I laughed my butt off at our dog.  She is totally nuts.  She's the youngest and smallest of our two dogs but you wouldn't believe it.  She is so bossy.  She is definitely the alpha dog among the dog crews (in our neighborhood, at PetSmart and at the park).   She is so sweet to people though.  For the most part she acts like an angel with hubby and I but she's selfish with her big brother, Gideon.  She doesn't share toys and sometimes doesn't even want to share food.  If Gideon is playing with a toy she'll drop the toy she has and take his from him.  If he reaches for another toy she'll grab that one too.  She's such a mess.  If Gideon decides not to risk it by reaching for another toy, she'll stand over her toy then slowly walk away from it, hoping he'll go for it so she can continue her little cycle of harassing him.

Anyway, the reason for saying all this is so that I can set you up for her little (mis)adventure.  My neighbor has put out one of those lawn sprinklers that are set to come on at a certain time.  They'll also rotate clockwise then counterclockwise.   That little stinker, Eliza, as soon as it came on kept chasing it down.  I'm not sure if she thought it was a toy or what.  She kept running back and forth trying to "grab a hold" of the water but of course this is impossible.  She kept getting sprayed in the face as she chased it, jumping, doing cartwheels, with mouth wide open.  She was so intent on getting it that she didn't even pay attention to my loud laughter on the side.  I'm sure passer's by thought we were both nuts.

So I watched her do this for about 5-7 minutes then decided to finally take her out of her misery.  She finally came over to me after calling her and she was dripping wet and looked disappointed.  It was flipping hilarious.

I tried taking pix with my phone but they came out blurry.  I was too lazy to get my camera to video it but I have to do it one time.  I wish you all could see it.  Eliza is such a meanie to Gideon so I think she deserved it but I felt bad for letting it go on for so long.  I guess it was payback for her. LOL.

Mrs. K


  1. That's so funny! I wish I could have seen that ;)

  2. You should take a video of it next time. It should be very hillarious! Cant wait!


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