Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Good food good peeps

For the past few days we've been eating it up with some wonderful people.  Because we are moving to a different state in exactly 19 days we've been spending quality time with the people we love.  Of course spending quality time includes eating.  It wouldn't be quality without some good food to accompany the good people.
On Saturday evening we had dinner with one of my husband's friend/basketball colleague and his family.  They are from Nicaragua and they cooked us some good food.  They grilled this steak thingy and made Spanish rice.  It was so freaking yummy.  For dessert, was the most awesome tasting tres leche cake.  Needless to say, hubby and I overdid it but it was so worth it.  It was also fun to sit around and laugh.  We have a big language barrier as we hardly speak Spanish and they barely speak English but it was all good.  My husband knows a lot more Spanish than I do so he acted as translator for me the majority of the time.

Sunday after church we went to dinner with an "us" couple.  "Us" couples are what we call other couples in interracial relationships that are similar to ours (bfwm).  They attend our church and are A LOT younger than us (a whole decade younger).  Regardless they were very mature and very sweet.  This was our first time ever hanging out with an "us" couple and it was so refreshing.  At dinner we talked about some of the similar challenges we face.  We also talked about a lot of the good things about being interracial.  We chatted about everything.  This couple is actually new to us and this was our first time doing something with them.  I wish we had known them longer.

Last night our lovely neighbors had us over for dinner and stuffed us.  Saying that her husband is an awesome cook is an understatement.  Let's just say that so far he's the only one that makes me go back for seconds of beans.  I hate most beans but last night at the rate I was going you wouldn't believe that.  We had rice with pinto beans, sausage, and steak.  Everything was delicious.  I wasn't even embarrassed to ask to take leftovers home. LOL.  And today, while at work, all I could think of was my leftovers.  I asked him how to make the beans and it was like a 4-5 hour adventure that he described.  I was thinking, no one wonder they are best I've ever tasted.  

Anyway it was great to dine with friends.  We don't have any family here but we've met some great folks that are like family.  We feel very blessed to have them in our lives.

Mrs. K


  1. seriously, your post has me drooling! i just want to eat everything you have described in your post!!!

    good luck with your move in 19 days! how exciting!

  2. @ the beans: after so many hours and expertise i guess it had no choice but to be delicious.
    Good luck with your move

  3. good food and good peeps are two very important things. glad you're spending time with peopple in your life...the "us" couple thing i was trying to understand...i think i get it but i dunno..maybe you can explain sometime when you can...cheers!

  4. Just like Faith, I want to eat all the food list you made in your post.

    We have been invited to many dinners since we've been here but we haven't return the favour, we hope to do that very soon. Hopefully we can impress our guests in the way your hosts impressed you :).

    OMG, good luk with you 19 days move. You must be overwhelmed with preparations :)!

  5. Thanks. Now I'm hungry. And it's 11:30 pm, so food is a no-no. Food and friends is such an awesome combo!

  6. I love beans already so I betcha I would have really loved their beans. Don't you just love left overs?

  7. Why not get pizza? Just remember that takeout food doesn't always have to be unhealthy.

  8. What is it about food that makes socializing so wonderful? ahahah

    Believe it or not, my husband and I also call BWWM couples "us" couples! Too funny! Only within the last couple of years have we found more here in the Dallas area that we have hung out with, but it's nice to hang with someone who is in a relationship similar to your own. :) Hope you all stay in touch.

  9. wish you would call me an awesome cook. maybe one day you'll see. boo

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  11. It is always nice to have a good meal and good conversation.

  12. This is non post related, but I changed my blog layout and it erased you as my follower. Please go back and "re-follow" me so I will have my 1 lone follower back! :) Also, if we can help y'all do anything to get ready to move please call us!

  13. I like the "us" couple term. I might start using that :)

    Good friends + good food = Good Times!!

  14. I love having good food with good people! And I love your description of an US couple...we always get excited when we meet one too!!

  15. Ah, it's such a delight to sit and dine together with good friends.
    I love beans - the menu sounds toothsome. Am sure you enjoyed it all;-)

  16. Bloody hell... I want to eat some of what you had! It sounds delicious. I can't believe that it is only 19 days until you move... Good luck with it chick!

  17. Hi Mrs. K I'm back, married and catching up on blog reading. It's so wonderful, to have all these send offs which include lots of yummy food. Packing and moving can be stressful so glad you wonderful people around you. Good luck in NC!

  18. Sounds like you've had a yummy month! :-)
    HOw exciting about your move! It's great that you have friends (like family) who love you guys and send you off with lots of love and great food. Take care with the preparations for the move and the transitioning.
    Can't wait to hear more about your adventures- and more "us couple" details! So intriguing!


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