Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Baby K: month 2

Happy 2 month Birthday!!!!

Week 5:
- We went back for your one month check up on March 7 and you weighed 8lb 6oz.  Your dad and I were excited about the weight gain.  Your dad estimated that you would be about 7 lbs and I didn't estimate because I'm bad at guessing at things like that.  You are also 20 inches long.  We are glad that you are growing.  We can tell because your face looks chubbier.  We are totally digging the double chin and pot belly.  We also like that newborn clothes and diapers no longer fit you.  By the way, this week you are officially an infant and no longer a newborn.
 - You were pretty fussy this week.  You had a few days where you were on a nursing marathon.  You wanted to nurse for like two hours continuously and whenever I tried removing you, you went ape crazy.  Those days were frustrating but we made it through.  My impression is that you were really tired at those times and needed a nap but sought comfort in the boob.
- Interestingly your hair is still straight and I'm wondering when it's going to get curly.  Even when it's wet it's straight.  I envy your long eyelashes and was wondering if I could borrow them.  Kidding.  Your complexion is more tan and your eye color looks medium brown (not dark brown like mine but not really hazel).  Your dad says that you may have hazel eyes.  I guess we just have to wait to see.  You are still sporting the Whoopie look with hardly any eyebrows.  Although I hate to see you cry, I adore how your little bottom lip curves up (and quivers) whenever you are about to cry.  You have huge hands and huge feet.  The socks you wear look a little funny on you because your ankles are so tiny but your feet are too big for them.
- You seem to want to talk to me more this week.  You look at my mouth when I'm talking and you try to make sounds too.
- I've learned that when you are sleeping you'll make little fussy noises but you are still asleep so I should just leave you alone and not pick you up.  You've taught me so much little boy.
- This week you seem to be spitting up less but pooping a ton more.  
- We went to church again this week and you did well.  Oh yeah and we went on several walks this week.

Week 6:
- Truthfully one word sums up this week: FUSSY.  Jut kidding.  But really, you reached peaked fussiness this week.  I must admit that I felt a bit helpless at times because I did not know what to do to soothe you.  After some research I felt a little better because this is apparently normal at this age.
- For the most part you don't mind riding in the car.  Actually I think you like it and it helps to soothe you sometimes when you are fussy.
- You are still not big on the using the pacifier but you'll take it sometimes.
- Still exclusively breastfeeding--this limits our activities some but we both don't seem to mind.  At the mall, we found the nursing room which worked out great.  Interestingly I nursed you in public twice this week (of course I used the Balboa cover up thingy)--once at Jordan Lake and once in Cheesecake factory.  It wasn't bad at all-- we didn't get any crazy stares or comments.  It would not have mattered anyway, because you were hungry and I HAD to feed you.
- Met with Baby Abby again for ice cream and took some cute pictures together
- Family came to visit you from Florida this week.  Your dad's sister, her husband, her 7 year old and her 9 month old twins were in town.  It was extremely chaotic but fun.  It was great spending time with family.
- One of our friends, Jasmine, came to visit.  She spent part of her spring break with us.  We all went to the mall, went for ice cream and went for a walk together.

Week 7:
- We are still working on several things this week.  Because we've had many visitors over the past few weeks, it's been difficult sticking to a schedule.  This week we are going back to the feed/wake/sleep schedule.  I'm not being very rigid with it but that's the general trend.  Just want to get something in place before I go back to work.  By the way, I'm still thinking about how difficult it will be to go back.  Don't know how I will do it.  This week I've been trying to let you cry a little (teeny tiny bit) before rescuing you.  I know that when I go back to work you may not be catered to as much.  But it's so hard to see you cry--it really does break my heart.
- Aunt Jeanna and the kiddos came to visit.  Maddie (your cousin) was so sweet with you.  I think you handle all the chaos well.
- This week was filled with more public nursing and nursing in the back of my car.  It's not as bad as it sounds.  It's so sweet to watch your face when you nurse.  My heart melts when your big brown eyes stare back at me.
- Aunt Heather came to visit too.  Interestingly that same day, our entire neighborhood lost power for a few hours due to a storm.  That was one interesting night but everything turned out ok.
- You got your first bottle this week and boy was it a challenge (even though it contained breast milk).  I let your dad feed you the bottle with expressed milk so that you can get used using a bottle.  You whined and cried for about 30 minutes before deciding to take it.  I think a part of the reason is because the nipple from that bottle was kind of crappy. 

Week 8: 
- You have been "talking up a storm" but the funny thing is when daddy comes home and I tell him all you do, you make me look like I'm crazy because you don't do it for him.  So my solution for that problem was to record you.  Daddy got a chance to see you smiling and talking via video.  You are the most talkative, interactive, and playful in the mornings when you're on the changing table.  You are so sweet to watch.
- Your dad fed you another bottle this week and you cried for 15 minutes before taking it.  I think it was because you did not like the nipple from that bottle.  We switched you to the Medela bottle and you did fine.
- Mommy had a birthday this week and we celebrated low key.
- You seem less fussy this week but in the evenings you still get cranky--especially if you didn't have a few good naps earlier in the day.
- You have been sleeping 4 hours straight on a regular basis now.  Your best night this week, you slept four hours, woke up to eat, went right back to sleep then slept another four hours.  It's still not sleeping through the night but compared to where we were before I'm very grateful
- Daddy and I have a bedtime routine down for you which I think helps with transition to sleep.  It includes a bath, my version of baby massage, you crying, grooming/diaper change, prayer, feeding then rocking for a few minutes until you get drowsy then putting you down awake but drowsy.  Most nights this work and you go to bed without a struggle.  I've moved reading you a book to the daytime because you get fussy when I read to you at night.
- We've been going out more and planning activities around your schedule.  There's been lots of feeding you in public and in the car.  That doesn't bother me and it sure doesn't bother you.

Week 9: Part 1
- This week has been even better.  You are smiling with me even more.  You seem to be more social in the mornings.  Finally daddy got to see you communicating.
- We skyped with Nonna (your paternal grandma) but you did not coo or smile for her.  Maybe next time.
- This week so far you came very close to sleeping 5 hours per night.  Most nights the longest you've slept is a 4 hour stretch.
- So far you've drank out of a bottle about 3 or 4 times.  The last 2 times you took it without fussing too much.  This reassures me that you wont starve when I go back to work.  Mommy has been pumping and storing milk like crazy but with all that hard work only have enough for a few weeks.  Thankfully, I'm able to pump at work so we hopefully wont run it.  It's been great not having to buy formula or make bottles.
- This week I got a new phone and have been taking tons of pictures and videos of you.  Daddy enjoys getting photos of you almost daily while at work.
- Still doing tummy time pretty often so no flat head for you.  While on your tummy you're able to turn your head from side to side and hold your head up for a few seconds.  Your neck muscles seem to be getting stronger.
- I think you recognize my voice because you search for me when you hear it.

OK, I know this was a long recap but I want to remember as much as I can.  I love you so much little boy.  Your daddy loves you too and it takes my breath away when I see him with you (loving and kissing on you).  Can't wait to see what the future holds for you and our family.

Mrs. K


  1. Awww he is already growing up so fast!

  2. Oh dear seems like I've been away a long time. Congrats on the birth of your son!!

  3. Awesome! Love hearing about baby! They change SO MUCH the first year so enjoy every bit.

  4. I can't believe it's been 2 months! It goes by so fast. It's good that you are documenting so that you can remember all the little things

  5. My boys hair was straight till about 9 months than it started to curl as it got longer. Babies are so amazing, it's great to see all the changes. Glad you are enjoying motherhood.


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