Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just for laughs

The other day my husband yelled really loudly (out of happiness) while our kiddo was sleeping.  He had been trying to get something on his computer to work for a few days and it finally did.  He was so excited that he yelled.  Needless to say this was minutes after we had put our son down to sleep.  Our son was in the neighboring room upstairs and I was downstairs when I heard him yell.  I freaked out because I didn't want the baby to wake up.  Thankfully he didn't.  My husband's explanation was that he "forgot for a little while there that we had a kid."  LOL.  I thought that was so funny and I could not stop laughing.

Mrs. K


  1. Lol..i guess he is still getting used to the little one...oops!

  2. too funny! I have to admit I've done the same thing before.

  3. hi so been reading ur blog and u motivated me to start the insanity work out, am now on my 6th day and am so sore i wanna quite, so was wondering if it really worked for you so i no if to continue or not.....tnks

  4. Hi ify, thanks for reading. I'm glad I was able to motivate you. I hope you stick with it. I did the workout before my pregnancy and I thought it helped to get me toned up and more defined. I didn't lose weight on it but I really didn't need to lose weight. My husband on the other hand lost over 15 lbs I believe. I think it's very much worth it.

  5. Thank God for building babies to sleep through most noise. :)

    Hope you and the family are doing well!


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