Monday, December 20, 2010

Parties make this time of year so much more enjoyable

So far I've gone to 3 Christmas parties.  Woohoo!  Last year we went to 4 (and I think that's the far).  These are not including family gatherings.  I enjoy going to these parties.  Here are some things I like about them:

1) Getting dressed up fancy.  On a daily basis I wear what I call "work clothes" which is usually isn't anything fun or fancy.  When I'm not in "work clothes" I'm either in "house clothes," "workout clothes," "night clothes," or "going out clothes."  I know these labels may seem strange to you.  Don't worry you are not alone, my husband finds them strange too and he laughs at me whenever I say anyone of them.  Anyway, these parties give me an opportunity to parade around in a nice dress, heels and fancy (but inexpensive) jewelry and not look too crazy.

2) Putting on make up (ie. mascara and lipstick).  I wear lip gloss all the time but not lipstick.  I feel the make up completes the outfit although it is kept at a minimum.

3) Seeing my husband dressed up.  I've mentioned before that my honey is a basketball shorts wearing down-to-earth kind of guy.  Although I think he looks great everyday, whenever he dresses up in a suit he looks amazing.

4) Socializing.  Yes, I am social butterfly.  Well in a way I am.  You see at my husband's work functions, I wont initiate a conversation with someone I don't know.  But if they come up to me and start talking--it's on.  Although if it's someone I know, I have no problem going up to them first. I also like meeting the people that my husband comes home and talk to me about from work.

5) Watching co-workers/professionals get tipsy and start talking/behaving without inhibitions.  Yes, it's pretty fun watching this, especially when they start dancing.  It's a sight to see.  From a sober person's point of view it's hilarious!

6) Eating the food.  I am not ashamed to say it.  I look forward to the food and I love the diversity of food offered.  Except for the party for my department, the food at the other 2 parties were awesome.  

7) The smiles and the laughter.  I like seeing people from all walks of life fellowshipping and having a great time.

8) Cutting a rug on the dance floor.  My husband doesn't like to dance as much as I do although he is a good dancer but he has learned over the years to just go with it.  He usually is prepared to be on the dance floor with me most of the night.  I love it all from the "soul train line" to the "cupid shuffle."  I also like to watch others try to dance.

Anyway, these are just a few things that I like about parties that make this time of year more fun.  Hear are some pictures of my husband and I at his department's Christmas party this past weekend.  We both had a great time but had to go home a little earlier than normal because he had to work the next day.

I wanted to show the coat I wore over the dress.  It was a cold night.
Ok, I know I look like a "mad 'oman" (Jamaican patois for crazy woman) but I posted this picture for 2 reasons: 1) I wanted to show the pin (see my bootleg arrow) not seen in previous pics. 2) To make you laugh since I'm a goofball--hubby and I were being silly when we took this picture.  I hope the big eyeballs didn't scare you too much. LOL!

By the way thanks for all the thoughtful comments left on my last post.  I appreciate them all.  Also, I will be posting my 2010 Christmas card in a few days--I'm too lazy to do it right now.  I'll also post about my "Insanity workout" videos progress so far some time soon.
Mrs. K


  1. you are gorgeous! i love your dress! love the coat and pin too!

    hahahaha, you are not alone ... i label my outfits too! i laughed out loud when i saw that you call the outfits you go out in, your going out clothes. i do that too! :)

    p.s. you are going to have to do more than that to scare me, haha.

  2. What a fab dress - it looks perfect on you! You guys make such a hot couple!

  3. Your red dress is hot! hot! hot! I love your hair. It looks so great both ways. I like the curly look with this dress!

    Can't wait to hear about how your Insanity workout is going!

  4. You looked gorgeous! Im in love with your arms! Those are my dream arms, Mrs Obama watch out!

  5. Thanks for your comments ladies. You ladies are so cute.
    Faith: Thanks lady. I'm glad I'm not the alone one who labels my clothes that way. I don't feel so nutty after all. LOL. LMBO--I thought my eyes looked pretty scary in that pic.
    4Jedis and Monique: Thanks ladies. You guys are so sweet. I'll update soon about Insanity.
    MrsPancakes: Thanks. You're hilarious. I haven't been bitten by the flabby arm bug yet but it's in my genes. We'll see how long I can keep them up. LOL.

  6. You are a beautiful 'oman'

  7. Love that red toga dress you wearing. You look fantastic. Now i am dreaming of having one of that too!!! :(((((

  8. I LOVE Holiday gatherings! One of my fave parts is dressing up... so. much. fun. You guys look so lovely in your pictures... what an attractive couple. And that dress.... work it!

    Oh yea... I cannot get enough of watching co-workers get tipsy. Haha

  9. You look amazing! Love the dress!

  10. Love the dress!! We never go to parties, but hopefully that will change in the future cuz I want to get dressed up!

    Mam, it's fun watching folks at like a drunk fool, but then they get annoying as heck!

    And food is the only reason I go to gatherings ;)

    I agree with Faith, you have amazing arms! And of course you're beautiful :)

  11. Girl you look amazing! Love the dress and I love the last pic. It shows so much personality.

  12. You were rocking that red dress!

  13. LOVE IT! I think you were more hot mama than crazy woman ;) The dress was FABULOUS on you!

    I'm with you, I love the holidays because of the parties too. We don't go out often enough where we get to really dress up so when I get a chance to, I'm going all out! Glad you guys got to enjoy yourselves!

    You both looked great!

  14. Thanks ladies. I appreciate all your sweetness.
    Alicia: you're so funny.
    Sommer: I hope you do get to get dressed up and go to parties next year.
    K.Rock: yes, I'm definitely goofy and my husband is a million times worse.

  15. Jon does look good when he is dressed up. He loves his shorts though. I guess I can't blame him, after being in scrubs all day, I guess I would like be minimum at the end too. Be blessed.

  16. Aww you are too cute! Love that dress! I am used to seeing the pic of you on your profile with straight hair, but you are adorable with curly hair too! Love the coat too :) Work it girl!

  17. You are sooo crazy, I hope you're doing insanity for fun because you look awesome!! And your hair was on point!

  18. Paul: I know. It's so good to see him dressed up.
    Vickdn: I just saw your comment. You are very sweet. I haven't straightened my hair in months. I should switch that pic, huh?
    Lil Man and Mommy: Thanks. I do like a good work out although I get in ruts at times. I guess most of us do :)

  19. I found your blog while over at Integrated Memoirs..
    This is the first time I have seen someone else talk about "night clothes" "out clothes" etc etc

    Hope this isn't too much info but I also have out,home, work, sleep undergarments.
    My husband thinks this is bloody hilarious lol

    Ahhh West Indians lol


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