Thursday, December 9, 2010

Family Photos

Yesterday we took our family photos for our Christmas cards and they came out well.  Last year this is what the process looked like (note the progression): 

K family 2009 Christmas Series: 
Took a picture of Sampson just for fun because he was looking so spiffy in his Christmas bow-tie (that I made).  Sampson was probably thinking: "Boy this is going to be a long night."  And he was so right.

Take 1: Trying to get situated in front of the fireplace.  Ok, maybe it's tough because it's the first take (at least that's what we were hoping) 

Take 2: Maybe grabbing Gideon's (our not so smart Great Dane) back leg will help.  Aside: Please excuse Gideon's unneutered male parts.  He was still too young to get it done at the time.  He's neutered now.

Take 3: Ok so now Gideon decides to not run away but faces away from the camera trying to nibble on Sampson.  Sampson obviously is not enjoying the attention and is trying to hide.
Take 4: Fine!  Gid doesn't have to be in the family picture, we don't care. Ok, I'm kidding yes we do.
Take 5: Sampson and I showing our mad face.  My hubby being his usual patient self.  We were all thinking: "Gideon get your butt over here, I can't stand all this sweating anymore."

Take 6: Wow, can we catch a break please.  Really? Tongue sticking out? By this time hubby and I have fixed fake smiles just in case we capture a good picture.  By the way, where's Sampson.

Take 1 million: Ok we are getting closer.  Gideon's now cooperating but his ear is all funky looking inverted.

Take 1 million and 1: Almost there...

Take 1 million and 2: Yay! We did it.  All of us thinking: let's not do this again next year.
This is the picture we used for a Christmas cards last year.

This year it took less time (even with a new addition to the family--Eliza).  Our neighbor, Paul, owner of Bean Fruit Coffee Company helped us out.  He was so patient throughout the whole process but I think he had a good time taking the photos.  It may have been my husband and I bickering or the cat digging into my husband's leg while he was trying not to scream like a girl or each of the red balls (ornament) falling off the dogs' neck because they were romping or the disgusted look in our eyes at the dogs for not cooperating. lol. 

Whatever it was, our neighbor had a good laugh while the hubby and I were sweating bullets trying to get the whole thing figured out.   I don't know why we do this to ourselves.  It's like we are gluttons for torture.   We both agreed that we can't wait to have kids so that they can be in the family picture.  We may just put individual pet photos on there when we have a kiddo.  

Anyway, I will post the 2010 photos in a few days. If you plan to take family photos this year hopefully your session was less eventful.

Mrs. K


  1. hahahahaha, i can't even imagine! i would give up after the 2nd try, lol.

    at least in the end you got a great picture of you and your lil ones, hehe.

    can't wait to see your new picture and the outtakes!

  2. So funny! Your last photo turned out beautiful! You are such a gorgeous woman and what a beautiful little family you have!

  3. Hilarious! I love the red bows on your baby animals and you two look so cute. Can't wait to see how this year's turned out.

  4. So cute to make family photos for Christmas cards. We might start doing the same ;)!

    You, hubby and the pets look adorable after the whole tribulation, LOL!

    I hope this year they learned the lesson and they were good. Can't wait to see the pics.

  5. I feel your pain. We had so many takes trying to get the perfect photo this thanksgiving. It was funny to me! this is why we're waiting to pay someone else to take our photos!!

  6. Very cute...and funny!

  7. Funny pictures. I love the sequence. By the way, you're gorgeous! :)

  8. Hehe!! What wonderful pics you guys can look back on!! Family photos are tough. We took ours right after Thanksgiving and it was a process. Between lighting and poses and a cranky 5 year old I thought we'd never be finished. But we made it! Thank the goodness!!! Cant wait to see photos!

  9. What a cute post! We've had a similar series of pics too... I always enjoy looking back at them and they always made me smile. Yours did too! I'm eager and curious to see this years!

  10. You look so pretty. We use to do this when we had our cat. She never wanted to cooperate either. Haha. This year we took some with the kids. I'll have to post it. Of course they didn't come out perfect, but that's okay.

  11. These are such great photos! I love taking family pics b/c the pic always comes out good, but the memories (ie: the funny shots) are always so lovely. I ran across your blog over at The Baby Makin(g) Machine and decided to come visit it.

    I'm your newest follower from Mommy Delicious ( and I am looking forward to connecting more with you through our writing.


  12. Thanks ladies for dropping by. I appreciate your comments and thanks for your sweet compliments. I do thank God for our little family and our dogs and cat are our pride and joy (for now). :) I will post the new pics some time before Christmas hopefully.

  13. I was rolling looking at those pics! Kids can be JUST as hard to manage during a shoot too so you're getting good practice!
    You guy look wonderful!

  14. hahaha.... i really dont know how you guys managed it. Still, did a great job at 'take one million and one'! Hahahaha.... Maybe I should try to attempt one with our 4 dogs. All hell would probably broke loose... hahaha...

    psst: Can't wait till u post your 2010 photos. Hurry hurry!

  15. Wow your dog is big! Looking forward to seeing your cute fam's 2010 Christmas card. Post it soon!

  16. LOL! The last one is perfect, but I actually like the one with Gideon licking his nose. It reminds of the commercial where the mom has to photoshop the Christmas picture using several photos because her family won't cooperate

    You are lucky to have a patient hubby who understands the importance of the family Christmas photo. Mine is done after 3 shots and declares one of them will work. *siiiigh*

  17. Oh yeah that was sooo fun!! Great presentation too for the blog. It was definitely like shooting a film. Makes me wonder how directors shoot films with animals in them without pulling their hair out. It was funny for me, not so funny for Mrs. K. Call me over anytime to do that :-)

  18. Rania: I have been hearing from my friend's with kids that it's pretty tough too. I guess I'll find out one day huh?
    RedBabe: LOL. Yah, I would love to see a photo with you guys and your "furbabies"
    Amy: Yah Gideon is a monster (well more like a friendly giant.
    Teresha: I love the one with Gid licking his nose too. I think he's so precious. And yes hubby is patient--totally the opposite of me.
    Paul: We sooo appreciate you guys (but you know that already).

  19. You are gorgeous! And your family is adorable! great pick for the christmas card :)


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