Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday events so far...

Disclaimer: I have no personal pics of any of these events because my camera is acting up.  The shutter won't open.  I had plans to take lots of them but I guess not.

As you may remember from my previous post, last night I went to a Christmas party for my work.   It was so much fun.  I'll recap a little.  So unfortunately my hubby was sick (cold symptoms) but he tried to be a good trooper and came with me anyway (despite given a free pass to not go).  

On top of being sick he was also scheduled to work the next day.  After being there for a few minutes he looked miserable and not his usual upbeat, social self.  We discussed him going home and me getting a ride home with one of my colleagues so he left after half an hour.  I felt a little bad but he was totally ok with it.  Besides I love social events like these and I had been looking forward to the party for quite some time.  A friend visiting from out of town also went to the party with me.  She was in town interviewing for job.

The party was filled with laughter and lots of dancing.  The food was pretty bad though but we expected it because that's been the trend for the last few years.  They need a better caterer but that's besides the point.  Anyway, I danced so much that I was drenched in sweat (I know it's gross but I had so much fun).  It was also nice to see some of my bosses get loose.  I wore a black fitted (tight) dress that went below the knees.  Sorry there's no picture and I'm bad at describing things so I won't even try.
Dress I wore to the Christmas party last year

Tonight I saw the Nutcracker Ballet.  I went with a girlfriend.  Once again I have no personal  pictures.  Anyway, it was very entertaining.  Anyway, I can barely keep my eyes open so this is all for now.
Picture credit
Mrs. K


  1. The nutcracker is wonderful, never tire of seeing it as a ballet dancer myself. Hope your husband is feeling better. xx

  2. you looked amazing in your dress from last year. Hope hubby gets better!

  3. I am going to see the nutcracker later this month. I can't wait. Your photo makes me wish I was seeing it today :-)

  4. i haven't seen the nutcracker yet. i really want to!

    the dress you wore to your party sounds gorgeous! i love the one you wore last year! get that camera fixed, i want to see pictures, haha. jk. or not.

    hope your hubby is feeling better today.

  5. Seeing the Nutcracker is so festive! I have yet to see it. You looked great in your dress from last year. You have such an amazingly supportive hubby. Hope he's feeling better!

  6. Thanks for all your comments and well wishes. My honey is feeling a lot better, thankfully. :)
    FAAOF: Wow, I did not know you were a ballet dancer. That's pretty neat. I am impressed by ballet dancers' athleticism, strength and flexibility.

  7. What fun holiday things! I like to read about what everyone else does to celebrate the season. I remember my parents taking me and some of my sibs to the Nutcracker. When my kids are older, I'm gonna take them too. Tony refuses. Haha!

  8. Jamie: My husband didn't refuse. LOL. He was on call but I think that if he was invited he might have said no. Ha!

  9. I LOVE your dress. Absolutely stunning!


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