Friday, February 18, 2011

Vacation, pregnancy, and more...

I was a Good Samaritan on Valentine's Day.  I may be exaggerating a bit.  But on Valentine's Day my husband and I were in Bed Bath and Beyond just looking for random things.  This random guy was yelling to get my attention so I could help him out.  I know he didn't think I worked there because I wasn't dressed in "work clothes."  You see he needed my help (as a female) to help him find something to set the mood for he and his lady for Valentine's Day.  He said that he had already bought her a gift but wanted candles or one of those oil burning thingies to help set the mood.  I thought that was so funny but I was excited to help this fella.  I wanted to make sure it wasn't anything sleezy first though so after gathering some more info I proceeded to help him.  By this time my husband had wandered off somewhere else.  

At the end of my investigation I felt I knew enough to help him.  Well, I knew enough at least to direct him to a different store.  He was wanting to buy two of those smell good oil burning thingies.  BBB only had a few available and the oils they had were not so good.  When I directed him to the Body Shop and Bath and Body Works, he was like "oh, this is not one of those places."  He was looking for Bath and Body Works but came into Bed Bath and Beyond instead.  At least I was able to help him brainstorm what colors, scents his lady friend would like.


I've started the P90X workouts and they are going pretty good so far.  This is only week one but I've noticed that these videos are very different from the Insanity workout videos.  I'll try to compare the two but I think that's difficult to do because the concept behind them are different.  P90X is slower paced and to me less intense.  I mean, I still get a good workout but it's different.  I think P90X is a better maintenance video as compared to Insanity.  Insanity was kind of rough and I can't see myself doing that year round but I can take pulses of it once in a while.  

I was used to the fast pace of Insanity so it was weird switching to P90X.  I miss getting my heart rate up rapidly then bringing it back down slowly.  Also P90X videos are longer, which is a pain in the butt because I do most of my workouts in the morning and this means I have to wake up earlier -- no hitting snooze a few times.  But that's ok, I feel good at the end of both workouts.  Anyway, I hope you guys are starting up are maintaining some kind of workout schedule too. Oh by the way, I'm so proud of hubby -- he's been working out regularly and eating better too.


Hubby and I on vacation in Utah last year--at the Jazz vs. Hornets game (in the nosebleed seats--lol)
In other news hubby and I have a week vacation off together and we are so looking forward to it.  We will be going to North Carolina.  The first few days will be for work -- trying to find a place to live since we'll be moving there (NC) in less than 6 months.  The last few days will be for play.  We plan to stay in a cabin in Asheville for a few days and relax.  Of course we'll be doing some sight seeing, hiking and other outdoor stuff.  I can't wait.  I'm mostly looking forward to having a few days off with my honey.  I think the last time we had that much time off together was in October (I think).  We are trying to cherish those moments because once we have kids we know this will be more difficult to do (solo that is).  Oh yeah, we'll be meeting up with my very close cousin and her fiance' for 2 days so I'm looking forward to that too.  We are usually crazy when we are together.  Her fiance' is goofy like my husband so I know we'll have a good time.


I'm definitely becoming more comfortable with the whole getting pregnant/baby idea.  I love kids and for sure want them but I'm an organizer (when it comes to my life) so I've been waiting for the perfect time.  I know there's no such thing but I think there's a better time.  I think we are at "that better time."  We are not trying to conceive right now but we are at a point that if it was to happen we'll be fine.  It's kind of nice to be at that point.  There's no pressure to conceive but there's no fear of getting pregnant either. LOL.  I like that and hubby does too.

Mrs. K


  1. That's good you helped that guy out. I find that so funny when guys are looking for things for their wife and always have to ask another female. That always happens.
    I've been doing a little bit of work out, nothing hard core like you, lol. But I've been pretty consistent which is great. I've been losing a pound a week. I still have at least 10 more pounds to lose to fit into my jeans, and 20lbs to be at my goal weight.
    I lived in North Carolina for 3 years when I was in college. I did find one Jamaican restaurant though. LOL
    That's a beautiful pic of you and hubby.

  2. Oh yeah, I'm looking forward to belly pictures & an ultrasound picture in about 3 months ehh. LOL

  3. Today is the day to get preggo!!!! LOL. Just kidding. I'm with you on the whole not not trying and not sweatin' thing. Let God pick the time. No stress, no mess. Cute pic of you and your husband.

  4. You sound like you are in such a good place!! Years and years ago I was there, and yes, do cherish those moments as they will get few and far in between once you welcome a wee-one.
    I've never been to NC, but have heard wonderful things about Asheville. We lived in Louisville for a few years and saw some lovely areas of Kentucky. Being from California, it was a whole new world! Good luck to you guys!!

  5. So great to hear that your pretty much ready to have a baby! Really exciting that you'll be moving soon. Six months will be here in no time. Interesting to hear about P90x I was going to also to that after Insanity since my sister offered me her copy. Definitely keep us posted on how you feel about it.
    A cabin in Asheville! OMG, I have a lot of friends from University that have moved to Asheville. You will totally get baby fever down then it's such a kid friendly place. Enjoy your vacation. You certainly deserve it. The time you spend together will certainly add to your relationship. That time away together truly is so enriching. Have a great weekend!

  6. I am happy you are in the full swing mood for baby :).

    I hope you find the perfect place to live :). Have a great weekend.

  7. My husband is from NC. We are thinking about settling there or the West Coast- not sure yet. Have fun on vacay and do relish all the time alone you can. But you still get to have lots of fun as a family and if you're in a good place with friends and family you trust- you still will be able to have date nights. Good luck with p90x. have a great weekend.

  8. Let me know how the NC house/apt hunting goes! Jonathon and I will be in your shoes next month! By the way I am super excited about the possibility that you might be preggers by the end of the year...Can I throw you a baby shower?!?!?! I've already got a ton of cute shower ideas ;-)

  9. I feel u Mrs K on your last paragraph. It feel somewhat warm and fuzzy isnt it :) hehehehe...

  10. I loved the picture of you and your hubby - you both look really cute in it! Good luck with your house-hunting, and it's great to hear you are ready for a baby! How exciting!

  11. Keya: Keep up the workout. You can do it! It's good that you are taking the weight off the healthy way. Cool, I didn't know you lived in NC--where did you live? What school did you attend? Where did you find that Jamaican restaurant? LOL about the belly pix.
    Jamie: Thanks Jamie. You are so funny.
    Kim: thx for dropping by. It does feel good.
    Monique: Can't wait to hear about your Insanity experience too.
    Sommer: Let me know if you guys decide to go to NC. I love it there.
    Amy: I will certainly keep you updated. Thanks so much for offering (about the shower). If you are serious about it I will take you up on that offer. LOL. We have no family in NC so that would be really nice :) Looking forward to meeting up with you soon
    Redbabe: so you're in the same situation too. Cool!
    Annie: Thanks :)

  12. Glad to hear all the exciting things going on with you and hubby! I love NC because that's where Mr. Pancakes and i got married so i am sending you positive thoughts in all your new adventures...

  13. SO exciting! You've got so much going on and seem so happy! I really thought you were going to announce a pregnancy. DONT TEASE ME IN YOUR TITLES dammit!

  14. I went to an all girls collge, for my last 3 years. Bennett College in Greensboro, NC. That's where I found the jamaican restaurant. I graduated back in 2001 so I don't know if it's still there.

  15. How exciting -- The road to baby! It's the best thing ever. And happy house hunting.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  16. Miss Pancakes: Thanks for your well wishes :)
    Dani: You are sooo hilarious. I cannot stop laughing at your comment. I didn't write my title until after I typed the post then I thought about putting that title based on the content--as I was writing it I thought that some may think that I'm pregnant but I was in a rush. I don't think I was trying to be deceiving...I
    Keya: thanks. I'm not sure how far away that is from where we will be living.
    Stesha: thanks for dropping by

  17. I love vacations! It's great the you and your husband will be able to get away for a while. As far as the baby goes, it's great that you feeling comfortable with the idea. I guess that's the first step.

  18. That was so sweet you helped that guy out! :)

    I think being in a place of not trying, but not worried 'bout it is good. Less stress is awesome!

  19. Enjoy your trip to NC. I hope you guys find something you like down there.

  20. You always seem to find yourself in interesting situations! I hope you guys have tons of fun in Asheville...wouldn't it be supremely awesome if you came back pregnant?!

  21. hiiii!!! :)

    i love this post and love the fact that you are thinking babies like you are ... def. want to learn from you, hehe.

    that surprises me that Insanity is tougher than P90X ... i was always under the impression that it would be the other way around ... but i guess the name Insanity should have given it away!

    hope you have a fabulous vacation with your hubby!

  22. So nice of you to help that guy out!

    I work in retail, and when I am in other stores, people ask me for help, so I guess I look like I belong there. I help out when I can, sometimes I know nothing so I smile and try to charm them....


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