Tuesday, March 1, 2011

North Carolina vacation recap

A brief update on life since I've been missing for over a week.  Lots of pix included.
Vacation went well in NC.  On the way we got to hang out with some good friends.  We did look at some homes but it's too early to seal the deal on anything.  We are planning on renting for several reasons: 1) we bought the house that we are living in now but can't sell it because we will lose tons of money so we will rent it.  We don't want to have to be juggling two mortgages 2) We will be in NC for at least 2 years.  We are not sure if we will settle there once we are done with our training.  We don't want to purchase a home then move again in a few years.  3) If we do decide to stay in NC, we'd like to stake out neighborhoods before we jump into a purchase.

Hun checking out one of the houses we liked in NC
The most fun yet relaxing were the last few days that hubby and I spent with my cousin and her fiance'.  They are really cool down to earth people and we had such a good time.  At the cabin we had no cell phone signal so we were cut off from civilization for a few days.  I didn't mind though.  The cabin was in the mountains and it was so peaceful.  I would have preferred to be there in the fall for the foliage but it was beautiful regardless.

One of the trails we went on, the trail map described a beautiful waterfall (see above).  It was beautiful but a lot smaller than expected.
Future Mr. and Mrs. S

Mr and Mrs. K

Goofy cousins pretending to be serious for the camera

Guys will be guys (notice the distance btw them)

My future cousin-in-law.  He is such a sweet guy and compliments my cousin so well.

Mrs. K


  1. the scenery is gorgeous! looks like a great time! welcome back! :)

  2. Renting our your house is a great idea. Be sure to check out your renters thorougly, though. You can never be too careful.

    Off to go bug my husband about renting a cabin in NC...LOL! Nice vacation photos.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  3. Beautiful Pictures

  4. Love those photos Mrs K. Nice. Especially those black n white ones. Classic. You are right, Mr & Mrs S compliments each other really well. :)

  5. Just found your blog. I will be back for a read or two. It looks like a pretty place.

  6. Hi and Welcome Back. You've been missed! No cell phone reception and a cabin in the wood sounds just great! Oh my did you say you'd rather be there for foliage! Wow you're completely converted...to loving Autumn now? Or not? Glad you had a great time and that you got to hang out with your cousin and futur CIL. Much love to you lady.

    P.S. I've finally moved blogs. I'm at wordpress...feels like I'm in a new neighborhood.

  7. Thanks for dropping by ladies.
    Faith and Keya: thanks. :)
    Redbabe: thanks and they really are a sweet couple.
    Dana: thanks for stopping by. I will stop by your blog soon :)
    Monique: hey! Congrats. I've got to come check out your new home. Haha--while I was there I kept thinking that it would be so beautiful if the trees were painted in orange, red, purples, yellow. But no, it's too cold in the fall. LOL

  8. @Stesha: you're so cute :) and thanks for the advice

  9. Your vacation spot look so bucolic (watch out! I'm dropping SAT words today). The photos are just gorgeous. I am glad you had a fab time. Missed ya and glad you are back


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