Sunday, March 6, 2011

Product Review/Giveaway?

I was contacted by a company who wanted me to work with them doing reviews/giveaways on this blog.  I want to know what you guys think about this.  I mean the company has some great products (just from scanning their sites) but I just don't know.  When I first started blogging I was not interested in doing reviews, advertising, etc and I'm still not sure how I feel about it.   I've seen some positive and negative things said on some blogs I've read in the past.  

Even though I would still blog even if I had no followers because it's something I've grown to enjoy (writing down my thoughts and feelings), I do appreciate the people who take the time to read and especially make comments.  So, it would be nice to be able give something away to my followers but I fear becoming too impersonal.  You know what I mean?   I know, I over-think things.  On the other hand it sounds like it could be fun also for me. But of course being the person I am, I don't like committing to something if I won't be able to do a darn good job at it.  So, I don't know.   Anyway, I'm hoping you guys can help me out by giving me some ideas and answering some of my queries.

What do you honestly think about reviews/giveaways?
Do you already do this on your blog and if not would you?
If I do decide to do it, do yoiu know if it's a binding contract (with deadlines, etc)?
How much commitment is necessary to do something like that?
Would I have to get one of those random number generator thingies to select a winner?
What do you think about blogs that host product reviews? (I like them because I get a chance to win some free
Would I need to have the company logo displayed all the time?

Please feel free to give me any other input.  You can comment here or email me. Thanks.

Mrs. K


  1. I don't know a lot about how advertising and giveaways work. However, I think it's important to promote a store that you actually go to or believe in. Also, like you said it can get tricky if you have to tailor your topics. CSN contacted me but I didn't accept their offer because I've never shopped there and didn't want to advertise. I certainly don't see myself advertising because we have so much of that all around us. I like the idea of just sharing thoughts, photos and inspiration without having people be enticed to buy something. Have a great week lady!

  2. I think it brings more traffic to your site, if that's what you want.
    I like a good giveaway.
    I don't know how contractual arrangements work so I cant shed any light on that.
    To remain objective, a randomizer seems to be the best way to pick a winner and it does not seem to be a big deal.
    Good luck in whatever you choose.
    AM (an infrequent visitor)

  3. I think it is cool. Besides being able to win some free stuff, we get to know about the stuff before we buy too. So i guess it is ok. Just make sure it is not just reviews your are blogging about after that. :)

  4. I was also contacted by CSN about 1 year ago but I turned them down. For ME, it just didn't fit with my blog and what I was trying to do. If I did do it, I would create a seperate blog for it. But that's just me. I would be more inclined to do it on my food blog though. But you do what ever you like because this is your spot.

  5. I enter giveaways all the time and when I am thinking of buying a product, I look up mom reviews. It is a service. I've done about 45 reviews and giveaways on my blog in 2.5 years so I am not doing it as aggressively as some other sites. I definitely limit it to products I believe in. Each company has different terms for doing reviews/giveaways (some only offer products for review, some do both). Some will spell out exactly what to do. CSN for example is exchanging gift codes (that you can keep or giveaway) for placing keyword links on your blog (SEO). Other companies will leave it up to you. You should do research on how others do it and familiarize yourself with FTC and IRS regulations at the minimum. Email me if you have ?s


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