Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Diet and Exercise

When I say diet I don't mean any of the restrictive things you may or may not be thinking of.  I'm talking about in general what foods I eat.

As far as diet goes,  I am trying to eat more vegetables and fruits.  It's so hard but I know I can do it.  I'm realizing that I have to plan for them in all meals (and not just at dinner time).  I am still eating 5 small portions of meals/day several times per week.  I like this better because I'm not starving in between meals.  I need to cut down on my sweets also.  Tonight I had a waffle with syrup, nutella and whipped cream AGAIN (that's 2 nights in a row).  I have been taking Omega 3 fatty acid tablets as recommended by Monique from Tipa Tipa a while back and it's tamed my sweet tooth a little but not enough.  I need a miracle. LOL

As I mentioned in my last post, I am continuing my P90X workouts.  I'm on week 7.  The pace of P90x is a lot slower and some days (well, a lot of days) I miss Insanity.  But I realize that Insanity is not a good maintenance workout (at least not for me and my already bad knees).  Also, in preparation for future pregnancy I don't need to be doing all that vigorous workout.  P90x is a little more toned down so I think it should be ok.  I'm also trying to fit in jogging a few times per week too.  I think that should be enough.

Here is a pic of me after Insanity.  I will take one after P9oX (although I'm not as compliant with it as I was with Insanity) too with plans to post it.
I meant to post this a long time ago after I finished Insanity but I'm like 2 months behind.

BTW--thanks for all your sweet comments and birthday wishes from last post :)

Mrs. K


  1. Mrs K, thank you so much for lovely comment. You are adorable :).

    OMG what a lovely tummy you have there. I lost my because I was not taking care of the food I ate.
    You are doing the right thing for taking care your diet, keep up the good job and baby dust your way :).

  2. thanks for stopping by...long are totally rocking those abs...wowza! i am really do have my dream body!

  3. I'm glad you're back to posting again! I finally gave in and starting blogging. It's going slow, but go check it out and let me know what you think. I hate our plans fell through last weekend. We need to reschedule SOON. The end of June will be here before we know it and y'all will be gone!

  4. Whoa there girl! Hot body! I tried P90X once and I have never cursed so much in a one hour period in my life! lol ~ It is very intense!

  5. wow, your body is amazing!!! i usually make vegetable/fruit shakes so i can take in my daily needed dose of greens in one big cup! :)

  6. HOLY HOT ABS BATMAN!!! Look at you!!
    You inspire me. That's it. No more effin around. I'm going to get back in shape no matter what! I want some mrs k abs dammit!!!

    Oh, and I really want to talk to you about med school, and the timing in the application process. My hubby is in his last year of undergrad and wants to apply to med schools but hasn't yet taken the mcats. His friend (who only got accepted to school in grenada and is currently there) is telling him mcats can wait, and the info i read on med school websites is telling me that it can't wait....but he prefers to listen to his buddy versus what i say (of course)

    Any ideas? When should he be taking his mcats and applying, if he wants to get in for fall 2012? And is it too late you think? should he focus on fall 2013? (god i hope not!)

    Sorry to put this all in your comment, but i didn't see an email addy.

  7. Dani: I'll contact you via email. Thanks :)
    fashioneggplant: that's actually a great idea. I really may try that (I think). We'll see. Thanks for dropping by.
    WHitney: You are so hilarious. That's how I felt when I started Insanity at first but then you get used to the torture surprisingly. THanks :)
    D: woohoo. I'm heading over there now. can't wait. this is a great way to stay updated to when we move.
    Miss pancakes: You are so sweet. I'm glad that I can inspire someone. :)
    Toi: thanks.

  8. OMG M you look so fit. I'm definitely inspired. So I know you mentioned you had a flat tummy before do you think you got your abs from Insanity? I'm glad you're taking your omega 3s so good for your brain and tames your sweet and salty tooth a bit. I'm almost certain you will bounce back from your pregnancy at the rate your going. I've been starting and stopping. I need to be more consistent. My friend brought over some Jamaican Bulla cake...have you had it? I've been nibbling away at it all week. I hope you enjoyed your waffle. You deserve a treat every now and again. Even if its two nights in a row.

  9. Thanks Monique :). I think Insanity helped with the definition for sure. I know it's tough to get into a routine but at least when you stop you start back up. I know you can do it though :)

    Mmmm, I love bulla. You are bringing back some great memories for me. I remember being served those things with milk when I was in primary school.Have you tried it with cheese? That's how we eat it in my family. So good.

    Re: waffle. I'm going on 3 nights in a row now. I know, I've got to stop. All that sugar can't be good. I think I have my fix for a while now. :)

  10. Looking AWESOME HOT MAMA! Love the arms and abs! Good for you for sticking with it! I've fallen off but have it on my "Seriously, you need to get back at it" list. hahah

  11. BTW - no wonder your husband is back on the health kick thing. After seeing your results he HAS to be able to keep up with you! ;)

  12. I havent have a flat stomach like that since forever. Good job there!

  13. Rania: you are so hilarious and sweet. I know I've probably said that a million times but it's true. You crack me up. I like the name of your list btw. AND I am so LMBO at the husband comment.
    Redbabe: thanks girl


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