Monday, March 14, 2011


Good news.  Hubby is back so I don't have to live through another tornado watch by myself (at least not for a while).  If you don't know what I'm talking about check out my last post.  It's so great to have him back.  

He's been on this whole health kick which is highly unusual for him but I love it.  He is more health conscious now than he's ever been.  He is continuing to workout regularly and get this...he's even watching what he eats.  You have no clue how amazing that is.  He's always been the "I can eat whatever I want just as long as I workout" kind of guy but now that we are getting older he's had a change of mind.  Or he could have changed his mind because we both have got a little more junk in the trunk since we've first started dating (over 10 years ago).  

Anyway, his whole healthy mission is working well for both of us.  No more let's go eat pizza here or pasta there several times per month week.  I'm glad that we are getting this healthy lifestyle under control before we have kids.  I figure if he have a routine now it would be a little easier in the future when we have several rugrats running around.  That may be just my ignorance talking but as they say "ignorance is bliss" or it may just be "wishful thinking" on my part.  What can I say, I'm an optimist.

On another note, we got a new computer in the K-household so that's one less excuse I have to make about not blogging more frequently.  Hubby had a computer but it was giving us some trouble so we have been sharing a computer for the past few months.  Finally, we just got another MacBook Pro and he is thrilled about it.  So am I.  We are definitely an Apple family.  I look forward to blogging a bit more.

Mrs. K


  1. Certainly looking forward to your blog posts. Glad your husband is on a health kick is so great when the the two of you can be healthy together.

  2. It's so much easier to eat healthy and exercise when your partner has adopted the lifestyle hooray for your hubs!

  3. Yay for your hubby being home! I'm sure you are on cloud 9 having him back.

  4. I just went back and redid my blog post for today. I am soooo looking forward to meeting you and I'm not sure how I left you off my list! 3 more months until we are both NC bound!

  5. That's awesome that he safely returned and that he is becoming so aware and conscious of his nutrition. Makes me happy! You know that makes me happy! You will make a happy family and pretty babies!

  6. Great that he return to protect you ;)! It's good to be health conscious and in our later age we should be even more, a kudo for you and your hubby :)!

  7. Great blog post! I am happy to hear that hubby is embarking upon the healthy regime with you. I can't wait to hear how you get on with pregnancy!

  8. Annie: will def keep you all updated.
    Toi: thanks girl
    Rhonda: you're so sweet. I def know that a healthy lifestyle makes you happy :) And you know that you inspire me
    Amy: def happy to have him back. Yes, I'm totally looking forward to the move and I can't wait to meet you too :)
    Teresha and Monique: yes, it does make it a million times easier.

  9. So glad your hubby is home safe and you don't have to deal with tornado warnings by yourself! I've been in ONE tornado, and it terrified me!

  10. Yay for the new computer and more blogging!! Tell your husband to send some of that health kick in my husband's direction. Sometimes I really worry about it...

  11. Oooh, thats so awesome about your new computer!!! I love macs!!!

  12. Where are you?!
    I need someone to help me get over the Gators loss in OT!


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