Monday, May 9, 2011

Things I don't particularly care for but I have to live with

Hey all, hope you had a great weekend.  We've been busy for the past few days.  Well, it feels like we are busy all the time so I guess that's the story of our lives. LOL.  Who isn't busy nowadays?  Anyway, I just wanted to share a few things and maybe whine a bit.

I will start out with some things I don't particularly care for:

1) My husband getting a speeding ticket while trying to rush me home so that I could use the bathroom.  It's so sad that it's funny.  We ate Thai food and I usually have an "iron stomach" but that night was different.  Actually, I think I just ate too much.  My husband was driving 16 miles above the speed limit when we got stopped.  Needless to say that telling the truth didn't help.  I'm still grumbling $200 later.  My sweet hubby was very understanding and just paid the ticket.  He wasn't mad at all but I was (at myself and the cop)! Grrr...

2) Not having a work out plan that kicks my butt.  I was doing P90x for a while.  I came up with my own schedule that was supposed to give me a harder workout without being too hard on the knees.  It was tough for me to stick to that schedule.  I didn't feel like I was getting a good workout so on some days I didn't even bother doing it.  After trying this for a few weeks, I've decided to go back to Insanity.  My new workout started today and I'm liking it so far.  This is Round 2 of Insanity for me.

3) Leaving unfinished work.  This is in general.  Anyone who knows me, know that I'm obsessive about my work and almost everything I do.  I hate leaving things unfinished.  With that being said, I started a challenge a few days ago to read the Bible in 90 days and I've failed.  I'm too far behind to even catch up.  I did good for about week but I've been playing catch up for a while now.  I'm not giving up on completing the assignment, I've just set more realistic goals for myself.  I still want to will complete the task.

4) Worrying about moving (a little).  So, I'm thankful we found a house to rent but I'm worrying some about finding someone to rent our home.  The time is winding down and we haven't had any serious offers yet.  Also, I usually don't mind moving but sometimes all this packing and organizing is a pain.  I'm more looking forward to unpacking and re-decorating our new place.

5) Relying on others.  This is not always true.  Let me explain.  For my new job in NC I need two references.  I asked for those 2 references close to 1 month ago but they have not been done as yet.  This is frustrating since I've been sending my 2 references reminders and even offered them a stamp and envelope which they declined.  My application has to be complete by late June and these 2 important documents still aren't in.  I had to ditch my two original references and find 2 more  who completed it right away.  Note to myself: don't do this to others in the future, be reliable!

6) Whining, so I'll stop :)

On a better note:

1) This past weekend we were in Florida again.  We borrowed our brother-in-law's moving trailer so we can start loading it up to move in about a month and a half.  We got to spend time with my in-laws who are awesome.  Hubby's mom cooked some delicious foods as usual and we got to hang out some with his little nieces and nephew.  They are so cute.

2) I have 100 followers.  Thanks to Mrs. H.  I'd like to thank all of you too for following and leaving comments.  I appreciate it!

Ciao!  Hopefully the next post will be more exciting and uplifting. Ha!

Mrs. K


  1. Oh I hate getting speeding tickets! I feel your pain.

    My workout regiment is in need of improvement as well. I've come to the conclusion that I must go back to my aerobics class. It's like Insanity but it's with a large group of women. It's a far drive but I need the push!

    Packing is truly the pits...So much work but you get to throw away so much stuff and yes the decorating will be fun.

    Good Luck renting your home and I'm glad you enjoyed FLA

  2. Were your references for the North Carolina Medical Board? Those folks are a PITA. I applied for the license last month and apparently I have to renew my license next month because my birthday is in June and you are required to renew every year before your birthday. Essentially I am double paying :( Anyway on a happier note I'll get to finally meet you soon!!!!!!

  3. It use to be that when one asked for references, they were quickly forthcoming. There's a new breed out there now cause last three times I asked for references, I was told "Write it and I'll sign it." If you're in the position to write it and stand over them while they sign it, might work. Also, since you were delayed by the cop, did you make it home before having a tickling incident?

  4. Monique: it really does suck. There's never a good time to just give up $200 but it's especially worse during a time when there are a lot of expenses coming up (ie. moving). Needless to say, we learned our lesson :)
    Amy: Yayy! I'm so looking forward to meeting you too :). Yes, that NCMB is driving me crazy. I was cheap so I waited until after my birthday to start applying. LOL. How is the moving coming along? I hope good.
    Shirley: Thanks for dropping by. You are so right. I was really frustrated but I do realize that ppl have busy lives too--I just wished they had told me that so I could find someone else. BTW...thankfully there was no accident. That wouldn't have been good. ha!

  5. Now you have 102 followers! I love your blog! I was introduced to it by a friend. BTW.. how cute is it that the hubby wasnt even mad he got the ticket?! He was just trying to help his wife... I LOVE IT! I'm attempting to start my own blog for the first time... come check me out at

  6. Hello Dahlink! Oh dear a speeding ticket..... the police are gits.

    Good luck with the move me dear - try not to stress too much. Everything always works out in the end!

  7. That stinks on the whole speeding ticket bit! Always sucks getting a ticket. Good luck with moving. I hate moving. I always end up enlisting the help of friends....who never end up showing and then I do it by myself anyway. lol! I hear you on all that stuff.

  8. Your husband is toooo sweet! I mean my hubby is sweet and I know he wouldn't do that, lol. He's gonna take great care of you when you get pregnant. Btw, I hate depending on people too, but references are the exception.

    Please visit my blog (just started this past weekend):

  9. Annie: I have a confession. I had to google dahlink because I had no clue what it meant. Ha! Thanks for dropping by dahlink :)
    Nini: thanks. At least you are smart enough to enlist old friends, I usually try to do it all on my own. I know, I'm insane. LOL.
    Love and Tangles: thank you so much for dropping by. I will certainly pay you a visit soon. And yes, hubby is a sweetie MOST of the time. He's got his bad days too. LOL. Just kidding. I am blessed to have him.


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