Tuesday, August 17, 2010

From Seven to Two

In less than 24 hours my household size will drastically decrease.  If you have been reading, you will recall that my husband and I are the only 2 people living in our home (except the dogs and cat).  That changed this summer when my mother and my teenage siblings were invited to spend the entire summer with us.  As I said in previous blogs, this has been an overall great and fun experience for us.  There were times when I wanted to disappear from all the chaos and be in a peaceful place but for the most part I looked forward to coming home daily to a house filled with wonderful people.  This will all end tomorrow.  My mother and my youngest brother will fly back to Jamaica and my other siblings will go back to Florida to live with their dad.  I must admit that it will be strange to have to come home to a fairly quiet house and I will definitely miss them.  Here are just a few of the things I will miss: 

-Arriving home to smiling faces and loud laughter of my mom and the kids
-Having a home cooked meal ready (some days)
-Hearing my husband goofing off with my siblings and making fun of my brother for being so thin
-Going to bed very late just so that I can spend some time hanging out with them
-Blogging about them
-My husband and I giving college tips to them
-Things I wanted to do, but used them as an excuse to do them: eating cupcakes, cake and ice cream several times per week; frequenting the movie theaters; bowling; Gatti-town (similar to Dave and Busters); sneaking out a little early from work; tubing...(and the list goes on).
-Playing Taboo, Mafia and other board games while eating chocolate fondue

I agree with my honey when he says that this summer was a "trial run" for the future for when we do have kids.  He was so right.  I think I will be a WAHM and I've learned through my experiences this summer that it is very difficult.  At times I felt guilty and torn for coming in late from work, not having dinner ready and just not spending enough time with them.  I can't imagine how it will be when we have our own children.  My husband and I both work, in fact he is on call at the hospital tonight and is not at home tonight.  He is very optimistic that we will do fine when we have kids in the future but I can't help but think about all the future challenges.  I guess I'm a tad bit of a worrier at times and I want us to be great parents (although I know we will make tons of mistakes!).  

So as we go from seven to two we will miss the crowded house but we will look forward to 1) having another reunion soon and 2) filling up our home with some kiddies of our own.

Mrs. K

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  1. AMAZING!!! That is what you and your hubby will be as parents. I know its hard coming home to an almost empty house but look at it this way... Soon you will have a house full of babies and God babies and you will want them to disappear...LOL :)


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