Saturday, August 28, 2010

Some things that my close friends know about me that I would like to share

  1. I’m a Christ follower who is trying daily to be like Him
  2. My husband is awesome and I try to remind him of this frequently
  3. Jamaican by origin (and proud), but I don’t get upset when people think I’m from a different country.  I look black, so I don’t expect to be easily differentiated from someone from another majority black country/island just by looking at me.  LOL
  4. I have a strong sense of who I am and what I believe in
  5. Places I’ve lived: Jamaica, New York, Florida, Mississippi
  6. Countries I’ve visited: Canada, Israel, Panama
  7. Countries/Continents I plan to visit: Africa, Italy, England, Netherlands, China, India, Bhutan
  8. I have a large family who I consider my best friends and I only have a few friends that are non-family
  9. I have the best family and in-laws!
  10. I am a pretty private person, although you would never guess since this blog IS about my personal life and experiences (maybe I’m changing)
  11. I am truly a work in progress…I evaluate my self regularly and determine ways I can improve myself.  For example, I was a very unforgiving person and this was a problem, so I prayed about it and worked hard at it AND now I am much better.
  12. Overall, I am an optimist.  I try to see the good in people and situations.  I usually have a positive, upbeat attitude.
  13. I’m trying to enjoy life to the fullest (the good and the bad)—hence my blog title
  14. I love to laugh! [in general, at jokes, at myself, with people, at people (haha), for no reason]
  15. Most people would describe me as sweet.  Those who really know me would agree but also comment that I can unleash the beast when necessary. LOL
  16. I am deathly afraid of frogs/toads and I want to overcome this ridiculous fear
  17. I’m an athlete, well at least was.  I do try to stay in shape by being active
  18. Before I met my husband I was totally an indoor person, now you can’t keep me inside—I love the great outdoors!
  19. Gideon and Eliza are my babies (our dog children).  Sampson is my stepcat who I’m still trying to warm up to.  But, I love them all.
  20. Shopping sometimes serve as a supplement for chocolate when I’m feeling blue
  21. I’m cheerful, kind, honest, soft, caring most of the time, but occasionally my temper flares
  22. Both my parents are taller than me and I’ve always wanted to be taller.
  23. I have a lot of siblings (too many to count) but I was raised as an only child
  24. I really like what I do for a living—I feel it’s very rewarding and no matter how tough my day is I try to keep this in mind.
  25. I’m quickly approaching 30 years old so I want to start a family but I hesitate
  26. I love wearing heels but I don’t because I’m on my feet plenty
  27. Buying dresses is my new thing although I don’t wear them as often as I would like
  28. I forget my dreams although I want to remember them
  29. I have a sweet tooth and I love whipped cream on everything
  30. I avoid people who are too vain, mean or gossipy
  31. I’m not shy.  I am very outspoken and not afraid to state my opinion or concerns
  32. I love having natural hair—I like the freedom, the option to wear it out, twist it, or flat iron to straighten it, etc
  33. I usually stick to rules and guidelines, which is sometimes perceived as rigid and inflexible.
  34. I’ve never smoked a cigarette or done any drugs.  I also don’t drink alcohol
  35. Do I know how to cook? Yes, but I don’t enjoy cooking.  I hope this will change
  36. I’m not a huge veggie fan but I’m trying to incorporate them into my diet
  37. I hate taking pills—refer to a previous post regarding this
  38. I love learning about and talking to people of various cultures
  39. Indian food is yummy in my tummy.  Of course I also like Jamaican, Mediterranean, Peruvian, Puerto Rican, Italian, Chinese too.  Well, I just like food and I will try almost anything!
  40. I’m not a huge fan of rain but I’m learning to enjoy it.
  41. I speak patois when I’m nervous, tired, or angry
  42. Studied Italian for 6 years, American Sign Language for 2 years but I forgot most of what I’ve learned because of lack of use (so sad)
  43. I like almost all music—favorites are reggae, R&B, Pop, soft Rap, contemporary country
  44. I’ve never been on a cruise, although I want to.
  45. I’m a little competitive at everything.  Ok, that’s a lie.  I’m very competitive.
  46. My husband loves the “fly on my lip.”  So I know that sounds gross.  I have a beauty mark on my bottom lip that my husband loves
  47. I like things done my way, but who doesn’t?
  48. I’m sensitive but not overly and I like being that way.
  49. I talk gibberish when I’m falling asleep.
  50. Life is good and I am blessed and thankful! 

Is there something about you that you would like to share with me?  Any similarities or differences?  Feel free to leave comments/questions!

    Mrs. K


    1. #16--LOL!!! I remember getting calls from you standing outside the door: "Um, Melissa?? Can you open the front door so I can run in?" :-p

      #32--Gotta love the natural life, I sometimes consider going back, but then I think, naaaahhhh!

      #49--This I didn't know, I do the same too! Especially if someone is trying to have a conversation with me when I'm clearly falling asleep. Like, seriously...I'm sleepy and incoherent, are you really trying to have a conversation with me that carries any validity? hehe

    2. Mel, I'm just seeing this comment for the first time. I bet you remember #16 and all the crap surrounding it. I tell ya, I'm crazy! You were so patient and sweet through it all. LOL


    I gladly welcome your comments/questions/requests/ suggestions. You may leave them here at any time. Have a blessed day!


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