Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I hate taking pills but I'm freakishly attached to my OCPs!

When it comes to taking pills I'm the biggest baby.  I whine and complain about the taste, the size, the smell, and even sometimes the color.  Unfortunately for me I have allergic rhinitis year round, have 2 dogs and 1 cat, and am allergic to everything indoors and outdoors.  I know it all sounds bad, but thank God it's not too bad for me anymore. 

I have been prescribed medications to treat my allergies for years, I think since my sophomore year of college.  I have also been... non compliant for years then one day I woke up and decided I didn't want to suffer anymore so started taking my medications.

Well it didn't really happen like that.  I actually started becoming compliant when I began taking OCPs--oral contraceptive pills.  Since, I was taking OCPs daily it made it easier for me to take my allergy medications too.  To my surprise, when I started taking my allergy pills, some of my symptoms decreased and most resolved.  Wow!  I could not believe that I suffered for all those years for no reason. 

Although, I am better at taking my allergy pills, I do sometimes forget to take them especially on the days when I don't take the "inert (or sugar) pills" from my OCP packet.  I also neglect to take my allergy medicine when I have no water available at the time, but I still swallow my OCP without thinking twice about water.

I say this all to let you know about my dislike for taking medications.  However, since I started taking OCPs (about 2 months before I got married), my OCPs and I have been best friends.  It goes everywhere I go.  I never forget to check to make sure everything is going OK.  I almost never miss a date with my OCP and when I do, I worry.  I seriously worry.

I was inspired to write this blog today because I got up pretty early, went to the gym, grabbed breakfast then went to grab for my OCP and my little friend was not there.  I knew exactly where it was and I was so frustrated.  Partially freaked out, I tried to calm down as I thought about whether I should risk missing a pill or be late for work.  Pill vs. Work.  Ummm, let's just say, I did not want to take the risk so I had to go home and get my best friend.  Luckily, I also made it on time to work. 

After this happened, I was thinking more about how difficult it may be for me to separate from/stop my birth control pills when my hubby and I decide to start trying to have a little booger of our own.  Man, I have been telling people over the last few days to weeks how mentally prepared I am and how next year will be a good year.  Does this mean, I may not be ready?  I don't think so, I am mentally ready but we do have a tentative OCP stop date in mind and it is not today or tomorrow!

I would love to know your OCP story if you have one!

Mrs. K


  1. Cute blog. You will enjoy this blogging world. I will come to visit often and hope you will stop by my blog again.

  2. Honestly I stopped taking OCP when I got married 10 yrs ago, but we used the rhythm method. It worked because we didn't get pregnant until last Nov!

  3. I was so embarrassed when my gyno wanted me to take OCPs...mainly because I wasn't sexually active. I thought I had some stigma attached to me, because I was 18, not married and taking OCPs. I didn't know it was that serious to keep my period regulated. So, I kinda rebelled and always forgot to take them. It certainly WASN'T my best friend, because like you, I HATE taking pills! I'm glad I have no reason to take them anymore now that my menstrual cycle is pretty regular.

  4. I take my OCPs daily, but we have a love-hate relationship. They seriously give me mood swings AND I firmly believe they have caused me to gain weight, but for me they are soooo necessary because the hubby wants to wait at least a year before we start "trying".

  5. Thanks for dropping by ladies. I agree with you on the weight gain, Amy. Not only did I gain weight, I feel I lost my muscular body and became more "soft." I can't wait to quit taking them. Teresha, I have been doing my research about the rhythm method and I may start that Jan 2011.


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