Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Kissed Weighing Goodbye I have not weighed myself in about 3 months and that's a record for me.  I decided before the summer began that I will not weigh myself and obsess over my weight.  I'm a thin athletic female that tries to stay in shape, but the further I get away from my track days (umm...years ago since I left high school) I find myself more weight conscious.  I'm certainly not as active as I was in the past and I eat about the same as I did back then, but I guess the older I get the more  concerned I am about my weight, what I eat, my physical activities, etc.  Gone are the days when I could eat what I want and not worry about gaining weight or increasing my cholesterol.  Instead of worrying (which does no good), I've decided to act.  I've decided, it's not about my weight--If I look good, feel good and am healthy then that's great.  I don't know when the next time is I will get back on a scale, but it won't be anytime soon.

I plan on having some bambinos in the next few months to years so I'm trying to get and stay as healthy as I can.  I've even started prenatal vitamins, which is surprising to my husband since I hate taking pills.  Even though I won't be focusing on my weight, I do plan to stay in shape.  Currently I sporadically run 3 miles and 1 walk mile a few times per week, but not every week.  I have not done much since the summer started--with a house full of family visiting it's difficult to stick to a routine.  However, after they leave I plan to work towards having the best pre-pregnancy body possible for me :).  I will let you know how that goes.

Anyway I kiss weighing goodbye...well, at least for now.

Mrs. K


  1. Well, we have track in common. Good luck with your goal of not checking your weight. I actually weigh myself about 3 times a day. I am trying to gain weight, it is not so easy for me.

  2. WELL....... I NEVER weigh myself and I guess that is something I should start doing because I am a THICK sexy black Empress who is looking to loss a little around the waist. Since you both are THIN DIVAS, who weigh yourselves too much, that must be the secret of weight loss. So I will start my new diet tomorrow, WEIGHING myself everyday. :)

  3. I'm so glad that you guys are trying to conceive! :) You've always had such a great physique, I'm surprised to read that you're obsessive about your weight! I check my weight every single day, but I know I'm not obsessive about it, because if I see a gain, I know it could be anything from lactic acid buildup in my muscles from weight training the day before to just some water retention. I just like to see the drop in LBs as it occurs, LOL.

  4. Melissa, we are not trying to conceive right now but in the near future we will. We hope that sometime next year we will. We have a tentative date set for me to quit my pills. I don't think I will announce when Jon and I start trying, it would be too much pressure. I'm afraid we would get performance anxiety or just plain jinx it. LOL.

  5. Oh BTW Mel, regarding my weight: I've noticed that after I hit 25 years old, I couldn't eat pizza at 2am anymore and still be ok. I notice now that I have to actually work to stay in shape, unlike before ( I stopped weighing because I did not want to get caught up on weight. I'm fairly muscular so I'm expected to weigh more. I think the media emphasize weight but weight does not equal health, so I'm quitting or at least cutting back on weighing. I want healthy eating and exercising to be routine for me regardless of how much I weigh :)

  6. I haven't weighed myself since the wedding -- A) because we don't have a scale here in Japan, and if we did it would be in kilograms instead of pounds anyway, and B) because I don't care anymore, now that I don't have a dress to be sure to fit into! It's a great feeling -- I still care about my health, but it's more of a concern than the number on the scale.

    I'm looking forward to following your TTC journey -- DH and I are planning to start trying sometime next year also (if everything goes according to plan, anyway). It will be nice to 'know' someone in the same boat when the time comes :-)


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