Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So, in this post I will mention burning thoughts and feelings I've had for the past few weeks but could not share because I did not have a blog as yet.  Firstly, I am so thankful I have such wonderful in-laws.  I know that most people cannot say the same about their in-laws and most cringe at the thought of them.  However, that is not the case for me.  My mother in-law is the best (so far...haha just joking), but really guys, she is.  My husband and I love visiting his parents--not only will they have a favorite dish ready for him, but they will have one for me too.  Homemade ice cream, fudge, yum!  His siblings are just as great and they are so supportive and the entire family has such a great sense of humor.  I feel blessed.

Secondly, my husband and I had a full house this summer.  My mother came to visit us from Jamaica (where I was born and partly raised).  She also had with her all my teenage siblings: 17, 16, 14, 13 years old.   Our house is usually fairly quiet with just the two of us, unless I'm playing music loudly while cleaning the house of course.  Needless to say it has been a noisy and interesting summer but so much fun.  I feel like a kid again.  They will be leaving soon and I will surely miss them.  Since having them for the summer, I have given more thoughts to us having our own children.  I am excited to have my own but realized how difficult it is to work and dedicate as much attention as I would like to children--not that it is impossible but it will be challenging.  I must certainly say I look forward to and embrace that challenge.
My sisters and I


  1. Wow, family time is the best! :) And starting your own family is gonna be a crazy roller coaster ride! But just like in a roller coaster, you're gonna have moments you'll want out! Moments when you're just loving it! And moments you're gonna scream your lungs out from fear or just for fun! All things considered... it's gonna be amazing! And you'll want to do it again and again! :)
    Besides, you already have a canine and feline family, so you know all about being responsible for another creatures existence. :) God bless you. xxx

  2. nice to meet you MK, welcome to the blogosphere! I look forward to reading about your journey toward motherhood whenever it happens. It is a crazy roller coaster ride like Subway Mom said, which means it can be scary at times, but loads of fun too. You are blessed to have the support and close relationship of both families.
    peace and ackee!

  3. Thanks ladies. I appreciate your comments.
    Teresha: lol at the peace and ackee comment. I love it! So nice meeting you too. I look forward to further communication with you and following your blog.
    Subway Mom: Thanks for stopping by also. I am excited about starting a family--we are not quite ready to start yet but we are almost there. Well at least we are ready mentally but our current situation does not allow (long story) :)

  4. You and the hubby will be great parents and as Subway Mom said, it will be a roller coaster ride but one that you both will LOVE!! :)


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