Monday, January 10, 2011


Yay!!! Auburn won the BCS championship football game.  Although I'm a Florida Gator (and proud), I represent the SEC.  I am so excited that the SEC continues to dominate.  That was such an awesome championship game.  Woohoo!

Mrs. K


  1. Mr. Pancakes and his dad were watching it at our house. It was cute to watch them interact over the game because i sure don't get the whole thing (im from canada, we don't get that excited about football!)

  2. LOL Miss Pancakes. That's alright, once you understand it you too will go crazy over it. :). By the way, I hope they were cheering for Auburn too. Ha!

  3. I was secretly rooting for the underdog, but I am glad the title remains in the SEC (5 straight years, baby!)


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