Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Update on lifestyle

So as you may know my husband and I have been doing the insanity workout videos together (mostly).  If you don't remember you can refer back to this post.  Anyway, we are on month 2 day 3.   I am happy to say that I've been sticking with the workouts (as painful as some of them may be).  

When I first started in month 1 I thought it was the hardest workout I'd ever done.  I kept asking myself "why?" then I remember Shaun T saying on one of his videos "because I wanna look good." Ha. I could not stop laughing mid-stretching when he said this because he was right.  However that's not the only reason.  I want to be healthy.  I love the energy that I get from working out.  It's good for both physical and mental health.  I also love feeling that good post workout burn in my muscles.  They hurt so good. LOL.

I was somewhat getting used to the month 1 videos (except plyo--still can't master that one).  Actually I can't master any of them but plyo kicked my butt repeatedly.  Then it was Recovery Week.  That was the best but don't be fooled by it's name.  I thought recovery meant sitting down chillin' or stretching the entire time but it wasn't.  I still got a good workout during the Recovery Week.  I was able to get through the Recovery Week videos without much problems.

Then came the month 2 DVDs.  I thought month 1 was the hardest I've ever worked out but month 2 proved me wrong.  The intensity is higher and the videos are a little longer.  Besides loving the "good burn" I like that Shaun T motivates you while you workout.  I also like that the people on the videos are struggling like I am because this is hard stuff.  I like that you use your entire body and there is no need for weights or other equipment.  I like that I feel stronger and more flexible.  I still gotta work on the balance though.  I think it's probably because I'm naturally uncoordinated why the balance is such a challenge.

These videos work for me.  They come with a calendar so I know exactly what I'm doing when.  So far, I've only missed one day (plyo--was not intentional I promise) some time around Christmas when I was sick with fever, cough, body aches etc.

Anyway, this is not a product review, it's just me being excited about my workout and wanted to share my excitement.  There's a meal plan that comes with the DVDs.  I honestly have not stuck to it much.  I don't eat horrible to begin with.  I have been trying to eat smaller portions more frequently but I don't do this everyday.  Also there's no way I can eat tiny portions for dinner.

So with all this being said, here are the results from my Fit Test 3.  I am mostly impressed by the increased strength in my upper body.  I used to only be able to do "girl push-ups" but now I can do real push-ups. Yay!

Switch Kicks
Power Jack
Power Knees
Power Jumps
Globe Jumps
Suicide Jumps
Push-up Jacks
Low Plank Oblique

Good luck to you on your current or future healthy lifestyle!

Mrs. K


  1. Wow, I'm proud of you lady! Keep it up. Cheers to full on push ups!

  2. how exciting! great job and awesome for being able to do a real push up! i still do the girly ones, lol.

  3. Go girl!! You're a lil motivator!
    I just got back to the gym (meaning...yesterday haha) so I'm going to get my butt back in shape soon!

  4. all this talk about working out makes me feel like a lazy slob. you inspire me. I need to get moving.

  5. Yay to working out! I love to hurt after a workout too. The fit test is cool because you get to see yourself getting better. That kind of stuff is good motivation. Keep it up!

  6. wow, you go girl! that's one impressive improvement! Keep up the good work Mrs K. How long does this thing last?

  7. You are truly brave for continuing this workout! The associates at the firm where I work are into P90x and every other week they come in with an injury, but they don't stop! Sounds kind of crazy if you ask me, but whatever makes you feel good, go for it!

    I recently found out about this 'motivational' workout called IntenSati- you basically speak affirmations while working out, so it's high intensity in the beginning, a cool-down and then reflection time (kind of like meditation). It's pretty cool!

  8. Well done girl, doing a proper push ups are awesome :)!

  9. You're so inspiring! I think I'll actually pop in a boot camp dvd today.

  10. Good for you! I took a cue from you and we also bought the workouts. I am also (despite the 5:30 wake up calls) excited to be doing them. I mention them in my most recent blog post today but I will go into more detail later.

    Continued success for you and I look forward to hearing about your positive look good/feel good results (...and mine, too!) :)

  11. Just starting following you! Love the inspiring posts!

    Check out my blog

    so we can continue to inspire each other!


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